Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 105

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 105




Sukie entered the refurbished room, shortly after the supreme sister had gone in. And getting in, she found Kylie litting up a candle on the table.

Kylie has always loved having a litted candle in the room, even when it was day time.

She turned around face Sukie when she was done.

“Hey” she cooed, going closer to her.

Sukie just stood like a statue and watched her as the memories from few minutes ago flashed right at her.

Getting close enough, Kylie palmed her cheeks and placed her lips on hers, smooching it.

Sukie closed her eyes into the kiss and tried to reciprocate. But the more she tried, the more the pleas of the lady resounded so clearly in her head.

Pishan had also offered such help to her. Like… that was actually the way they had met in the first place. Her horse was stolen, and he offered his own horse to her while he trekked back to his location. Does this mean… she’d get k*il*led as well if the Supreme Sister discovers she’s been meeting up with him and even tried to help the Alpha King?

She was sick of the rules already. Why would they even create such discrimination between themselves and the wolves and Vampires? What if a critical situation bursts out soon and they need help? Would they just be f0rced to fight it on their own? Why does it have to happen that they can’t mate with someone else aside a commoner from the village?? Why can’t they find love with someone powerful? Why? What sort of rules?

Kylie had noticed Sukie was withdrawing from the kiss, and when she unlocked, she paused and looked into her eyes.

“Are you alright?” She asked calmly, and Sukie simply gave a nod.

The moody look on her face was just too obvious. Kylie sighed and walked away from her.

“What I did to Aria…she deserved it, right?” She asked as she poured some red wine from the jar to a smaller cup.

“I don’t know. She broke the rules” Sukie shurgged, moving a step. Kylie turned from the table with two cups in her hands and handed one to Sukie.

“Here, you might want this”.

Sukie bobbed as she collected the cup from her. “Thank you, Supreme Sister”.

In unison, they swigged from their cups.

“And what do you think about the rules, Sukie?” Kylie suddenly asked, her eyes pinned on her face like she was trying to see the answer right through her.

And Sukie, on the other hand, was smart enough to know the right words to use on someone like Kylie.

“I don’t think anyone should have an opinion, Supreme Sister” she said. “The rules were created for a reason and by our elders. And as long as they’re still in existence, they should be respected”.

Kylie’s pretty lips stretched in a small smile.

“This is just the reason I love you, Sukie. You’ve been too smart for me”. She held her cheeks and kissed her again.

“Tell you what? I think we should go on a date – me and you. Let’s have some fun time together. What do you think?” She asked as she sipped from her cup.

“Uhm… That would be a great idea, Supreme Sister. I’d be honored”. Sukie bowed, feigning a smile.

“Alright, then. I’ll come up with a place and date. But for now….” Kylie paused and set her cup down.

“I think we have something else to do”.

Staring into her eyes, Sukie could tell what she meant. And few minutes later, they were both on the bed.




Queen Chaska had been so happy that the King sent for her. Her joy knew no bounds, imagining being in his room and satisfying him again. But getting to the junction leading to his chambers, her joy seized when she met with Nosheba.

The two women stopped walking for a minute and gawped at each other.

“Wow. Who do we have here? The klepto queen is out here” Nosheba smirked and watched how Chaska’s fingers got tightened.

“What’re you doing here?” Chaska gritted, trying so hard to calm her temper.

“I should be asking you that. Because it is I who the King sent for, and from my own perspective, you’re just going there to cause some distractions. So please, go away and return later” Nosheba snorted, making Chaska arch a brow.

“Have you gone stupid? The King sent for me,” she chuckled.

“Seriously, Chaska? Don’t tell me you’re trying to steal this moment as well” Nosheba paused and touched her brows, feigning some tiredness.

“Tell you what? I think we should both go and see who gets embarra*s*sed” she added and walked away.

And after a few seconds, Chaska followed behind, hoping Nosheba was the one making a mistake.

They arrived at the King’s door same time, and unusually, the guards ushered them in withoughut going to inform the King themselves. And getting in, they were both shocked to find Dyani, Shilah and the Physician in the room as well.

“Huh?” Nosheba muttered to herself, sounding really surprised. What in the name of Selene was going on?

The King was sitting and backing the door, looking so calm with his jaw resting on his jaws like one cogitating. But, what was going on? Nosheba and Chaska thoughught. Why would the King want everyone gathered in the room in such manner? Was there a problem?

“Greetings, My King” Chaska bowed and greeted.

“Greetings,My King”. Nosheba did same.

They both greeted even though the King was backing them and couldn’t see them.

The King, on the other hand, was silent and thinking of the matter on ground. To think one of his wives was carrying his son was more than a blessing to him, but to think he didn’t know who it was yet, was more than a torment.

He tried thinking of the possibilities – who it could be amongst his wives. He’s been having intercourse with Chaska for a long time except for a month ago when he was angry with her. But she could possibly be pregnant since they’ve been having intercourse for so many months before then, she could be two months gone or more.

Nosheba… he had intercourse with her once, a month ago.

Dyani…Ah! He couldn’t recall that at all. Dyani has been his least contacted wife and he couldn’t recall getting intimate with her of recent. So, she was definitely out of the picture.

Then, Shilah….

Oh! Dear Selene! He’s had multiple intercourse with her, and earlier that day, he had seen her throwing up. She also looked sick. Could it be possible…?

His brows arched for a second. Could it possibly be Shilah?

Come on, Dakota. Probably, he should just go on with the seer’s instructions, wait for the test results and see for himself, which woman carries his heir.

“Is everyone of you complete?” He asked, making them feel relived that he finally said something.

“Yes, My King” The Physician was the one who replied, and the King took it for a general answer.

He waited a few minutes before proceeding.

“Mato”, he called.

“Yes, My King!” The old man bowed.

“A prophecy was revealed to me” he began. “One of my wives here, is pregnant for me – with a son.”

A wild gasp cut across the room as each of the women were shocked. Chaska’s heart stopped beating,

Nosheba’s lips parted open in awe, Dyani was baffled. And Shilah…. her expression was blank.

“No!” Nosheba cried out in her heart. Her chest was already rising and falling heavily.

“He said the one who is pregnant, doesn’t know yet. And I need to know, Mato” the King continued.

“This is a great news to me, a great news I can’t afford to lose. So, I want you to carry out a test on them and give me feedback on which is pregnant”.

Slowly, Chaska turned to look at Nosheba, while Nosheba stared back at her, before Shilah.

The pain was so evident on her face already. The King knows?? What damn seer was that??? Who dare to reveal this to him???

“Uhm….” The Physician stuttered a little, finding the news really shocking.

“My…. My King, I am so happy to hear of this. I mean, it’s unbelievable! You’ll be having a son??”

The King’s cold face welcomed a small smile, although they couldn’t see it.

“It is true, Mato” he bobbed his head. “I’ll father a son soon enough. That’s the reason I need a good job done”.

“Oh! May Selene be honored forever! She finally decided to show mercy on you, Alpha King! She has smiled on the Wind Walker Mountain!” The Physician exclaimed happily.

It was a thing of great joy, but the three wives couldn’t help but look like they’d swallowed some stones. It wasn’t a thing of joy for them – not until they know who is really pregnant amongst them.

Happily, the Physician opened his bag and brought out a knife and tiny bottle.

“Uhm…. My dear Queens” he turned to them. “This might hurt a little – just a little”.

Turning to Chaska first, he cut her palm with the knife and let the blood drop into the tiny bottle.

“Ah!” She winced.

“I’m so Sorry” Mato apologized. And after which, he borrowed the King’s feather on the table and indicated the first letter of her name on the bottle.

Next, he went to Nosheba with a different bottle and did same. But unlike Chaska, Nosheba didn’t even react to the pain. Well, that was because her anger was crowding it all.

Done, the Physician went over to Dyani and did same. But Dyani was so confident she wasn’t the pregnant one as she hadn’t met with the King for a very long time. Besides, she’s been on her flow.

And as for Shilah….she had a little bit of fear and excitement.

She’s missed her cycle for the month, and she’s been feeling sick as well. She could remember when her step mother had been pregnant, she had this symptoms as well. Could it be possible …

She tried to steady her heartbeat and winced in pain when the Physician cut her palm.

“I’m done, My King” Mato turned back to the King and said, still sounding ecstatic. “The results will be out in two days”.

The King gave a nod. “Be sure to do a good job, Mato. Everyone so dismissed”.

The Physician bowed and left. And one after the other, the rest of the Queens left.

Nosheba couldn’t even feel her heart beating any more. No, this can’t be happening. It just can’t be happening!

She headed straight to Raksha’s room. Something needed to be done before the result comes out! She needed to do something in less than two days!

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