Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 123

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 123

Opening the door, she flinched when she found a knife being pointed to her face.


“Sshh” He hushed her immediately, preventing her from doing the first thing that would normally come to her mind- screaming.

“Make a sound and I’ll be f0rced to stab you right in the skull” he threatened some more and slowly, pushed Shilah into the room.

“Please, don’t hurt me” she whimpered fearfully as she stepped backwards, her hands lifted up in a surrender form. She could clearly see his face and knew he was indeed one of the King’s guards.

“I wouldn’t want to hurt you” he shook his head regrettably. “But I have no choice”.

Shilah’s brows furrowed in confusion, but she didn’t have the chance to say anything else as he brought out a napkin and placed it across her nose.

“Mmmh-mm!” She struggled with muffled breath, holding his hands. But in a split second, she passed out.


Arin held her carefully as she fell in his arms, his heart beating so heavily with guilt tearing him up.

Gently, he carried her to the bed and laid her carefully on it – upwards. She looked so calm and beautiful. Why would anyone want to do this to such beautiful lady? What wrong has she done to them?

Although, he’s never been too close to her, but he’s always known the new Queen to be the purest of the King’s wives after Dyani. Her innocence and purity was always evident in her character. So,why would anyone want to do this to her? Just why?

*Don’t do it, Arin* he heard that tiny voice in his head.

Of course, that was what he wanted! Hell, he doesn’t want to hurt such a pure lady. But his family… he had no choice.

A tear slipped his eye as he thought of his pregnant wife who was carrying their third child. For Selene’s sake! He couldn’t risk their lives that way. He needed to save them.

Taking a sniff, he rushed to the bathroom and hid the knife and napkkny. Then, returned to the bedroom and undressed her before undressing himself as well.

The initial instructions was for him to have intercourse with her, but for goodness sake! He couldn’t bring himself to take advantage of such an innocent lady. No matter what, he couldn’t do it.

So, following the second instruction, he laid beside her, cuddled her close to himself and awaited whatever the morning would bring.


King Dakota, walking out of his closet, adjusted his robe on his body and went ahead to stand in front of the window.

With his hands crossed at his back, he gazed at the cool morning atmosphere and watched the people who were beginning to move about – his people.

He had work to do, but that morning, he really couldn’t tell why he felt so uneasy. Head banging, muscles weak. He was sure they didn’t have to do with his sleepless nights cause he had been experiencing such for years and had been surviving it. So, what was it about that morning? He wondered.

The door went open from behind and effortlessly, he knew it was Pishan. The handsome gamma walked in and stood behind the troubled Alpha King, not having the right guesses to figure out what was wrong with him.

“Is anything the matter, My King?” He finally asked,and it took King Dakota a longer time before shaking his head sideways.

“Okay” Pishan sighed, knowing his Alpha too well that he was never the type to be pressurized.

“I actually came to inform you that all the letters has been sent out to the rest of the Alphas and VampLords. And designers for the party are already getting paid. Everything is falling right into places, My King”. He spoke with humility and endured the long silence from the King.

In the due time, his eyes scrutinized the room, and with how neat the bed spra, it was obvious the King hadn’t slept on it. Little flames emanated from the burnt candle on the table which interpreted he had been either reading or writing the whole night.

But why? Didn’t Shilah make him his tea or something? Although, he was aware she’d been sick.

“You’re doing a great job, Pishan” The King finally commended. “you and Raksha. Keep up with it and make the feast a blast”.

“Your desires are my top priority, you know that” Pishan said with a bow. “Is there anything you need?”

Some food – Dakota thought. But he knew that would be impossible without Shilah. Perhaps, she should be better by now?

“Go check up on Shilah for me” he said.

“If she’s looking better, tell her to come see me. And if she’s not, still let me know so I can inquire from the Physician”.

“As you wish” Pishan bowed elegantly and turned around to leave.

But just then, a heavy banging was heard on the door.

“I said I need to see him! Let me go!!” The voice yelled. Dakota was startled and turned away from the window.

“Check it out, Pishan” he instructed and Pishan bobbed his head and went ahead to open the door. Nosheba was seen, struggling with one of the door guards.

“Thank goodness you opened up” she panted heavily. “I need to see the King. Please, it’s so urgent”.

Her eyes were teary. And being confused, Pishan made way for her to run into the room.

“My King…!” She went on her knees immediately, palms clasped together. King Dakota was in awe.

“Nosheba?! What’s…”

“Oh! Please, I can’t control it!” She cried out. “I just can’t control the atrocity my eyes have seen”.

The door still opened, Pishan stood beside it and watched in sheer curiosity.

“What atrocity?” Dakota demanded, his ever calm face building up in confusion. “What is the problem?”

“I can’t say it, please” she whimpered with her lips pressing against her fist.

“I just can’t bring myself to say it. Queen Shilah…. I had gone to the room this morning to check up on her. And what I saw….”

Instantly, King Dakota’s eyes grew so wide and shun like the sun itself.

Not hearing anymore from Nosheba, he stormed out of the room immediately, scurrying towards Shilah’s room.

Pishan followed right behind, together with the two guards at the door. And so did Nosheba as she sprang on her feet and ran after them, still in tears.

Negative thoughts ran through the King’s head – Nosheba’s tears and the fact she had talked about Shilah. What could’ve happened to her? The sickness…. could it be possible it had gotten worst??

No way! Just no way!

Pishan had never seen the King taking the pace he was taking just to go see someone. For the first time after the death of his mother, he had seen the fear in his eyes – the panic.

Getting to the room, Dakota pushed the door open and had his breath suspended when he found the sight in front of him.

His jaws dropped and so did his fears.

Pishan caught up with him and flinched at the sight as well. Wait, what??

The two extra guards stopped at the door, but Nosheba made her way in.

“Arin!!” Pishan suddenly growled, his voice echoing with shock and betrayal.

And instantly, the young man jumped out of the bed – fully nàked.

Pishan couldn’t comprehend what was going on, Shilah had been sleeping nàked in the arms of another man? How possible?

“You shameless worthless guard!” Nosheba cried out, taking some steps closer. “How could you have so much disrespect for your King?? How dare you feed from the same plate as the one who protects you?”

Shilah, looking tired, was trying to keep her eyes open and sit up. It was obvious the whole noise was forcing her out of sleep.

“It’s not…. It’s not wh…what you think” Arin stuttered, his eyes glinting with unexplainable fear.

“You fool! Nosheba rasped.

“Are you trying to say we’re stupid?? We just caught you in bed with the King’s wife and you dare say it’s not what we think? What else could this possibly mean?”

Drowsily, Shilah was able to drag herself to sit up and it took her some seconds to understand what was happening. She was nàked, and so was the guard that had pointed a knife at her. The King was there, Pishan, Nosheba….wait!

Arin badly wanted to tell the truth. Seeing the hurt and betrayal in the King’s eyes, he knew he’d soon be losing his life. But his family….

“Shilah, how could you?” Nosheba whimpered. “How could you do this to the Royal family?”

“No….” Shilah wavered and managed to stand on her feet, holding the wall for support. “I… I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what’s happening”.

“Really?” Nosheba scoffed. “We just caught you in bed with one of the guards and you claim not to know what’s happening??”

“No!!” Shilah cried out. “I didn’t do anything. He…. he threatened me with a knife…” Her eyes found the King’s.

“And how did he get in in the first place to threaten you??”

“He told me the King was calling for me” Shilah stated and pinned her eyes on the King’s. That look…. she could see the pain of betrayal in them.

“I… I swear, I didn’t do anything”.

“Just admit it, Shilah” Nosheba chipped in. “You only wanted to have a son for the King. But since I am the one with the son, you couldn’t keep up anymore and had to go cheating. How could you?”

For the first time since the late Queen died, King Dakota felt that sting of pain in his heart again. And at that instance, the Seer’s words came flashing into his head:

*One of your wives has been a green snake in a green field all the while and the Spirits think it’s time to expose her*.

Realization dawned on him with pain.

No, no way it could be Shilah.

“My King….” Shilah whimpered and tried going towards him, but only fell on the floor as she still felt dizzy. “I’m…. innocent”.

She wasn’t feeling bad for the fact that she had been s*tri*pped and probably used by the man, her only problem and fear was the pain she was seeing in the King’s eyes.

No, she couldn’t be the one to cause him such pains, it just couldn’t be her.

“Please….” She stretched out a hand towards his leg but couldn’t get to him as he turned around and stormed out of the room.

“No!! My King! I didn’t do it! I’m being framed for this!” She cried out on the floor, her heart tearing apart as she watched him walk away.

What has she done? What was happening?

Pishan looked at her in disdain and confusion and turned to the guards beside by the door.

“Take them both to the cell” he instructed and went after the King.

Quickly, Arin tried running out of the room, but the guard at the door was smart enough to injure him with his spear and bring him to the floor.

“Urgh!” He grunted out in pain, his hand holding the bleeding spot of his tummy. And Nosheba took out time to spit on him.

“You should be ashamed of yourself” she said. “Both of you”

And with that, she turned around and ran after the King.

“No….” Tears came streaking Shilah’s cheeks. “Tell them the truth. Please…. Don’t do this to me”.

She suddenly felt a heavy wave of cramp right there at her abdomen and writhed in pain. She didn’t have the strength to defend herself or run after the King.

One of the guards took the spray from the bed and wrapped it around her body before attempting to take her out of the room.

“Please…you have to listen to me. I’m innocent” she whimpered feebly, but it was obviously too late as the guard took her away, while the other focused on Arin.



Aside the King, Pishan was the next person who was greatly affected by the situation. He knew the King too well, betrayal has been his worst enemy and he just didn’t know how he would handle this one.

But why would Shilah do such a thing to him? All the times he talked about her with the King, he could see how much the King had really cared for her and he could swear she was the first woman he was developing such feelings for. Why would she repay him with this?

Oh! He knows the King too well, this betrayal of hers would definitely tear him apart, he’d become isolated and hate everyone. How can they possibly get out of this?

He tried catching up with his pace, feeling troubled he didn’t say a word all through the time from the room. Something bad was definitely going to happen now.

“My King” he called as they walked into the room. “Please, you need to stay calm.”

But the King was already calm. Only difference was, he was hurtfully calm.

His pace had reduced as he sauntered to his table and held onto it for support.

Shilah? Shilah was the…. green snake?

His right hand went over his chest, holding it for support as he feared he might suffer an unexpected attack. The shock, it was too much for him.

Again, the Physician’s words came flashing at him:

*A lot has been going on behind your back – from the people you trust the most. Follow the instructions of the Spirits, and watch half of it unfold*

No, it couldn’t be Shilah! Shilah? Shilah has been different from what she seemed?

“It’s not possible” he muttered, but audible enough for Pishan to hear. “She seemed different”.

The weakness in his voice, it was something Pishan couldn’t bear.

Could it be the reason she was starting to take long to come to his chambers each time he called? And she had stopped making him his tea? Could it….

Oh, no…. The door went open immediately with Nosheba barging in.

“My King…!” She called at a go but became calm when she found Pishan in the room as well.

“Please…. I wish to be left alone” the King spoke feebly.

“Oh! Please, don’t do this to yourself all because of that woman….” Nosheba whined.

“Just go… both of you”

“But, My King…”

“NOW!” This time around, it was a roar and it frightened Nosheba to the teeth.


Quickly, she left the room after glancing at Pishan. And in sheer pain, Pishan left as well.

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