Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 67

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 67 The Necessary Arrangements

They spent the day in each other’s company discussing various aspects of her upcoming projects and Adam surprised her with his keen insight into some of the more nuanced aspects of her work.

The sprawling mansion with extensive grounds that had been commissioned by the gorgons, for example, sparked an enlightening debate regarding what surfaces and materials could be used as nothing in the slightest bit reflective could be used in their decor or construction of the building.

Allen had joined them close to teatime and brought them an update on the people held in the cells after this morning’s insanity at breakfast.

“Alpha, are you intending on questioning them today?” Allen asked as he laid his notebook on the table.

Adam shook his head as he stared out across the garden from their position on the porch.

“No. I’m worried that I might not be able to control my temper if I confront them too soon. It seems I’ve been a little…I don’t know, ‘off it’ today, I suppose.” He said as he glanced across at Ann.

Ann smiled warmly as she nodded back at him.

“It’s okay to have off days, Adam. Isn’t that what your Beta and Luna are for? To help ground you and support you when things get a little crazy?”

Allen chuckled. 

“You know, I would never have believed that the old fart would be so bold as to confront you in front of everyone, Adam, especially speaking ill of the Luna so openly and under the direction of a witch?” He snorted as he shook his head disbelievingly. “The whole situation is preposterous.”

The silence between the three of them extended for a little while, punctuated only by the intermittent song of the nightingales that flitted about as the sun set behind the forest.

“How did you know she was a witch, Luna?” Allen asked curiously, focusing his gaze on her intently.

Ann sighed.

“I didn’t, really. It was more of an educated guess. Maeve said that she could smell the darkness in her, and that we had seen her before. The fact that I couldn’t place why she was familiar to me was a huge contributing factor though.”

“You felt that too?” Adam asked with furrowed brows as his head snapped towards her attentively.

Ann nodded.

“Yes. I felt as if I knew her, but I didn’t know how. She was familiar, yet not.”

Ann shook her head wearily.

“It was an odd feeling to be sure. If anything, I’m really good at remembering faces and names. I mean, I had to be! Think of all the thousands of delegates and important people that I’ve met in the line of my royal duties over the years. It wouldn’t go down well if I simply forgot someone would it?”

“I suppose not.” Allen chuckled. “So, what do you intend to do with them, Alpha?”

“I don’t know, honestly Allen. I thought we had succeeded in changing the way people think, but they were so quick to turn on the Omegas at the slightest inkling that I would be removed from power. Honestly, if they aren’t willing to accept Omega’s as equals for what they contribute, then I’m not sure that I can allow them to remain in the Pack.”

Allen frowned as he thought it over.

“You know it will be a huge loss to our numbers though, Alpha. Some of those incarcerated were some of our best fighters and trackers…”

“I don’t care!” Adam snapped in irritation. “If they won’t conform to our moral standards here, then they don’t deserve the sanctuary that our Pack provides. The strong should protect the weak, it has always been so! But that doesn’t mean the weak should be punished for something they cannot help.”

“He’s right, you know, Allen. It’s no different than if you punished a child for being a child and being incapable of fending off attacks. It’s wrong. They provide a valuable service to our fighters so that they can focus on being on the top of their game.” Ann sighed, rubbing her neck tiredly and stretching her limbs out in front of her as she stifled a yawn.

“Well, we don’t have many alternatives, do we?” Allen commented dryly.

Ann stared off into the distance briefly as a slow smile spread across her face.

“Perhaps there is an alternative… listen. In the royal household, the living quarters for everyone are separate. The Omega’s stationed there are purely for the use of the royal family and see to their needs alone. The guards are housed separately, in barracks off-site, and are expected to cater to their own needs, cooking, washing, cleaning etc,” Ann paused for breath as she looked between Allen and Adam’s faces to try and gauge their expressions.

“Perhaps… perhaps we could do the same here for a while, and let those who are wavering on the benefits of having the services of Omega’s freely available to them decide for themselves. A few months of mind-numbing labor on top of their training and exercise regimen should be enough to convince the majority of them.” Adam’s eyes glinted with a light of anticipation.

“I think we still have the training grounds available don’t we Allen?”

“Well, yes Alpha, but it’s not in a great state…” Allen answered hesitantly, the confusion clear on his face. “Of course, it isn’t…there are no Omega’s a*s*signed to that section now, are there?” Adam grinned wickedly as understanding dawned on Allen’s face.

“I’m a*s*suming that you would like the training program increased too, Alpha?” Allen asked nonchalantly as he began busily scribbling in his notebook.

“I think that would be perfect Allen. Don’t you?”

As Allen hurried off to make the necessary arrangements, Adam leaned forward and refilled Ann’s glasswith the bottle of wine that stood in the middle of the table.

“You really are just full of bright ideas aren’t you, my Luna?” He smirked playfully at her.

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