Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 164

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 164 A Wolf and A Witch

Queen Chaska was in her room, having her nails trimmed by Gina while her daughters played beside her on the bed.

She looked so calm, but a wise person like Gina could tell she was going through a lot.

“Are you okay with this length, My Queen?” Gina asked, referring to the nails.

But before Chaska could give a reply, a knock on the door interrupted them.

Quickly, Gina stood up to check it out, and her heart skipped when she discovered it was the King.

“G… Greetings, My King” She bowed immediately, her words getting to Chaska who was muddled and quickly stood on her feet as well.

The King??

She stretched her eyes to the door and discovered it was truly the King. What??? What was King Dakota doing at her doorstep??

She panicked for no reason, watching him dressed in that favorite regalia she’s always loved. She couldn’t recall the last time the King had come to her own room on his own accord. Did she do something wrong??

King Dakota – looking calm like he could mostly be – sauntered into the room with his gaze fixed on the children who had stopped playing the moment they saw him.

“Greetings to you, My King” Chaska tried to get a grip of herself – though it wasn’t.

She hadn’t done anything bad, had she? Gina and her were not discussing or plotting anything terrible. So, she prolly had no reason to be afraid.

“How’re you doing, Chaska?” King Dakota finally said a word, and with how he softly he spoke, it gave Chaska some a*s*surance that he wasn’t mad at her.

“I… I am doing just fine, My King” she genuflected.

King Dakota’s eyes were still focused on his daughters and could notice how confused they were about greeting him or not. It was so obvious they were surprised about seeing him there as well.

Taking a deep breath, he walked towards them and dropped to a crouch when he got close enough.

“Greetings, father” Urika went first, her voice sounding so sweet and soothing to Dakota’s ears.

“Greetings to you, father” Mavy followed. Their innocence made Dakota chuckle.

“”How have you been, my dearest?” He touched their hairs while staring into their faces so affectionately.

He was trying so hard to make it look real as it wasn’t something he was used to.

“We… We’ve been fine, father” Mavy replied.

“And we feel much better seeing you here”. Urika added.

It cracked Dakota’s heart up.

Queen Chaska and Gina were watching speechlessly from behind, having no idea what the King was up to.

“You know” He continued. “Recently, I’ve gotten to realize just how much of a bad father I’ve been to my daughters. And, from now on, I’ve decided to bring a change. Do you both want that?”

Urika and Mavy glanced at each other with both surprise and excitement.

“Yes, Father. Yes! We’d very much want that” Urika bobbed repeatedly, a huge smile building up on her face.

It made Dakota feel so happy – despite the fact his happiness could barely show up on his face.

“How about we go for a walk today? Right now?” He asked and watched Mavy jump up in excitement.

“Thank you, father!” Urika hugged him tight.

And afterwards, he stood up, holding both hands.

He turned towards the door to find a bemused Chaska, staring curiously at him. Well, he wasn’t used to explanations.

So, saying nothing to her, he walked out with the girls, heading for Dyani’s room.


Sukie’s heart flew out of her chest the moment she spotted him – standing right there behind a corner – dressed like a peasant.

Oh! Dear Spirits! He really did come! He honored her letter! But what was she going to do with Remata and the Queen beside her?

Oh! Goodness. Was she meant to ignore him and let him go? But that would be unfair! He traveled for days just to honor her invite and she wanted to leave him stranded?? That would be totally unfair.

She looked at the Queen and discovered how deeply she was into the fight. Then, looked at Remata and discovered the same thing. Perhaps….she could go away without being noticed?? But there was no way she could leave the queen’s side without being noticed. So,she needed to clear that first.

“Supreme Sister” she leaned forward and whispered into her ears. “I’m so pressed. I’ll be back in a minute time”.

“Oh. I think I should accompany you…” Kylie suggested.

“No, no, no. Please” Sukie shook her head. “There is no need for that, My Queen. Do not worry, I will be fine my own. You should enjoy the fight”.

And when Kylie gave her approval, Sukie left.

She walked as fast as she could, keeping her eyes on the direction Pishan was taking. Her mind was so not ease as getting caught would definitely guarantee her death.

Few more seconds, and she finally got to the corner where he was and stopped.

“Pishan!” She called in relief when she saw him. The place was quiet and lacked people – just like Sukie would’ve wanted.

“Sukie” Pishan reciprocated and went closer to her.

For a second, the two were confused – not knowing if they were to hug or do something else. And in the end, Pishan just ended up holding her hands.


Remata had been too carried away by the fight that she didn’t notice Sukie’s absence. But she finally did when she looked at the Queen’s direction and found her standing alone. What? Where was Sukie – she thought?

She looked around and spotted her walking elsewhere, going far away from the square. Remata couldn’t comprehend it. Where in the name of the Spirits was Sukie headed? Looking so suspicious?

Quickly, she picked up her trail and went after her. Sukie had already diverted through a corner and Remata was hoping she would still be able to pick up her tray when she gets there. She walked as fast as she could, her heart aching her that Sukie was out of sight.

Soon enough, she finally got to the corner and found Sukie standing right there in the quiet place….alone.

Sukie was backing her at first, but quickly turned to look at her when she felt her presence. And anger was the first reaction that glinted in her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” She snapped, wearing a muddled look.

“I should be asking you that” Remata scoffed as she looked around. “What are you doing here alone?”

“And how should that be any of your concern, Remata?” She snitted. “Or has a ban bren placed on me not to move around at will?”

Sukie scoured her eyes around – for some reasons, not feeling satisfied with Sukie’s replies.

“Of course, no ban has been placed on you, Sukie” she looked at her.

At least, not yet. Anyway, I was only concerned when I didn’t see you beside the Supreme Sister and wanted to be sure you are safe. We should get going now” she rounded up with a sarcastic smile and left.

And Sukie, taking a deep breath, followed behind.




At the balcony of the third floor, Queen Dyani and Shilah stood next to each other, bright smiles on their faces as they watched the beautiful sight in front of them. King Dakota could be seen, walking back through the Palace gates with his daughters and the sight was just so beautiful enough to draw tears from Dyani’s eyes.

She had been in her chambers when the King arrived and requested to see her little Cara. She had to quickly get her from her room and was surprised when the King hugged her child and told her they were going for a walk. It was so surprising for Dyani as that was the first time the King was paying attention to their child.

She had been there at the balcony with Shilah, watching the King return to the Palace with the girls. They had new set of jewelries on, held some gifts with them and the happiness on their faces couldn’t be hidden.

“Oh! Shilah, I do not know how to thank you enough” she shook her head ruefully. “What I never thought was possible, you made it possible, Shilah”

She paused to wipe the tear that rolled down her cheek.

Shilah had began staring at her – pathetically too.

“I… I knew the King had gotten married to me only for a male child” she continued.

“And when I gave birth to Cara, I was so scared she was going to grow up without the love of a father. I was so scared she’d be neglected like the others since she didn’t come as a boy child. I knew how important family was to the growth of a child, and I didn’t want my daughter to suffer the opposite of it, Shilah. I had lost all hope, but you – you made it possible”.

“Come on, Dyani. That’s enough” Shilah tried touching her shoulder.

“No, it is not enough” More tears streaked her cheeks – tears she didn’t bother wiping away this time around.

“I… I don’t think you understand how I feel right now. You’ve just made one of my biggest dreams come to reality…

“Most times, Cara would hold my hands and ask me why her father doesn’t love her. She’d ask me if she did something bad to him, and I wouldn’t know what to say” she paused to sniff.

“I know the King does not love me. As a matter of fact, it is impossible for a man to love three women equally – not even two. Although… I do love him. I mean, everyone does. Everyone honours and admires him, his strength, power, responsibilities. So, it’s only normal for me to feel same.

“When he had come to marry me, I know what I was signing up for. I knew I was getting married to a man who only wanted a male child and might end up never loving me. I knew what I was getting into, Shilah. So, I am completely fine with the fact that he might just never love me. But, I’m okay. I live in a Palace, have everyone respect me as a Queen, I wear expensive dresses and eat what I want. And best of it all, my daughter is now being loved by her father. What more could I ask for, Shilah?”

She whimpered and pulled Shilah into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much, Shilah. You were indeed sent by the goddess to cure a lot of things”.

Shilah’s heart had completely melted as she managed to pat her on the back. She didn’t even know what else to say – it had gotten her so emotional.

“I’m glad I’m being of help, Dyani” she smiled ruefully.

“And I’ll keep praying to the Spirits to grant me more strength to be of greater height”.

Dyani chuckled and withdrew from the hug.

“I need to go get Cara. I’ll see you later” she beamed and scurried off, while Shilah only watched with glistening eyes.


Sukie and the Supreme Sister both had a lot of fun round the village and returned to their apartment later in the evening when Kylie was tired.

They went into their room and after ordering a meal, Kylie had gone into the bathroom for a bath, leaving Sukie alone in the bedroom.

Sukie sat quietly on the bed – reminiscing on her time with Pishan. Oh! She was so lucky she had been smart enough to avoid Remata’s senselessness. Else, what would she have done?

She took in a deep relieving breath, recalling how she had gotten rid of him just before Remata arrived. When she had gotten to where he was, she felt so insecured and needed to tell him to hurry. She could clearly remember their conversation:

“Pishan, I am so glad you honored my invitation and came. But unfortunately, I am afraid we do not have much time. One of my sisters has been monitoring me closely and I wouldn’t want to take any chances. Standing here is dangerous for us, Pishan. I do hope you understand” her face had looked worried as she spoke to him.

“Uh… I understand. So, where do we meet?” He had asked.

“I really do not know. Where are you staying?”

“At a two storey lodge around the Village harbor. I stay in the eight room. Can you come over later in the day?”

Sukie had bitten her lower lip in thought.

“I do not know for sure, Pishan, the Supreme Sister always wants me around her. But….I will try to create a perfect opportunity to sneak out. I can only try”.

“Okay then. I will be waiting. I should go now”.

Sukie had nodded and afterwards, watched him scurry off. And it didn’t take long before Remata had arrived.


She placed her hand on her chest and thanked the Spirits for saving her from Remata’s eyes. That lady.. She really needed to look for a way to permanently get her out of her path. And as for Pishan, how was she going to see him?

Cannily, she found her heart beaming at the thought of his name.

Goodness! What was wrong with her?? Why would she blush at mere thinking of him?

She really couldn’t tell what her problem was – same way she couldn’t tell why she had ended up sending him that letter in the first place. What was wrong with her?? Pishan was a wolf and she was a witch. How did she even get into this in the first place?

The presence of Kylie returning from the bathroom snapped her out of thoughts as she didn’t want to look suspicious. But Kylie was too smart to notice that already.

“What are you thinking about, Sukie? Is there a problem?” The Supreme Sister asked as she dripped in her short towel. Not everyone gets to see the Queen that way.

“Not at all, Supreme Sister” Sukie bowed.

“I was just reminiscing on the time we spent together”. It made Kylie feel at ease.

“Hm. You enjoyed it, didn’t you?” She cooed as she went closer to her, touching her hair.

“Of course, I did. And I equally want to thank you, Supreme Sister, for making me have such a wonderful experience. I’m forever grateful” Sukie smiled.

She could see the happiness in her Queen’s eyes.

“You are always welcome, Sukie” Kylie beamed and afterwards, kissed her. Then, she turned away to her closet.

“Uhm… Supreme Sister” Sukie stuttered a little as she stood up.

“Will you… permit me to go out to the market and get something?”

Kylie, who had turned to look at her, had a surprised look on.

“And what would that be?” She asked.

“Uhm… It’s actually meant to be a surprise, Supreme Sister. Please, I’d appreciate it if you don’t try to ruin my efforts. I really want it to be a surprise”.

Kylie stated insatiably at her – the thought of a surprise lingering in her head.

“Okay, then” she chuckled.

“You can do as you wish. I can’t wait to see your surprise”. Sukie’s heart gleamed. Oh! Thank the Spirits, she had finally gotten the perfect excuse.

“Thank you so much, Supreme Sister. I am grateful” she genuflected. And turning around, she left.

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