Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 35

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 35 The Pack Colors Of Alpha Nocturne!

A strong she-wolf held her own and relied on no one but herself to solve her issues, a strong Luna would keep her mate on track for scheduled appointments and required functions. Ada was failing to do either and the wolves in attendance were vicious with their tongues.

All of a sudden, Ann spotted Lexi among the crowd of the press being processed for entrance to the function and she grinned widely. She excused herself and with a reluctant nod from her father she left the dais and made her way over to her.

Ada watched the back of Ann hurry over to the doorway and sneered.

“This is all her fault! I can’t believe she got over Brad so damn quickly. I hope she gets what she deserves!” She hissed as her mother narrowed her eyes dangerously at her.

“If you hadn’t been so damn impatient and just gone along with our original plan, this wouldn’t be an issue. I can’t believe you were stupid enough to get pregnant to such a weak wolf.” Ann’s stepmother, Narcissa hissed angrily at her daughter, Ada.

“She f*uc*king deserved it! Acting all high and mighty… she’s nothing! Why should she get to enjoy her life while I f*uc*king struggle.” Ada hissed back quietly.

“You need to calm down. You made the choice to sleep with Brad and now you have to face the consequences. I can’t believe you got pregnant with his bastard child, 

Ada. You better hope that it’s bom strong for our sake!” Ada pouted angrily and wrapped her hands protectively around her belly.

She hated Ann, and she hated Brad, but the baby? She already loved everything that she had in her. She didn’t care that Brad’s s*eed had given her the life inside of her, the baby was hers and she would do whatever she could to protect it.

“I have to admit I’m curious though, mother. Who the f*uc*k would be dense enough to take a weakling like Ann on?”

“Are you d*um*b, Ada? Did I not tell you to pay attention to the Pack hierarchy? Are you even my daughter?” Narcissa retorted coldly.

Ada’s face fell and a flash of hurt flickered in her eyes at her mother’s words.

“Ann is a hell of a lot smarter than you give her credit for and if you would have just set aside your childish jealousies, she could have been useful. Pay attention, Ada!” Narcissa whisper-yelled as she rapped her hard on the head with her knuckles, drawing more than a few curious glances at the two of them.

“Look at what she’s wearing. Whose colors are those?”

Ada frowned as she tried to rack her brain for the answer. She hated history and politics, it bored her. She much preferred to learn about the engagements that she would be expected to attend and arrange, as well as the additional lessons from the private tutor that her mother had arranged for her.

Narcissa snorted contemptuously.

“You don’t have a clue do you?” She sneered disdainfully. Ada had lost count of how many times her mother had at her tonight. Ever since Ann had turned up. It was all her fault. Ann was making Ada out to be a fool in her eyes.

She scowled off angrily into the distance as her mother pinched her harshly on the arm.

“Ow! What was that for?

“I swear to all that is… Ada… if you don’t start paying attention soon, everything is going to be ruined. Do you know how many years I’ve worked for this?” Narcissa hissed furiously, “She’s wearing the Pack colors of Alpha Nocturne! He was supposed to be your husband, not Brad! But because of your immaturity, you’ve royally f*uc*ked that plan up!”

Ada’s eyes widened in shock.

Ann had stolen her future husband?! How f*uc*king dare she. Ada’s blood felt like it was boiling as she glared daggers into Ann’s back as she chatted with that filthy half-breed friend of hers, i

“I won’t let her get away with it, mother.” Ada snarled angrily.

“Oh you will, and you’ll not respond to any provocation from her. Do I make myself clear?”


Narcissa interrupted her ferociously, silencing her with a look that promised death if she stepped out of line.

“No, Ada! It seems that I’ve been far too lenient with you … call it the weakness of motherhood.” She snorted disdainfully, “You are under the illusion that you are capable of taking control of these matters when you have no such authority. You will wait, and you will do it silently. Without causing a scene. There’s too much at stake here. Do I make myself clear? 

Ada stared at her mother d*um*bly for a few seconds as she took in the unfamiliar face of fury. It was as if she didn’t know her mother at all.

She nodded silently and turned away petulantly as her father came over and distracted Narcissa.

If her mother thought that she was going to leave Ann alone and not seek revenge, then she had another thing coming.

Ann looked back towards the scene of her stepmother and Ada clearly having a very public disagreement and sniggered.

It was probably about her and the thought made her happy in a strange way.

“Lexi! Over here!” Ann shouted to her friend as the guards turned to find the source of the interruption and immediately bowed their heads respectfully.

“It’s okay, she’s here as official press, and if it gets her through quicker, in an official capacity as my friend.”

The guard with the checklist looked down at his list and frowned, clearly catching the whispers of discontent among the waiting parties.

“Oh, is this the a*s*sistant you were waiting for your highness?” He asked nonchalantly as a meaningful look passed between them.

“Yes, exactly that.” Ann smiled gratefully as Lexi waved through.

Once safely inside Lexi rolled her shoulders and exhaled heavily.

“Geez, it’s tighter than nuns…”

“Lexi!” Ann chuckled, ” You have to behave here, especially if you are here in an official capacity don’t forget.”

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