Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 8

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 08 She Is Pregnant

Ann’s eyes were ablaze with a fury that she hadn’t known she was capable of and she snarled menacingly, her tone conveying her deadly intent clearly.

“You’ve pushed me too far this time, Ada. You’re welcome to the bastard. Keep him, ride him to your heart’s desire, pop out as many pups as you can for him, and live happily. While you do so… NEVER darken my door or speak to me again, do you understand me?”

Ada nodded furiously, rapidly turning a frightening shade of purple as she clawed desperately at Ann’s arm. “If I EVER hear of my father being mistreated or he meets an untimely demise, know that I will return here with a fury that you have never seen before and I will annihilate both you and your mother. Do I make myself clear?” Ann roared.

Ada nodded furiously again her eyes beginning to roll up into her skull and her attempts to wrestle Ann’s arm from its position on her neck became weaker.

With a snort, Ann released Ada roughly and with a final look of contempt over her shoulder made her way to the front door.

“What is the meaning of this?!” Her father’s voice shouted angrily from behind her and Narcissa’s terrified shrieks sounded as she fussed over Ada from the position she had slumped in.

Ann paused and turned slowly to face her father.

“I’m stepping aside. I won’t be marrying Brad today, or ever in fact.” Ann answered calmly. 

 “You can’t just call off…”

“Ada is pregnant with Brad’s child.” Ann retorted coolly, cutting her father off.

Her father blanched as Narcissa’s genuine shocked gasp f0rced an ironic smile to play at the edges of Ann’s lips. That was probably the first time that she had ever heard anything genuine come out of Narcissa’s lips.

“So, you see, father, I’m stepping aside and allowing Ann to take my place in this marriage.”

“But… but., the alliance…” Her father stammered worriedly.

“There’s no reason it cannot be enf0rced with Ada taking my place. Brad won’t be king, but, considering both his and Ada’s dishonest nature evidenced by their actions, and his treatment of his fated mate… I doubt the council of Elders would approve of his ascension to the throne anyway.” Ann smirked as she turned to leave. “Wait! Ann… where are you going?” Her father called, with genuine concern in his voice.

Ann smiled bitterly as she turned to face him.

“I’ve made other arrangements. They shouldn’t impact you too much, but I’ll be gone for a few years. I may be back to collect my things, or I may send someone in my place. Either way, take care of yourself, father. I’ll see you when I return… If I return…”

With that Ann turned sharply to the sound of her father’s protests and Narcissa’s shrill admonishments to her daughter, and made her way to her car.

As soon as the car door closed behind her, her fierce exterior and anger dissolved. Ann’s face crumpled as the grief she felt at the loss of her future and her family crashed over her in a wave of sadness and the tears flowed freely.

Ann drove around aimlessly for a few hours, following the roads on a whim and driving out of the city outskirts and through rolling countryside, the meandering hills and fields almost like a soothing medicine for her soul.

She had cried all that she had wanted to and the further she got from the place she called home, the better she felt. She glanced to her side at the phone that lay on the passenger seat of her car.

In her fury, she had managed to crack the screen when she had thrown it at the wall. She rolled her eyes at herself and felt her wolf snigger.

‘Oh, now you make an appearance. Where were you when it was all kicking off?’ Ann muttered angrily.

‘I was sleepy, so I went to sleep.’ Maeve answered nonchalantly.

‘Awesome timing for you to do that.’ Ann replied sarcastically.

‘Well, there was no face ripping or limb removing for me to help with, and the Bellevue Witches clearly know how to knock a wolf out with that concoction of theirs…’

‘That’s the last time I listen to you bout drinking Maeve, clearly, neither of us can handle it..’

‘PfftI Speak for yourself you lightweight! I was pleasantly warm…’

‘Mmhmm, and where did that get us? Contract marriage with Alpha Nocturne, the main rival of my father’s business interests and a strong contender for next in line to be King if the Veritas heirs don’t prove themselves worthy.” Ann snorted.

‘I suppose it’s a good job that the rival for the King’s position is marrying one of his daughters then…’ Maeve said slowly with a sarcastic edge to her words.

Ann gripped the steering wheel in horror.

“Oh f*uc*k… Dad’s going to k*il*l me when he finds out…” Ann whispered into the silence of the car.

‘If he finds out…’ Maeve smirked with a chuckle.

Her father absolutely hated Alpha Nocturne with a passion. She had a strong feeling it was because he reminded her father of himself in his younger years.?

Ruthless, uncompromising, and ambitious, Alpha Nocturne had rapidly made a name for himself both in pack politics and the business circles. With his strong leadership and his pack’s rise in power and territory, he was a f0rce to be reckoned with.

‘I don’t know why you’re so bothered about your father’s reaction. He abandoned you in favor of his new family. You don’t turn on your own blood, it’s disgusting.’ Maeve snarled.

Ann was quiet for a little while, contemplating her wolf’s words. She knew she was right, but it still stung.

‘He might have turned his back on me, Maeve, but I’ll never give up hope that one day, hopefully, he’ll see the light.’

Maeve snorted.

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