Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 102

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 102

Nosheba’s eyes nearly popped out of it’s sockets, her ears unable to carry what she had just heard. What? Her brows wrinkled in bewilderment. Pregnant?

She gasped and shook her head. “Are….Are you sure?”

“My results never fails, Queen Nosheba” the old healer replied, startling Nosheba some more.

No, no. It can’t be. This cannot be happening!! Shilah is pregnant???? No!!

Her chest was beginning to rise and fall heavily; anxiety gripped her.

Just a week ago, she had spotted Shilah throwing up and it dawned on her that it had been two months already, since she got married to the King. So, she decided to run a test on her, just to be sure.

She had asked her maid to find a way to get a little of her blood and Nivea had done a really good job. She’d scratched Shilah’s arm with an object and made it look like an accident. But before then, she had already gotten the blood she wanted. So, Nosheba brought it over to the Healer. And after waiting for three days, this was the result she was getting?

“This shouldn’t be happening” she muttered feebly. “It shouldn’t be happening”.

The woman stared keenly at her. “My Queen, is there a problem? Who owns the blood?” She asked curiously, but only got a deadly glare from Nosheba.

Reaching for the wrapped coins, she placed it in front of the woman.

“This is the rest of your pay. Make sure it stays between us”. she stated strictly, stood up and left.



Nosheba was so restless on her way back to the palace as her mind kept revolving round the fact that Shilah was pregnant. What if it turns out to be a boy?? She’s been acting unique ever since she stepped into the palace. First, she was able to awake the King’s appet*ite; secondly, she was able to make him sleep. And now, she was pregnant. How was she so sure she wouldn’t bear a son instead?

Oh! For Selene’s sake; this shouldn’t be happening!! This lady was only going to ruin her plans!

Getting to the Palace, she barged into her room and continued pacing back and forth, hands on her waist. The witch doesn’t even know she’s pregnant yet – and that was to her own advantage for now. The door opened and her maid came rushing in.

“My Queen, are you alright?” She asked, recalling how she had seen her Queen walking angrily.

“You” Nosheba turned to her. “Get me Prince Raksha”.


Soft m*oa*ns escaped Shilah’s lips as the King dominated her, thrusting in and out of her w*et slimmy vĂ gina.

Over the month, she’s grown sweeter, more penetrable and more enjoyable. And he’s found himself being addicted to her; Not just because he gets hungry; but because he wanted her more.

Few minutes later, and he was done – got off the bed and put on his clothes, while Shilah did same when he was done. And afterwards, he walked over to his table to eat.

“Come join me, Shilah” he muttered and when Shilah was done dressing up, she walked over to the table and sat adjacent to him – as usual.

“You look tired” the King noted when she dished out her meal. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, yes. I’ll be fine” Shilah answered humbly, her croaky voice belying her reply anyways.

“You’ll be fine? Meaning you’re not fine at the moment?” He asked sensitively, and Shilah, not wanting to bother the King with her problems, decided to say something else.

“I just feel dizzy, My King. But I believe it I get some sleep, I’ll be fine. Please, do not worry about me” she bowed her head.

The King gave a shrug and they began eating.

Shilah found the meal so tasteless as she ate. Rice pudding and meat balls has always been her favorite; but for some days, she couldn’t explain why she was finding it irritating and tasteless. Well, in order not to make it seem like she was rejecting the King’s meal, she had to f0rce herself to eat.


Nosheba could barely wait for Raksha to arrive. What was taking him so long??

She paced back and forth, stopped and faced the window at intervals before resuming her pace. She just couldn’t hold it in her anymore and need to spill it out.

Finally, she heard the door opening and turned to see the Prince walking.

“At last! What took you so long, Raksha? Didn’t Nivea tell you it was urgent?” She grumbled the moment he stepped in. Even Raksha was muddled at her impatience.

“Calm down, my love. I was speaking with some men and couldn’t just leave them like that”. He said with his arms opened as he walked towards her.

And getting close, Nosheba took in a deep breath.

“What’s the problem?” He cooed, touching her hair, but Nosheba moved away immediately.

“There’s a really big problem, Raksha. A really big problem” she gruffed. Sweat rested on the hollows of her neck.

“What problem is that?” Raksha was startled.

And after a few seconds, Nosheba finally let the cat out of the bag.

“Shilah is pregnant!” She said huskily. “She’s pregnant! Just found out today!”

First, Raksha’s face was blank and didn’t show any reaction. And that was because he was confused.

“Okay….” He scoffed. “Who’s responsible? My brother?”

“What sort of question is that, Raksha? Of course, she’s pregnant for the King. She doesn’t even know yet, but me alone,” Nosheba’s eyes were dimming.

“And why in the name of Selene are you worried?” He scoffed again.

“How does she getting pregnant affect our plan? My brother can have as many daughters as he wants; the most important thing is having a son, which is impossible for him”.

“I’m not d*um*b, Raksha,” Nosheba glared.

“I know our plan. But…I just feel scared. I mean, something in my guts tells me that girl is carrying a boy”.

“Oh! Come on, Nosheba. Really?” Raksha rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe this is coming from you. How can my brother have a son when he’s cursed?”

“And how was your brother able to eat when he’s cursed? How was he able to sleep when he’s cursed? And how was he able to survive the last full moon when he’s cursed?” A stunned silence hit hard at Raksha.

“It was all because of her – Shilah, Shilah, Shilah!” She gritted. “That lady is powerless, but she keeps doing things that no one has been able to do for years. And now, I just have this strong feeling that she might be carrying a son!”

Raksha had grown really cold as his woman’s words were making so much sense to him.

“I’m scared, you know?” She continued.

“I can’t watch anyone give the King a son. I can’t watch anyone ruin my plans. I just can’t! Because we all know, whoever gives the King a son becomes his favorite. He’s going to treat her like an egg and protect her with his life. We really need to do something, Raksha. Please”.

Silence descended as the prince digested all she had said. She could have a point. What if the child turns out to be a boy? What if his plans were about getting ruined? Just what would he do?

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