Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 109

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 109




“Oh, please!” Sukie m*oa*ned under the Queen’s possession, her hands gripping the bedsheets tight as she felt her tongue on her cl*toris.

Sweats were all over her face and rolled down to her bre@st-line, the pink nipples well erécted and pointing upwards.

Kylie was in-between her legs, licking her up with her index finger sliding in and out of her vàgina. Her tongue rolled up on her cl*t while fingering her and bringing out the juice she could provide.

Sukie trembled there on the bed, shaking with the immeasurable ple@sures she was getting. Few minutes ago, she had done it to the Queen, and now it was the Queen’s turn, she was doing it so perfectly like she’s always done.

Finally, Kylie withdrew from her legs and crawled up to her chest next.

“Do I make you feel better?” She cooed with a smile, staring into her dazzling eyes.

And when Sukie nodded, she got hold of her cheeks and kissed her hard, making her share the last taste left on her tongue.

Sukie m*oa*ned in the kiss, her hand going over her back as she gulped and held her breath. And when Kylie was finally done, she sighed and fell right beside her on the bed.

“That was a hot session, you know?” She chuckled, dipping her fingers into her hair.

Sukie was equally trying to control her breath as well.

“You’re really good with your tongue, Sukie”. Her words made Sukie blush.

“Thank you, Supreme Sister. But you’re the master at it”.

Kylie laughed and lifted her back from the bed to look at her.

“Are you being serious?”

Sukie nodded with a small smile, and Kylie kissed her again.

Any lady would want to be in her position – Sukie thought – being the Queen’s favorite and the only one she romances in bed. But, does she really want this?

“You know?” Kylie laid back on the bed.

“I’ve finally come up with a date for us and that would be on the 15th day from now”

Wow – Sukie’s eyes dimmed.

“We’ll go far away from here” she continued.

“To one of those common villages. Maybe…. we’ll take two or more sisters with us just for the acknowledgement. We’ll visit taverns, game centers, watch some fights, and launch in one of the local hotels – just me and you. What do you think, Sukie?” She glanced at her face.

“Definitely… that would be extremely nice, Supreme Sister and I can’t wait for it” she smiled.

“Really? I’m glad you like it” Kylie beamed and kissed her again.



A while later, and Sukie was out of the Queen’s room, heading to hers.

Her mind kept reflecting on the date she had talked about- taking place on the 15th day at The Sambona Village. An idea was prickling at her, but somehow, she felt that might be a bad idea.

Although…. it’s really been so long she last saw him. What if she uses this opportunity to say hello?


She got to her cozy room, picked up an empty scroll and started writing to Pishan.


Nosheba stood in front of the mirror, breathing really hard.

Nivea was behind her on the bed, holding her baby who was trying to get some sleep. She could see how nervous her Queen was, but wouldn’t really blame her anyway.

And Nosheba, on the other hand, wouldn’t blame herself as well.

The moment the King’s guard had arrived and informed her the King was calling for her in his chambers, she knew the test results were out. And despite the fact they already had abpla, she couldn’t help but still feel scared. What if Rancho had made a mistake? Or what if he didn’t even do it in the first place? What if … something went wrong?

Oh! Goodness, Nosheba! She really couldn’t lose out in this. There was just no way she could end up being the loser.

“My Queen” Nivea suddenly called with a sigh.

“You’re being too scared. I think you should just fight it all and go please. Everything will definitely be fine”.

Nosheba exhaled deeply but didn’t turn as she could look at her from the mirror.

“It’s not as easy as you think, Nivea. But you’re right, I should just go”. She brushed her hair and turned away from the mirror.

“Wish me luck” she chuckled nervously and left the room.


All the way to the King’s room, she kept thinking of what the results would be and what the King’s expression would also be. If the result turns out negative, the King would definitely be disappointed and go into depression. Well, it wasn’t like she wanted that to happen, but she had no choice as she couldn’t afford to be the loser in this case. Winning must happen at every cost so she could prove she wasn’t completely useless.

And by Selene’s name, the test comes out negative, she was going to do everything in her power to get rid of that baby as soon as possible.

Finally getting to the King’s chambers, she walked in and discovered she was actually the last person they’ve been waiting for. The King, the other wives and the Physician was there already, just standing and seemingly waiting for her. Of course, the King was the only one sitting.

“What took you so long, Nosheba?” King Dakota asked, having that streak of impatience in his voice.


“I’m…. I’m so sorry, Alpha King” Nosheba bowed apologetically.

“I had to put my baby to sleep”.

With her head bowed, she could feel the King’s cold gaze on her. Was he that eager to hear the results? King Dakota sighed finally, stomaching the hinted anger.

“Mato” he looked at the Physician and called.

“You can proceed with the results”.

Nosheba lifted her head and glanced at Chaska first. Lady was looking like she had just swallowed some rotten egg. Obviously, she had no hope.

She looked at Shilah next and could feel her heart squeezing tightly in her chest. The annoying witch. If only she knows what’s in store for her.

“Was any of the results positive?” King Dakota asked, turning every eyes to the Physician.

“Yes, My King” Mato gasped. And instantly, Nosheba flinched.



She looked at him in shock, her eyes opening so wide. What in the name of Selene was he talking about??? How is the result positive??? Which of them?

Rancho… didn’t he exchange the bottle like the Queen had instructed?? How could he betray them this way?? Just how???

Delight flashed through the King’s eyes, creating more curiousity.

“Let it out, Mato” he sighed.

“Which of them?”

And after a few seconds of silence, the Physician finally replied:

“The one who is pregnant according to the test results…Is Queen Nosheba.”

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