Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 99

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 99 I Can Seduce Adam!

As soon as Leopold had disappeared up the stairs with the guards following closely behind him, Narcissa turned slowly to face Ada.

Ada looked around her in a panic as a vicious snarl erupted from Narcissa’s mouth as she stalked menacingly toward her.

Ada backed away hastily, wanting to shout for help but unable to open her mouth to do so as a cold wave of terror washed over her.

“There’s no escape from me Ada so don’t even try!” Narcissa hissed as Ada’s back connected abruptly with the cold hard surface of a wall and she whimpered involuntarily.

Narcissa snorted at the pitiful sound as she pulled to a stop abruptly right in front of her, and dragged her eyes over her face in disgust.

Ada screwed her eyes shut under her mother’s intense gaze, trembling violently as she held her breath waiting for the impact that she felt sure was coming from the palm of her hand against her face.

“You’re such a disappointment, Ada, I had such high hopes for you, you know?” Narcissa murmured as she stared at her with a faraway look in her eyes.

Ada tentatively opened one eye to glance warily at her mother and a*s*sessed her mood, quickly wishing she hadn’t when her mother’s gaze connected with her own and she was almost swallowed by the fury reflected in there.

Narcissa’s arm reached up suddenly as she grabbed a fistful of Ada’s hair and set off at a brisk pace along the hallway, with Ada struggling desperately to keep up with her as she fought to free herself between sobs.

“I warned you countless times child, and now… now there is no choice. The plan has changed. There is no time for me to do things quietly, or with diplomacy.” Narcissa ranted to herself as she strode quickly to the stairway downwards that led to the basement and through to the dungeons.

Where were the guards now when she actually needed them? Were they only there to protect her father and make sure that he didn’t abscond?

Yet again, it was just something else, another detail if you will, that just proved that neither she nor her mother had ever really mattered to anyone here at all.

“Mother, please! I didn’t know…” Ada yelped as she was suddenly struck with the possibility that her own mother might actually throw her into the dungeons here.

There were people there that her mother had kept for years, unbeknownst to Leopold, i

A vast, yet macabre, collection filled with rivals, enemies, lovers… pretty much anyone who had pissed Narcissa off at some point or another.

Ada was quite sure that she didn’t want to become another forgotten face down here, but she had to convince her mother that she was still useful, even if it was only for long enough to plan her escape.

“Mother, please… we can still fix this…”

Narcissa snorted loudly.

“Fix it? It’s beyond fixing now Ada, you’ve seen to that.” Narcissa growled hoarsely as she stormed forwards, roughly yanking on Ada’s hair as she stumbled p@infully against the coarse stone walls of the lower levels.

Narcissa stopped briefly as the sound of old metal grating p@infully against itself reached Ada’s ears, and she was dragged forward once more, before being pushed forward f0rcefully into the darkness of the room beyond.

Ada lost her footing as the unexpected movements were impossible to predict, and she felt herself falling forward as she desperately tried to twist to the side to avoid any impact on her belly.

The air rushed from her lungs as she collided with the damp stone floor on her side, and a sickening crack echoed in the silence of the room.

“Whoops…” Narcissa simpered as Ada tried desperately to s*ck in huge gulps of air into her lungs, which objected p@infully from the shock of the impact.

Ada cowered on the floor, willing herself to find her confidence and stand up for herself. Ann had never had any issue standing up for herself, she thought bitterly. Everything came so easily to her.

Her mate, her anger, her escape…

The unmistakable sound of a blade being unsheathed in the darkness made Ada’s blood run cold as she tried desperately to think of a way out of this.

Life would have been so much simpler if Ann had just died when her mother did! There wouldn’t have been any rivalries and Ada would have had an easy life as the crown princess…

The sound of footsteps padded almost silently across the floor, and the acrid smell of the filthy steel a*s*saulted Ann’s nostrils as her mother inched ever closer.

So this was it. She was really going to k*il*l her… unless…

As the spark of an idea manifested in her brain, Narcissa’s arm wrapped around her head without warning and she felt her mother’s chest against her back as the sharp edge of the blade danced dangerously across the surface of her skin.

“Mother wait! Don’t do this, what if Ann died? Hmm? The crown would p@ssto me automatically, right? Even if Leopold divorces you, I am still his blood child and would be his only living heir by default! Give me one more chance… what do we have to lose? I have a plan!” Ada yelped before her words died in her throat as the sharp edge sank into the delicate skin just above her collarbone.

It wasn’t p@inful at first, it felt warm… almost soothing… before the p@in spread like wildfire the deeper the blade sliced.

“Mama! PLEASE! I can seduce Adam just like I did Brad!” Ada screamed in panic.

Narcissa’s sadistically slow movements paused briefly as she considered her daughter’s words with the blade still embedded in her daughter’s flesh.

Suddenly, she laughed, a light and carefree sound drifting almost ethereally among the horror of what had been about to happen.

The sporadic movement from her deep laughter within her chest caused the blade to shift within the wound p@infully as Ada bit back a sob.

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