Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 106

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 106

“No!!!” Chaska held the table with both hands and pushed it angrily to the floor, every content on it crashing as well. Gina stood behind, shaken with fear.

“No!! It can’t be!! It can’t be!!” She screamed more, pushing as much things as her hands could reach, the scalding tears streaming down her cheeks.

“It’s not possible! It just can’t be!”.

She was breathing heavily, sweats all over her neck and face which still wasn’t enough to bear with her heartbreak.

“One of my wives here, is pregnant for me – with a son” the King’s words resounded in her head, twitching her heart some more.

“It can’t be possible!!” She cried out again and plonked herself on the floor.

To think she’s been working so hard to prevent this, yet it’s happening? One of his wives was pregnant????

She was sure it couldn’t be her as she had seen her flow just few days ago. She’s been trying to get pregnant again but had no idea why she kept seeing her flow.

And now, to think one of them was pregnant already, with a boy?? How did this happen?? Who could it be??

Everything she’s worked so hard for was going to be ruined! Whoever was pregnant would become the King’s favorite. And she… she’d become nothing more but a parasite. She’d become meaningless.

“This can’t happen to me” she whimpered on the floor.

“It just can’t happen”.

Slowly, Gina sent closer to her and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“M…My Queen”, she called fearfully.

“Please, stop crying. Everything will be fine, I promise. I promise”. But that did nothing to help the matter.


Shilah, on the other hand, had been so nervous the moment she left the King’s room. She walked with Dyani and went into the room with her.

“I’ve never had such a great News in a very long time, Shilah” Dyani said, beaming with all smiles as they sat on the bed.

“I don’t even care who is pregnant for the King, as long as it’s a boy! The King will finally have a boy!”

Shilah sat silently, her hands on her thighs.

“But…. I have a feeling this might be you, Shilah” Dyani stared down at her tummy, making Shilah flinch. “I mean… it’s all beginning to make sense now. Recently, you’ve been throwing up, feeling sick and dizzy. Do you think it’s just a coincidence, Shilah?”

Shilah stared bashfully at her hands.

“I…. I don’t know, Dyani” she muttered. “I also have same feeling because…. my flow is late”.

“I knew it!!” Dyani held her hand and laughed hard. “I just knew it, Shilah!” She took her hands and exclaimed loudly.

“I knew it! I just knew it. You’re carrying the King’s son. This is so unbelievable, Shilah! How did it happen?”

“I don’t… I don’t know. But I feel a little scared” she said whisperingly.

“Scared? Why?” Shilah exhaled deeply.

“I don’t know, Dyani! I just feel…. I’m not ready for motherhood”.

“Oh! Dear, I know that feeling” Dyani squeezed her palm in hers.

“I felt the same way when I discovered I was pregnant – it happens with every first timer. You feel like…the responsibilities might be too much for you to handle, you might be the worst mother and so on… I understand, dear. But you don’t have to worry cause everything will be fine. Alright? Let’s just wait for the test results and see anyway” she cooed and Shilah managed a nod.

Though, the anxiety was still there.


Queen Nosheba stood in the room, tapping her feet on the floor with both hands on her waist. Prince Raksha stood beside his mother who sat on the bed and silence descended amongst them.

“Somebody needs to say something,” Nosheba finally said, sounding so bittered and impatient.

“The test results will be out in two days’ time and we all know what would happen after that. Shilah would become the King’s favorite, he’s going to protect her with his whole life, and he’s definitely going to stop having time for us. We really need to do something. Please!”

Raksha and his mother were silent, still, trying to think of a better alternative. But Nosheba didn’t have the patience for that. Her reputation was at stake there – everything she’s worked so hard for.

“But, who’s that Shilah girl?” Queen Judis asked, her dark beautiful eyes staring into space. “How’s it possible she can do things the Moon goddess had forbidden?”

“She’s such a parasite” Raksha gritted. “I suggest we get rid of her….”

“Getting rid of her will cause bigger problems, Raksha” Nosheba cut in.

“It’ll make the King more suspicious and know she died with his son. If he eventually gets us, he’s sure to give us a slow and painful death, and I wouldn’t want that to happen”.

“So, what do you suggest we do?”

“I don’t know, but … it has to be from the test results. Yes, we need to do something about it – the results”. Nosheba said.

“And what do you think we can do? Mato is the one handling it…”

“Perhaps, we can give him a bribe” Nosheba cut in.

“We can tell him to work in our favour”.

“Have you no idea the kind of man Mato is?” Queen Jadis scoffed. “He’s never going to betray the King – not even with his life on the line”.

A short silence stepped in again, confirming the authenticity of the Queen’s words.

“You’re right” Nosheba suddenly said.

“Mato is never the type to be bribed. But…he has a son”.



Mato carefully placed the four bottles on the table while his son stood and watched from behind.

“Get me a bowl, Rancho” he said without looking at him as he was bent over on the table. Footsteps from behind indicated Rancho was leaving the room and he returned shortly.

“Here it is, father” he stretched it out to him, and the old man collected it. Mato sat on his small stool in front of the table and began mixing the necessary ingredients.

“So…. one of the King’s wives is pregnant with his son?” Rancho asked from behind, leaning on the wall and watching his father.

“It’s so incredible, father. Just when we all thought it could never happen”.

“Yes. Selene has decided to smile on us” Mato answered with a nod.

“I can’t wait to carry out the tests and know which of them is pregnant”.

“Same here. I also can’t wait” he looked at the bottles.

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