Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 16

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 16

Pishan was on his way to the King’s chambers to inform him the lady had arrived, when he bumped into someone.

“Pishan!” He heard his name and turned to see the genial maid scurrying towards him.

She has some sweets with her.

“Gina”. He called.

That was Queen Chaska’s personal maid. Of course, he knows her.

Gina had a huge smile on her face as she stood in front of him.

“Greetings, Pishan” she bowed.

“Um… I hope I’m not disturbing”.

“What is it, Gina?” Pishan asked with a stern look, not sounding welcoming at all.

“Well…. Nothing serious. Just that…. I’ve been waiting for you to return the whole day. Just Wanted to give these to you.” She proffered the sweets to him.

“I made them myself” she added with a smile.

Pishan stared at the sweets in her hand without touching them. Doesn’t she give up? What other signal does he have to give to her to make her understand he doesn’t like her?

“Thank you, Gina. But I don’t need them” he answered gruffly and continued walking, while Gonna stood there with a broken heart.


Pishan finally arrived at the King’s chambers and the guards didn’t even try to stop him; of course they wouldn’t dare.

Despite the fact he was a gamma, everyone knows he was the King’s right hand man. You offend him, and you’ve offended the King.

King Dakota was on his study table just beside the room. Well, of course, the room was big enough to contain that.

He was writing, but stopped when he noticed Pishan walk in.

“Greetings, My King” Pishan bowed.

“The lady has arrived and is in the room, just like you requested”.

Dakota nods and stood up afterwards.

“I’ll be there shortly. Make sure the Priest is ready”.

“As you wish” Pishan bowed and left.


Shilah had to sit on the floor in the empty room, her back leaned on the wall with her eyes closed.

She felt so tired; and hungry. What was going to be her fate?

She stayed that way for a long time, the last words of the guard replaying in her head:

“The King will be here shortly”.

King Dakota. He’ll be here shortly. She couldn’t believe it; she couldn’t believe she was in the palace of the King; the Almighty King she’s heard about; fierce and ruthless. She’s heard so mix about King Dakota and wouldn’t blame herself for feeling so scared she was meeting with him.

Just then, she heard the door opening and her eyes went open in a flash to see the King’s gamma coming in, with an elderly man and a younger boy.

Shilah stood on her feet immediately. Now, who were they? What was the worst thing that could happen to her already?

The elderly man had some marks over his face and kept his eyes pinned on Shilah as he walked in with a rod.

“She’s the one?” He asked and the King’s gamma nodded.

Something in Shilah’s head whispered to her he was a priest. And the younger boy beside him, they had some kind of facial similarities.

The man walked into the room fully and placed his bag on the floor. And just then, the door opened again, and this time around, it was the King.

Shilah felt double of the fear and anxiety she had been feeling a while ago as soon as her eyes came in contact with the hard face of the King. He’d arrived! He was there already!

Hold on…. What was going on???

King Dakota looked at the priest first, before looking up at Shilah who was looking like a scared chick. Well, he wasn’t there to waste much time.

“Greetings, My King” the younger boy greeted with a bow immediately.

“Is everything set?” Dakota asked, referring to the Priest who stood up and looked at him.

“It is, My King. But I’m still wondering …are you sure you don’t want to do this the normal way? I mean… I wouldn’t really call this a proper marriage ceremony”. He grouse, and Dakota huffed as he walked towards Shilah.

Her breath wavered. Why was he coming towards her? Why doesn’t he just stick to the priest who was talking to him?

“I don’t need a proper ceremony, Mato. She doesn’t deserve it”.

He got to where Shilah was and stood very close to her, his breath could nearly touch her.

And he could see the tears and fear that glistened in her eyes as he stared directly into them.

“All I want to mark her Mine”. He added, not breaking the eye contact with Shilah.

Shilah was so terrified as she stared into those pretty, yet cold blue eyes. Her body had gotten frozen and still.

He looked so handsome, yet deadly. Memories of how he’d slashed Vanessa’s arm with his sword came replaying in her head.

And she wondered; How can a man be so cruel? What made him this way? What will he do to her?

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