Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 43

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 43 The Lack Of A Mating Mark             

Adam insisted on driving Ann to work and as she looked at his profile as he focused on the road, her heart seemed to leap a little bit.

She still hadn’t found the right moment to discuss with him Lexi’s offer and the way things were going, it would probably be better to tackle the issue sooner rather than later.

There was only so long that they could both wear high- collared or high-necked clothing, people would start to get suspicious.

“Adam… I may have found an option to consider regarding the lack of a mating mark.” Ann started hesitantly.

“Oh? You’ve had more luck than Allen and I at least. Wherever we looked we drew blanks.” He frowned. “I suppose there’s not really a good reason to fake a mating mark is there?” He grimaced.

Ann chuckled despite her nervousness.

“Well, we aren’t entirely sure that you’re going to like the option…”

“Who’s we?” Adam interrupted quickly, “This cannot go any further, Ann. If anyone finds out…”

“Relax, Adam. I only spoke with Lexi. She’s a hybrid with a unique parentage that might actually be able to help us out with this.”

Adam was quiet for a little while before he grunted. “Okay. What sort of hybrid?”

“Well, witch and Daemon,” Ann said as she watched Adam grip the steering wheel tightly.

“You’re right, I don’t like where this is going…” he growled.

Ann scowled fiercely at him and folded her arms in front of her defensively.

“Look, I’ve grown up with Lexi. She would never do anything to hurt me. So, by proxy, that includes you as well. At least hear me out.”

Adam glanced across at her dubiously as she began to explain the plan that Lexi and her father had come up with.

By the time she had finished explaining Adam looked like he wanted to punch a hole in the windscreen.

“No. Absolutely not. Not a chance.” He snarled furiously as they screeched to a halt in front of her father’s business headquarters.

Ann sighed as she unbuckled her seat belt and faced him with a scowl?

“Well, that’s your option, Alpha. Take it or leave it. But remember, you’re the one who wanted this contracted marriage, I merely offered myself as an option. If there’s fallout because you’re discovered, then the consequences land on your head. Not mine. I was trying to help.”

“I’ll do without your help, thank you, Luna.” Adam snarled.

As soon as the car door shut, he put his foot down on the accelerator and sped off.

Ann wrapped her arms around herself as she made her way up the company steps and into the entrance lobby.

Had she done the right thing by talking to Lexi?

‘Of course, you did the right thing. He’s just being pig-headed.’ Maeve murmured.

‘Back amongst the land of the living I see?’ Ann smiled. ‘Barely. I feel like I’ve been hit by a minotaur.’ she grumbled.

‘Do they even exist anymore?’ Ann chuckled.

‘Probably, somewhere in the universe. Who knows?’ she shrugged.

‘Well, I’m glad you’re feeling better at least.’ Ann replied gently.

She felt Maeve settle into her corner and although she was awake, she still wasn’t fully with it. The exhaustion seemed to roll off her in waves and for once, Ann was actually worried about her.

She frowned as she was hit with a sudden realization that this lethargy, wasn’t actually anything new. It was more extreme than what had happened before, but during her time living at the palace, Maeve had always slept or been unreachable when she was at the home.

Was this connected somehow??

She didn’t get much further with that thought though, because as soon as she entered the lobby she was swarmed by reporters.

It took a moment to register what was going on in front of her before Ann managed to successfully school her face into a welcoming smile.

She stood and allowed them to take photo’s as the guards that Adam had installed in her offices rushed down and f0rced their way through the crowd.

“Sorry Luna, we didn’t know…” They apologized as soon as they were close enough. 

“It’s fine. It’s not your fault. I was expecting it after last night honestly…” She smiled tightly. This was insane.

“Miss Veritas! Tell us how you and Alpha Nocturne met!”

“Miss Veritas! What’s the truth behind your and Brad’s relationship?’

‘Princess! Do your business interest still align with those of your father!’

Ann smiled as she waited for the questions to die down and held her hand up in front of her to indicate for them to wait.

“Yes, it’s true about my step-sister and Brad. I made the decision to reject the mate bond based on the fact that if he couldn’t be loyal to his mate, then how could he be loyal to his duties as a future Alpha King?”

The excited chatter rose once again and again she waited for it to die down.

“My business interests are exactly that, business. What happens in my personal life, or within the family will not ever affect the day-to-day running of my business. Yes, I am still currently under the Veritas umbrella, but that may change in the future. Who knows? As it is though, I have work to attend to. If you wish to schedule a formal interview then please, contact the press office to make an appointment. Until then, please accept that this is a work environment and your presence here is interfering with people’s livelihoods.”

With that, Ann nodded to her guards and they escorted her up to her office.

She breathed a sigh of relief as Eva greeted her with her usual enthusiasm and handed her a coffee. She walked alongside her as they made their way to her office, with the guards following behind her at a respectful distance.

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