Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 79

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 79 ple@sure Works Both Ways

As soon as they returned home, Adam insisted she relax and persuaded her to head straight to the en-suite in the bathroom.

He ran her a bath as she chose her clothes to change into afterward, and as soon as she sank into the water, she felt Adam’s firm fingers land on her shoulders, and begin ma*s*saging the aching muscles across her back.

Ann groaned appreciatively as she closed her eyes and allowed her head to fall back onto the edge of the bathtub.

“Oh, Goddess… I just thought…” Ann said suddenly, trying to bite back a laugh, “Can you imagine Ada as heir to the throne? Running the kingdom and representing the Alpha’s and Luna’s in an official capacity with other races? It’s a recipe for disaster.”

Adam chuckled darkly as he kneaded the knots from her back, desperately trying to ignore the raging hard-on that was bulging unashamedly at his c*rotc*h.

Ann sighed heavily as she tilted her head to the side, baring her mark unconsciously causing Adam’s eyes to widen slightly as he swallowed uncomfortably. Why did he have the urge to sink his teeth into that spot again? “She’s going to destroy everything I worked so hard to build.” Ann continued despondently, “I’ll never be able to build the company back up…she’s going to let so many people down… all of the work I put into the upcoming projects…” Ann murmured sadly, blissfully unaware of Adam’s struggles behind her.

“You know, I might have accidentally on purpose invested in an entirely new block of offices on the off chance that you might have a change of heart and start a branch of your own, within the pack.” Adam managed to f0rce out in a casual tone, despite his discomfort.

Ann opened her eyes suddenly and stared up at him intently as he averted his eyes guiltily.

“Accidentally on purpose? How is that even possible?” Ann said as she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him. Adam sighed and bent forward, kissing her on the forehead as he moved his fingers from her upper back and slid them slowly down her chest.

“I wanted to make sure that you had everything that you might ever need,” he murmured as his palms kneaded her bre@sts gently.

He smiled as he heard the sharp intake of breath and her eyes fluttered closed as he rolled her n*pples between his fingers.

The sight of her w*et, n*ake*d body writhing in the water made it incredibly difficult to restrain himself from s*tri*pping off and forcing himself between her legs, but for now, he held those l*stful desires at bay. “Adam…”

His name drifted breathily from between her lips as his gentle tweaks became firmer and he chuckled darkly. “No talking, princess. I want to see the ple@sure in your movements, and I want to hear it from those sweet lips of yours…”

Ann m*oa*ned loudly as he leaned over her, taking one of her n*pples into his mouth and grazing his teeth along the sensitive skin, nipping slightly as he continued plucking and rolling her other n*pple between his thumb and forefinger.

He slid his free hand slowly down her stomach, allowing his fingers to caress every inch of her skin that he could get his hands on, as he worked his way downward to his ultimate goal.

As his fingers slipped between her folds and began slowly ma*s*saging her already swollen bud, her breaths quickened in between her sweet little m*oa*ns.

Adam growled in approval as her wickedly l*stful m*oa*ns filled the bathroom, his lips curling up at the corners of his mouth as he teased her mercilessly, trying everything he could to hear her beg for more.

“Adam… wait…”

“No waiting princess, I’m going to make you scream my name repeatedly tonight. By the time I’m finished, you won’t be walking anywhere.”

“Please… I want..” Ann pleaded as her hips bucked under his touch, wanting more of him on her, and in her. Ann’s desire only grew with each passing second, she wanted him to fill her, completely, in any way that he could.

She would beg for it if she had to because this was t*ortur*e…

“What do you want Ann?” He smirked against her n*pple as he slipped a finger inside of her and began pumping it in and out of her slowly as his thumb continued circling her swollen nub.

“Oh goddess… Adam…” she m*oa*ned as she gripped the side of the bathtub tightly, unable to get the words that she wanted to say out in a coherent sentence, the sensations he was unleashing upon her body were too intense for her to think straight.

“Say it… tell me what you want with that pretty little mouth of yours.” He murmured against her skin as he trailed his tongue along her bre@sts, and switched his mouth’s attention to the other n*pple, moving his hand to take over where his mouth had been before.

Adam withdrew his finger from inside of her and she whimpered slightly as she opened her eyes to see his bulging trousers only inches from her face.

Ann reached up and ran her hands over his bulge as he took a sharp intake of breath and tensed suddenly, clearly not expecting the sudden contact.

He raised himself slightly to look down at her with a dark gaze, full of smoldering l*st in his eyes that warned her not to go any further or she might regret it.

Ann couldn’t help herself and smiled up at him coyly as she stroked his length through the material of his trousers, his c*oc*k straining against the material as if it was begging to be set free.

“What’s the matter, Adam? Is there something that you want from me too?” she teased huskily as Adam growled possessively in response.

“I have everything I need from you, my princess. Tonight was supposed to be about you, and the ple@sure I can give you…” he replied, his voice strained.

“Pleasure works both ways, my Alpha. It should be give and take in equal parts, and right now, I want you inside of me in more ways than I doubt either of us could ever imagine.”  

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