Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 103

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 103




“Please! Please, Supreme Sister! I plead for mercy. Forgive me, please!!” The Lady in red cried for mercy as she knelt in front of the Supreme Sister, while the rest of the sisters gathered all around.

Sister Kylie, eyes cold and dark as usual, sat on her throne and stared loath-fully at the *traitor* in front of her.

The entire sisters were gathered in the hall, Sukie stood beside Kylie, her face having an irk expression due to the sight in front of her. Everyone was gathered to watch what would happen.

“Please, Supreme Sister….”

“You do not deserve to call my name, you traitor” Kylie finally cut her off, her tone sounding so spiteful. “You broke the rule and think you can gain forgiveness?”

“No” the lady shook her head. “I didn’t break any rule. I swear, I have nothing with that vampire. He only gave me a ride since my horse was stolen….”

“Why would you accept a ride from our enemy?!” Kylie roared, her eyes flashed with anger and the glasses from one of the windows came crashing to the floor.

“If your horse was stolen and an enemy offered you a ride, you’d have made use of your foot, Aria! Made use of your foot and obey the rules of our elders!”

The lady bent her head in fear and contrition; her hands held together as she wept.

“For the fact that you had a close skin contact with those animals is worst than a betrayal, Aria. And according to the rules, you must pay with your life”. Kylie announced.

“No!!” She cried out. “No; I’m sorry, please! Forgive me…!”

Kylie stood up immediately, eyes focused on the weakling on the floor. And stretching out her hand towards her, she started coughing.

Sukie’s hands were fisted beside her as she watched the despicable sight, her brows wrinkling.

She flinched as she watched the lady coughing out blood. And quickly, she looked away, unable to stand the sight.

The hall was dead silent with just the choking sound of the lady being heard. And Kylie didn’t even blink an eye as she stared at her. Finally, she dropped dead on the floor and that was when a light mumble touched the crowd.

“Let this serve as a lesson to everyone of you” Kylie pointed out, so sure she had their hundred percent attention.

“The Mountain Lions and blood s*ckers have been our enemies and will always be our enemies as long as their stupid laws exist. We witches are special and will never bow to damn laws to be ruled by just one Man! My mother died trying to protect the law, and I, Kylie, will make sure she never died for nothing”.

Suspenseful silence ran wildly in the room as Kylie glared hard at everyone of them – her eyes having those fierce authoritative looks.

“Come with me, Sukie” she turned and said, then walked away with the long edge of her red garment sweeping the floor.

Sukie was frozen for a second, her eyes staring at the dead sister on the floor. Sister Aria – she wasn’t too close to her but knew she was a good lady with a good heart. And to think she had just gotten k*il*led simply because she accepted a ride from a helper?

She scoffed, took in a deep breath and walked away to go after Kylie.




Prince Raksha walked into his mother’s room, with ambling steps and hands crossed at his back, looking so moody.

Queen Judis had been swigging some white wine but quickly dropped the cup when she noticed the unwanted look on her son’s face.

“Raksha dear” she cooed, brows crinkling. “What’s the problem? Why on earth are you looking this way?”

The Prince said nothing still, not until he took a seat, backing his mother. “Raksha….”

“Shilah’s pregnant” he finally said, cutting her off. The Queen paused for some seconds, staring at his back.

“Pregnant?” She repeated, then scoffed. “And… why is it making you this way?”

“Nosheba thinks she might be carrying a boy”. Raksha said.

“A boy? Raksha, we both know your brother is…”

“I know what he is. We just think she might make a difference since she’s being making a difference for the past two months now. She’s been able to make him sleep, make him eat, helped him during the full moon…. She’s been saving him from the curse and carrying a male child is just the only thing left. And now she’s pregnant, we’re just scared it might ruin our plans” he explained, and as expected, Queen Jadis was convinced.

“But… how come the King hasn’t announced it yet?” She asked after some minutes.

“Shilah doesn’t even know she’s pregnant” Raksha scoffed. “Lady’s too daft to realize that. It was a good thing Nosheba was smart enough to”.

“I see” Queen Jadis nodded.

“We need a solution, mother. We need to get rid of that child before it’s even discovered. We need to do something”. Raksha urged and his mother went silent, diving into deep thoughts.


As Shilah and the King dined, it had been so quiet for them as the King didn’t seem to be in the mood to talk; and Shilah on the other hand, was exhausted and just wanted to eat and get some rest.

Sound of spoon hitting the metallic plates could be heard in the room, and at some point, the silence felt comfortable for both of them.

“My…My King”, Shilah suddenly called, dropping her spoon. “Can you excuse me to use the toilet, please? I’m very pressed and need to free myself”.

Her voice was as a serene as it used to. The King said nothing for a while as he seemed to concentrate on the pumpkin he was taking in.

“You can use my toilet” he finally said, his eyes on his plate. Shilah was stunned. What? Use his toilet? He actually wouldn’t mind?

“Uhm… Thank you, My King” She bowed and stood up.

Few steps away from the table and she suddenly halted, her hand going over her lips while the other held her tummy. The King noticed and paused to look at her.

“Are you al….” Before he could get the full sentence out of his lips, she hastened up and ran into the toilet like she was going to throw up.

King Dakota was muddled. Was she really throwing up? He stopped eating and waited for her to step out. And that actually took a very long time.

“Is something wrong?” He asked, staring at her face observingly as she walked towards him.

It appeared she had watered her face as it looked w*et, and well, she seemed really worst.

“I’m fine, My King” she answered dazily, returning to her seat.

“Well, you don’t look fine to me. Are you sick?” He asked, and Shilah was just about replying when when a knock suddenly interrupted them.

“Who’s it?” The King first asked with a grunt, and the door went open with one of the guards walking in.

“Sorry to interrupt, My King” he bowed.

“But the seer is here to see you”.

Dakota froze, eyes dimmed. The seer?

He tilted his head to glance at the guard, finding the news shocking. Why would the seer be there? That was the same seer that had told him Nosheba would birth a female, and not a male like he was expecting.

He never visits, unless he had an important revelation. Why could he be there?

Shilah could also notice the change in the King’s expression and wondered who the seer was.

“Let him in” King Dakota finally said. And with another bow, the guard left.

He turned back to his meal but didn’t touch a thing on the table as he had dived into an ocean of thoughts. Why could the healer be there? Was there another problem?

The creaky sound of the door going open broke into his thoughts and lifting his gaze, he found the old man walking in – face looking as cold and straight as ever.

Thaddeus was an old man with white hair all over his head, but the spirits had blessed him so much with a never aging appearance. He still stood straight and erect, the staff in his hand made it look like it was being held for fun.

No one has ever seen him smile coupled with the fact that he hardly looks at anyone, directly in the eye.

“Thaddeus” King Dakota called, breaking the silence in the room. “It’s a ple@sure to have you….”

“I need a moment with you, King Dakota” he cut in, eyes staring into space. Eyes that looked like they never blink.

Understanding what he meant, Shilah stood up immediately. And when the King gave her the approving nod, she bowed and left the room.

And now, alone in the room…

King Dakota stared keenly at the seer’s face, awaiting him to proceed and state the urgency. But the seer seemed to be taking his time as the silence stretched between them.

Then finally, “King Dakota, your major fear has finally be conquered. One of your wives… carries your male child.”

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