Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 80

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 80 I’m Yours

Adam’s expression was strained as Ann slowly unzipped his trousers and undid the fastening, allowing them to drop to the floor.


“Hush, my Alpha, ” she purred as she slid his boxers down, “I want to ple@sure you a little while you finish what you started.”

Ann ran her hand gently along the sh@ft and began stroking it in a rhythmic motion as he growled lightly and leaned forward once more, his c*oc*k right above Ann’s face as he ravaged her body with renewed vigor.

His touch was rougher than before, a little more insistent as he nipped and s*cked fiercely at her bre@sts, as she m*oa*ned her approval.

His fingers resumed their work on her cl*toris, but he wasted no time in slipping three fingers inside of her this time, earning a cry of ple@sure from her lips as he thrust his fingers in and out of her with little care for her limits.

Ann matched the speed of his thrusts with the speed of her strokes, and his breathing became heavier as her pace increased.

She raised her neck from the side of the bathtub and held his c*oc*k a little lower as she ran her tongue along the swollen head of his c*oc*k.

Adam shuddered at the contact and a throaty m*oa*n left his mouth.

Ann smirked as she wrapped her lips around his c*oc*k and he gasped as she ma*s*saged his sh@ft as she bobbed her head up and down his sh@ft as far as she could.

Adam growled lowly and without warning, stood and took a step back. Before she could register what was happening, Adam had picked her up under her arms and began carrying her through to the bedroom.

He let go of her near the bed and turned her to face him, holding her chin tightly as he f0rced her to look at him. “You aren’t playing by the rules, my Luna.” He growled darkly as Ann smirked confidently at him.

“Rules are made to be broken in the bedroom, my Alpha, now stop complaining and let me s*ck your c*oc*k.” Ann purred as she batted his hand away, beginning to sink down to the floor.

But Adam stopped her abruptly and chuckled darkly. “Not like this.”

“But what…”Ann asked, a look of confusion on her face as she stared up at him inquisitively.

“If you think that you’re going to do as you please, without letting me taste you, then you’re sorely mistaken.” He grinned dangerously. “Now lay on your back on the bed, with your neck over the side “

His sudden commanding and demanding aura sent shivers of excitement down Ann’s spine as she did as she was told.

Adam stood over her, his legs by her shoulders as he leaned over and ran his hands over her damp skin.

“If you want to wrap your pretty little mouth around my c*oc*k so badly, then I want to make sure I eat your p*uss*y until you’re screaming for me to stop.”

Almost instantly, he lowered his head and began attacking her swollen nub with furious strokes of his tongue, as slipped his fingers inside of her.

Ann m*oa*ned loudly as she reached up and began stroking his length, desperate for more.

Adam’s hips lowered slightly to allow Ann to slip his c*oc*k into her mouth and she s*cked and lapped around the head and sh@ft, just as greedily as Adam lapped at her.

As her hips bucked against his face, so to did Adam’s hips thrust into her mouth, his c*oc*k slipping in and out of her mouth easily.

Ann m*oa*ned around his c*oc*k as he slipped a third, and then a fourth finger inside of her, pumping frantically into her to match the pace of his thrusts into her mouth. Suddenly Adam stiffened and stepped back, forcing Ann to sit up with his hands, and pushing her forward so that she was bent over on all fours.

She felt him position himself at her entrance and take hold of her hips roughly as he slammed himself into her with a low, guttural growl that melded almost perfectly with the m*oa*n of satisfaction that fell from Ann’s lips. “You drive me insane, Ann, I have no control when it comes to you.” He ground out as he pumped inside of her furiously, leaving Ann gasping for breath.

She pushed back against every thrust, wanting more of him inside of her, filling her completely.

She felt his fingers reach forward and rub frantically at her sensitive spot, as he pounded into her furiously until suddenly, with a scream of pure unadulterated ecst@sy, Ann came undone around him.

The stimulation of her tight little p*uss*y clenching around his c*oc*k was too much for him and with the final few thrusts, he emptied himself as his c*oc*k was buried deep inside of her.

He sagged over her gasping for breath as he moved her hair to the side and gently kissed and licked the area of his marking on her neck, before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up, holding her back tightly against his chest.

“Don’t ever leave me, Ann… I couldn’t bear it…” He murmured into her ear as he kissed her gently, the touch of his lips against her sensitive skin sending shivers of ple@sure through her.

“I won’t Adam… I’m yours…”

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