Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 62

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 62 She is Nothing But a Glorified WH*ORE!

‘Maeve…that woman…’ Ann began hesitantly as she stared intently at the woman’s face.

‘Before you say anything else…don’t. I know exactly what you’re thinking. I feel the same way about her.’ She growled furiously in reply.

‘Why does she make my skin crawl though? It’s as if…’

‘She makes us feel this way because she’s full of darkness, Ann. Before you ask… yes. We do know her. We have met her before.’

Ann struggled with the fury that she felt rolling from Maeve and without warning Adam’s arm reached backward and his fingers closed around her shoulder, squeezing it rea*s*suringly.

The small gesture surprised her and her heart seemed to flip. It was almost as if he could sense how she was feeling… but that was impossible… right?

‘Nothing is impossible with the Daemon Lord’s power, Ann. You wanted it to be convincing…perhaps he has made it so that everything is shared between you… including mimicking the intricacies of the bond.’ Maeve mused, the anger still clear but decidedly less intense after Adam’s touch.

Ann wasn’t sure what to think about this development, and she was more curious still about just who this woman was, but her attention was drawn by the figure of Tomas, rapidly striding across the dining hall towards them. 

‘Look at that crusty little prick. Who does he think he is?! How dare he challenge their Alpha this way?!’ Maeve roared in indignation in her head.

‘He’s not wrong about the subterfuge though Maeve, we have faked the mark…’

‘That’s irrelevant! Adam will always do what is best for his Pack and his personal life is none of the Elder’s concern!’ She roared furiously in her head.

Ann winced slightly at the tone in her voice as she tried her best to block her violent threats toward the elders out. Maeve’s anger and indignation were infectious and she could feel her own anxiety and emotions mirroring Maeve’s.

Tomas came to a stop in front of Adam and swept his eyes over him disdainfully, not even bothering to hide the contempt he felt for him anymore as Adam growled warningly.

“You don’t intimidate me anymore Alpha. Not now that your lies have been revealed. Alpha or not, you cannot prevail against so many of us.” He spat viciously.

Adam’s face was expressionless as he stared coldly back at him.

“Prevail? What exactly do you intend to accomplish here Tomas? I thought I made it clear that if you continued with this nonsense then you and those involved would not go unpunished?”

Adam’s voice was calm but carried the promise of violence in the undertone that ran through it.

The sound excited Maeve and Ann could feel her l*stful desires towards her mate at this small display of dominance.

She had to f0rce herself not to roll her eyes. This was neither the time, nor the place for such distracting thoughts… but she couldn’t help but bite her lip gently as the wave of arousal swept through her.

A condescending laugh rang out from Tomas’s mouth as he jabbed Adam hard in his chest with his bony finger.

“All of this posturing is futile, Adam. You know as well as I do that you haven’t marked that woman. She is nothing but a glorified WH*ORE! Forsaking her true mate because of you!”

In one swift motion, Adam’s arm shot up and his fingers wrapped around the old man’s throat tightly.

“Say that again old man and I promise I will make your death as slow and p@inful as possible.” Adam snarled furiously.

But, Tomas was unmoved. There was no trace of fear in his eyes as he stared back at Adam.

“She is a WH*ORE. And you are no better. She bears no mark on her. She does not belong to you, nor this Pack!” Tomas ground out as he glanced towards the ravenĀ¬haired woman and grinned toothily.

At this moment, he looked certifiably insane, his eyes shining with a manic light as he gestured to the raven-haired woman.

The scene playing out in the middle of the dining hall had drawn a huge crowd of onlookers.

The Omegas were whispering in terror between themselves and there was a clear divide between the ranked wolves of who stood behind their Alpha no matter what his decision, and those that agreed with the elders.

It wasn’t long before those that sided with the elders began whispering loudly vicious words towards Ann and 

Adam and the raven-haired woman seemed to smile triumphantly.

“Esmerelda! Now is the time!” Tomas crowed excitedly in between manic laughs. “Prove that she has no mark! Show the Pack that the words of this pathetic Alpha cannot be trusted!”

Ann turned towards Esmerelda in shock as Maeve protested loudly in her head. This whole situation was insane!

Before she could react, Esmerelda was on her, launching towards her and throwing Ann off the chair and onto the ground, pinning her in place with her body as she fought her way astride her and sat above her, panting heavily against her struggles.

Esmerelda smirked down at her, her eyes shining with hatred as she spat directly in her face.

Adam roared furiously and attempted to lunge toward her, but he was restrained on all sides by the Elders and Pack members that had faith in Tomas’s ramblings.

“Some princess you are! You can’t even protect yourself from attacks! The royal bloodline is weak!” Esmerelda mocked as Ann smiled serenely up at her.

“You’re making a mistake doing this, you know.” Ann answered calmly as she fought Maeve’s fury in her head. Esmerelda smirked down at her as she lifted her hand and brought it down violently across Ann’s face. The sound of her palm connecting with Ann’s face echoed around the room as the Omegas cried out in outrage but were swiftly silenced by glares from the Elders.

The wolves that had sided with Adam moved to stand as a barrier between the Omegas and this clear uprising that some of the elders had started. 

It was clear that the old ways had obviously not been completely forgotten by some in the Pack and Adam swore to root out the culprits when all of this was over. “If you f0rce this now, Tomas, you will pay dearly. Do you really think I will let this slide once you are proven wrong?” Adam growled loudly.

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