Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 155

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 155 Stories to be told

In the King’s chambers – which was temporarily Shilah’s room – Shilah stood in front of the mirror, brushing her w*et hair while the water sizzled down on her already w*et body.

She had just finished taking her bath and was covered in nothing but a body wrap that could only hide from her chest to her thighs. It was very exposing.

Well, she just wanted to brush her hair and get something to wear. But as she stood in front of the mirror and stared at her own reflection, she found the words of Nosheba replaying in her head and making it so difficult for her to concentrate. Every single thing, every memory made her weak.

*I HATE YOU, SHILAH!* she could recall the venom in her voice.

*Everyone should just stay away from me!!! You! Chaska! Jadis and Raksha!! Everyone of you should stay away!!!! I hate you all!!*

She recalled. But why did she mention Prince and Raksha and his mother? Were they among those ridiculing her as well? Or something else must have happened?

She blinked rapidly and was almost done brushing the hair when she heard the door opening, and looking through the window, she confirmed it was the King.

The King.

Her heart gave a mighty leap immediately but she tried so hard to maintain her stance and not to fret.

Still dressed in his royal regalia, King Dakota halted at the door as he stared at the seductive image in front of him. Young and w*et in the wrap that she had around her body, she looked really appealing to the eyes.

He closed the door and walked in towards her, and when he got close enough, Shilah lowered her gaze to the floor.

“Greetings, My King” her soothing voice said, she could feel him standing so closely behind her already.

King Dakota, heaving deeply, placed his hands on her bare shoulders and gently, loathed it.

“How are you feeling?” He asked, that icy tone of his giving Shilah some chills.

To be honest, she had missed it.

“I’m… I’m doing just great, My King” she paused and lifted her head to stare at him from the mirror. “And you? How do you feel?”

But he only replied with a chuckle.

“Turn around, Shilah, and help me with my jacket”. His beautiful gaze was on her, sending some tingles down her spine.

Help with his jacket? She gulped hard and turned around, face down. Her soft hands went up his broad shoulders and began pulling off the jacket, carefully. And when she was done, she didn’t know what to do with it but held it in her hand.

She looked into the King’s eyes and found him gazing at her, not into her eyes, but at her thighs. It made her feel so nervous as her cheeks blushed embarra*s*singly.

No doubt, he has missed her.

“Uhm…. I will put on some clothes, My King” she stated respectfully and tried walking away, but King Dakota pulled her back by the wrist.

“I want you to lay this way with me – in bed” Shilah’s heart skipped again when the King said those words.

Oh…! Why was he so demanding?

She bobbed her head with a hard gulp, and King Dakota walked away from her going, towards the bed.

When he laid on the bed, Shilah sauntered on and joined him.

She feared the wrap might fall off her body at any time. She had been having endless encounters with the King. So, why was this feeling so different? Probably because ..that would be the first time they’d be having intercourse after her set up.

Her body grew warmer as it touched with the King’s while trying to get into the bed. She laid right beside him, her head on his chest. And in reciprocal, King Dakota wrapped his hand around her, making them rest on her chest.

He was horny – he wouldn’t deny it. But the one thing stopping him at that moment was the fact that she might be tired and he wouldn’t want to do anything to harm the baby. He was ready to starve himself just to be sure the baby was safe. Perhaps, in a few days time, she’d be strong enough for it.

The two adults laid quietly on the bed, both gazing up at the ceiling while their hearts communicated separately.

At some point, Shilah began to feel calm – peaceful.

With her head on the King’s chest, she could hear his rhythmetical heartbeats which sounded a little funny to her. She started getting used to his presence as her body felt more relaxed.

“Did you enjoy the banquet?” He suddenly asked, breaking the lengthened silence which Shilah had been enjoying anyways.

“Yes, of course” she beamed.

“Thank you so much, My King. It was an honor to meet everyone”.

King Dakota said nothing: but of course, Shilah knew her appreciation was accepted.

Few more minutes and they were both silent again.

“When I had chased you out of the Palace” his voice broke out again. “Where did you go? Why didn’t you go to your family?”

Okay, Shilah was both shocked and confused. She was shocked ’cause she wasn’t expecting such question from him. And she was confused as she pondered how he had gotten to know she didn’t go to her family. Oh…. perhaps, it was due to the fact that he had found her in the cave.

So, thinking about the reply, she couldn’t tell him her family had rejected her as she wouldn’t want him to get angry and send for them to be punished. She had to cook up something else.

“I erm…. I didn’t want to bother them, My King. I…. I felt they must’ve heard the news already and didn’t want to look like a disappointment to them. So, I decided to go elsewhere”. She replied.

“Elsewhere? And where did you go?” Dakota asked, making Shilah’s head adjust on his chest.

“Well… First, I really had nowhere to go. I kept walking around in the woods until I lost strength and passed out. And when I had woken up, I found myself in an old man’s house and realized he found me in the woods and took me in. He was an herbal man, was so nice to me, clothed and fed me and also gave me herbs to make me strong. He was…. actually the one who told me I was… Pregnant” she paused and gulped nervously.

The topic was always cringing for her.

“I see” King Dakota mumbled with a nod. “So, what happened? Why did you leave his place and ended up in the cold cave?”

Shilah bit her lower lip.

“I….I had to” she muttered. “He had a son who…. tried forcing himself on me. I had to run a….”

“What??” King Dakota’s head lifted sharply from the bed as he looked into her face. “He did what?? What are you talking about?”

Shilah’s heart skipped along with it, wondering if it was a bad idea telling him about it in the first place.

His eyes roamed around her body immediately.

“Did he touch you, Shilah?? What did he do to you!?”

“He…he didn’t – I swear it” Shilah shook her head like a kid being chastened. “He…he only made an attempt. But I was able to fight him off and escape. That’s the reason I ended up in the cave”.

With the look from the King’s eyes, it was obvious King Dakota didn’t look satisfied. There was just one thing stopping him from spreading her legs apart and sliding his fingers right into it to confirm.

“Where does he live? First thing tomorrow, you take me to him” he grumbled.


“No! Please, My King, there should be no need for that. It’s a thing of the past now. Besides, I wouldn’t want to bring pain to his father as he had done so much for me. Please, My King, for my sake, just let it slide” Shilah pleaded with her palms clasped together.

This was one of the major reasons she didn’t want to tell the King what her family had done to her. He was too quick to anger.

And taking a deep breath, King Dakota laid back on the bed, trying to calm himself down.

“If I ever come across that fool, I will make sure I rip him apart” he gritted. Shilah simply picked her nails as she returned back to his chest.

After a while, she decided to continue the conversations since he seemed calm.

“My King, can I ask a question?” She asked.

“Of course. What is it?”

“I’ve been wondering. How is it possible that Queen Chaska is a wolf, yet her sister – Lady Cami – is a Vampire? What happened?” Shilah let out the confusing question.

“Oh! That?” Dakota sighed.

“Well, most people think Chaska and Cami are sisters, but they are not. Truth is – Chaska is the only female from her father. She grew up to have older brothers surrounding her. Thus, she badly needed a sister – someone she could play with and confide in.

“She was seven years of age when she met Cami- a Vampire who had lost her family and wondered into the Dark Moon Mountain – which is Chaska’s origin.

“Chaska had found her crying in the woods, and when asked what the problem was, she told her she was lonely and needed some place to stay. At that time, Cami was eight. Chaska took Cami home to her father and pleaded with him to give her some food and clothes. And as time went on, Chaska began to find so much fun with Cami and pleaded with her father to take her in as an adopted child.

“He agreed. And both children grew up as sisters – having a strong bond”. He concluded.

“Wow” Shilah shook her head.

“That’s an interesting story. No wonder Lady Cami seems so different from Queen Chaska. She is so beautiful, calm and polite. I liked her at the banquet”.

“Hm. That’s true. In terms of character, Cami would be picked over Chaska. She is one with a sweet soul”. Dakota confirmed, and Shilah found herself smiling to that.

“But, why does this rule have to exist?” She asked with a shrug.

“I know what the witches did – they had refused signing the agreement. But why do they have to set that rule that prevents them from interacting with the Wolves and Vampires, including falling in love? Do you think the rule us right?”

“Well…. I would say it’s right because I see no reason why we should communicate with those that had refused being a part of us. The only way the rule can be broken would be if the witches would sign the agreement and be under the body of United Governance. But it’s clearly impossible as even their current Queen has so much hatred for the Wolves and Vampires. So, I do not think that is something that would be happening in this lifetime”. He analyzed.

Shilah couldn’t tell why she felt so sad hearing that. Perhaps, it would have been nice having such unity with the witches.

“So …” She went.

“For centuries, since the rule was set, it has never been broken, has it? The witches, Wolves and Vampires has always been minding their businesses in terms of love?”

King Dakota chuckled.

“Actually, it has”.

Shilah gasped immediately and lifted her head to look him in the face.

“Really??? A wolf fell in love with a witch??” She asked, finding it so hard to believe.

“Not a Wolf, but a Vampire” King Dakota corrected.

“Oh! So, what happened to them?” Shilah asked curiously, finding the topic crazily interesting.

And the King continued:

“Well, that was Lord Achlys. Lord Achlys was known to be the most Powerful VampLord of his time – fierce, strong fearless. He was actually Cami’s father”.

“Cami?” Shilah cut in, confused. “Cami’s father was a VampLord?”

“Yes. And a powerful one at that” King Dakota replied.

“His Mistress who was the mother of Cami had died and Lord Achlys was left to bring Cami up by himself. Cami was three years old when Lord Achlys met with the witch and fell in love with her”.

“Who was the witch?” Shilah asked, her eyes beaming. “Her name was Ayita” He replied.

“She was close friend to the Queen of Witches at that time who’s name was Lura.

“Ayita was almost considered a sister to Queen Lura and was her right – hand woman. Lura doesn’t take decisions without Ayita, she doesn’t go anywhere without Ayita. And rumours had it they were both involved in a s*e*xual relationship.

“I do not know the deep story of how Ayita and Lord Achlys had met and fallen in love – secretly. But when the news of Ayita’s pregnancy broke out, it shook the entire place.

“Ayita confirmed Lord Achlys to had been the one responsible, but Lord Achlys denied ever meeting with the witch and strongly claimed the child was not for him. Coupled with the fact that Lord Achlys was a Powerful VampLord, his people were unable to argue with him. Thus, Ayita was left alone to fight for herself.

“She managed to escape from where she had been locked up in the Palace, ran far away and stayed hidden until she had her child. Heard it was a baby girl. But few months later, Queen Lura had discovered her hiding place and resumed hunting her. She eventually caught up with her one night and from what I heard, Ayita had k*il*led Lura”.

“She did?” Shilah flinched, her tone getting weak.

“Yes. She had to, to protect her child. It was rumoured that Ayita was more Powerful than Lura”. Dakota replied.

“Oh, my” Shilah ached.

“So, she escaped?”

“Well… that is something a lot of people do not know till date. Some say Ayita had died while trying to k*il*l Lura, some said the baby had died too. But truth is, Lura’s body was found on the spot, but that of Ayita and her child were never found. The witches discovered a magical map that could help in locating witches outside the Palace. The Map didn’t dictate any living witch outside the Palace. Thus, the Witches believed Ayita and the baby were truly dead. Till date, nothing has been heard about them”.

Shilah felt a sharp sting in her chest when he rounded up the story. She had to gulp down to take it in.

“I feel so sad for her” she winced.

“But why did Lord Achlys have to deny her? Didn’t he love her enough?”

“I don’t know. It’s possible he was not ready to face the consequences of breaking the rule”.

“So….what happened to him? Where is he now?”

“He’s dead” his reply equally shocked Shilah.

“Lord Ryder was his second in command – very close to Lord Achlys. And there were claims that Lord Achlys had been ambushed on a journey and k*il*led. Although, his body was never found. So, Lord Ryder being his second in command, had to take over. That was when Cami left the Palace and wondered into the Dark Moon Mountain. Years later, Lord Ryder came for her and took her as his mistress. And that’s the end of the story”. He concluded.

Lord Ryder – Shilah though disdainfully.

She just couldn’t tell why she felt so much dislike for that man.

“It’s so sad to know all these happened in reality” she mumbled against the King’s chest.

“I feel really bad for Ayita and wish she’s just somewhere… with her child. I wish they survived it. It’s so sad”.

King Dakota scoffed and pulled her by the shoulder.

“I guess tonight was just meant to be a story night, heh?” He teased, making Shilah laugh.

But as she did, she noticed a tear rolling down her cheek.


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