Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 195

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 195 The New Witch




Chaska had tears in her eyes as she ma*s*saged her daughter’s head with the w*et towel. It pained her a lot, seeing her daughter in that condition. It pained her a lot to know the only daughter she had left had turned into an imbecile.

Sniffling, she dipped the towel into the bowl of cold water, squeezed it out and placed it back on the sleeping girl’s head.

“For how long will this continue, Gina?” She whimpered. “For how long do I need to take care of my child? Mato told me she’d be fine, but she’s not getting any better. I can’t believe my beautiful Urika is now an unconscious imbecile”.

Gina, sitting behind her, felton so pained and terrible.

“I’m truly sorry, My Queen. But I still believe she’ll be fine” She answered hopefully.

“But why would she even become an imbecile in the first place?” Chaska looked at her and asked – tearfully. Five days ago, she was a normal child, playing with her sister. But today, here sister is dead and here she is with a broken spine. Why does this really have to happen to me, Gina? I wouldn’t know what to don’t if I lose Urika as well” She sobbed and placed her head on the edge of the bed.

For a while, silence descended.

“My… My Queen,” Gina stuttered. “What if … this is Queen Shilah’s curse taking effect on you?”

Chaska lifted her head to look at her.

“Two days ago, you told me she had laid a curse on the people that caused her pain, right?”

“Then, I curse her too!” Chaska whimper. “I curse her for doing this to my poor daughters!” She bent her head and bursted into more tears.

“My Queen, for the sake of your daughter’s life, why don’t you just confess and ask her for forgiveness?”

“Have you gone mad, Gina?” She turned to her and snapped. “You want me to confess?? Confessing is as good as asking for my death, Gina. Do…do you really think the King would let me live? With the way he has become, I am so sure he’d roast me alive” She sniffed and wiped her tears – but more came rushing down.

“I’ll just find a way to fix this myself. I’ll do something”.


Dyani was relived Shilah was going to see the King. The gloominess on the Palace had been too much heavy lately and indeed, someone needed to set a standard. Perhaps, Shilah would be able to bring some cheerfulness to the King’s heart and make him change – like she’s done before.

She accompanied Shilah – wanting to makes sure she was okay and stopped at the King’s door.

“I’ll be in my chambers when you’re done and you need me” Dyani stated warmly.

“Alright” Shilah muttered and watched her leave. With that, she turned to the guards by the door. “I need to see the King”.

The two guards glanced at each other, having that perplexed look on.

“I’m sorry, Queen Shilah, but the King specifically asked not to be disturbed by anyone – no matter who it was” The one on the right replied, his eyes unable to look at her.

“And where were you when our son was stolen?” Shilah asked, her tone and words so calm. She sounded really frail and sick.

The question struck the guards and made them stare pathetically at her. With a sigh, they lowered their eyes again.

“We’re really sorry, Queen Shilah. We’ve always been at this door and it’s quite unfortunate the very day we were most needed, we couldn’t be available. We had no idea you were actually in labour and moreover, the full moon had taken effect on us already. We deeply apologize, Queen Shilah and plead your forgiveness” The same guard replied with a culpable expression.

“Just open the door, please” Shilah jaded. “I really need to see the King, I haven’t seen him in five days”.

“We would really love to, Queen, but the King…”

“Do not worry about the King, I’ll make sure you don’t get punished. I promise”.

Her last words…it gave them some sort of a*s*surance. Though, they’d be disobeying the Alpha King’s order, but they’ve known how important Shilah was to him, and besides, they were both in need of some comfort.

So, acceding with his colleague, the guard opened the door and awaited her to go in.


Walking into the scuffy chambers, Shilah was welcomed by the foul smell of beer and fumes coming from a burning incense.

She covered her nose and coughed at the harsh, intolerable smell from the burning incense. What in the name of the Spirits???

The room was a mess and almost looked like a dungeon – scattered bed, rucked up clothes, books, scripts, fallen table, fallen cups on the floors, spilled candle wax and three jars of beer. Really?

She scoffed as she looked around, finding it so hard to believe it was the King’s room. The King’s room that had always been her favorite was now looking like a cell?? How possible?? She could hardly breathe in it.

Still standing at one point, she wondered where he was. Wasn’t he in the room? If he had left, surely, the guards would had known and informed her.

Taking a deep breath, she dragged her legs forward, trying not to step on any of the spilled items. Her head was banging as she did, how did the King survive in such room?

She got to the window and opened the curtains to let in some air and light, and next, her eyes found the burning incense on the table.

A tear slipped her eye as she touched it. Goodness, the King had been inhaling that? He had been smoking? How did it get this terrible? The King had been suffering in silence the whole time with no help…

The smell was too harsh on her, she had to cough and step away.

“What are you doing here, Shilah?” She suddenly heard his familiar voice ask and swiftly turned to see him at the doorway of the inner room.

Her heart skipped for a second, the King’s appearance looking a bit fearful. His eyes looked red and heavy and his face… It looked just like the cold-hearted man that had f0rcefully married her ten months ago. How did things get this bad?

“I thought I told the guards I wanted to be alone? Shouldn’t you be in your room?” He added, still standing at the doorway.

It took Shilah some time to get a grip of her words.

“Why are you doing this to yourself?” She whimpered. “Why have you chosen to make yourself so unrecognizable?”

“You should leave, Shilah. Please, I really want to be left alone” he moved away from the doorway as he mumbled.

“Why? So, you can go back to inhaling your incense and drinking as much beers as you want? I can’t even believe you’re smoking”.

“Well, you have to believe it, Shilah, ’cause it is obvious.”

“But is it necessary?” She paused and sniffed. “I understand what you’re passing through, King Dakota, I know that child means a lot to you, but I need us to stop this whole drama and just go back to normal. I need us to stop blaming every single person and just channel all our energy into looking for our son” she paused to sniff again. “Just like Ahiga, I heard you passed a judgement on her and declared she’d be locked up for as long as the Prince is missing. Please, My King, Ahiga is not responsible for what happened. You need to let her go .. “

“Forget it, Shilah. That woman is staying there for as long as possible” Dakota mumbled as he reached to pour himself a drink.

“But, that is not fair! She doesn’t have a hand in what happened, My King! She shouldn’t be punished for…”

“AND WHAT EXACTLY IS FAIR, SHILAH?” The King roared, the anger in his voice and eyes made Shilah shiver a little. “Is it fair that I had to lose my only son even without knowing what he looked like? Is it fair that I may die someday and the legacy my forefathers had carried for centuries would die along with me?? IS IT DAMN FAIR?”

He turned and swigged down the entire drink in his cup.

“Everyone is at fault” He bem*oa*ned. “It’s actually not my fault that I am cursed and lost control at the full moon, but you – you never should’ve left that child, Shilah. You just put to bed and left the baby right after? Who does that?”

Shilah gasped at his words. “I went to save you, King Dakota. I went to look for you!” She took a step forward with a flame of choler on her brows, already picking offense at his words.

“Well, maybe, you never should’ve bothered to come look for me!” He looked at her and flared. “Maybe, you should’ve just stayed back and our son would still be alive”.

“So, now it’s my fault?” Shilah scoffed angrily. “It’s my fault that I came to save you as always??”

“The point here is not saving me, the point here is saving our son! You should’ve stayed here, Shilah. You had just become a mother”.

“Well, how was I supposed to know? I asked the Spirits to protect him and I thought they would!”

“Really? So, you bait my son’s life on the Spirits? I respect your decision of believing and worshipping the Spirits, Shilah, but my son is a Wolf Prince and belongs to the moon! You never should’ve gambled his life that way! Now, even the Spirits betrayed you!”

“The Spirits can never betray!” Her eyes glistened with tears. “They always have a reason for everything…”

“And what is their reason for this?? Tell them to bring back my son!!!” Anger glinted in his eyes and Shilah bursted into tears. “I am losing my sanity, Shilah, and the only way this can be solved is by getting back my son”.

“This isn’t you” Staring directly at his eyes, Shilah shook his head. “No amount of pain should make you this way, King Dakota. No amount of pain should make you say these words to me.” She sniffed and without saying anything else, turned and scurried out of the room.


She wept on her way back to her chambers and continued weeping until she got in. Her heart was shattered, the man she loved was tearing apart.

Getting into her room, she didn’t throw herself on the floor and begin bawling like she would’ve done – no, she was done being pathetic. Instead, she started packing up her clothes.

Although, her pained soul wouldn’t stop her eyes from bringing out tears, but in her heart, she was done being weak and pathetic. She was done just sitting and crying the whole day while her son remained missing.

Maybe the King was right. What kind of a mother leaves her son just a few minutes after delivery? And what kind of a mother stays home and cries, doing nothing? She needed to get the King back – the man she fell in love with. She needed to fix her family. The Spirits had never failed her, they must have protected her son. So, she needed to go find him. Even if he was dead, then, she needed to see his corpse, at least.

Using a single bag to put in her most important belongings – a few clothes, a duvet, waterskin and some coins – she was set to leave. But first, she settled down and wrote a letter, addressing it to the King. She noted how pained and disappointed she was in everything and how she could no longer live with herself. She made it clear she was going in search of their son and would never return without him. She also made it clear she was doing all that to save him, and save the family.

Ending the note with her name, she left it on the table and stood up. She picked up her bag and wept thoroughly as she looked at the room – at the bed where she had made love with the King. She missed those good days and needed them back. She needed her family back. Enough of her tears, enough of her weaknesses. It was high time she started acting more of a Queen and a mother.

Hanging up to the determination, she wiped her tears and left the room.


The guards at the stables murmured amongst themselves as they watched the Queen untie one of the horses.

“My… My Queen, are you going out? Don’t you need some company?” One of them decided to ask, confused with the bag Shilah was holding. But Shilah said nothing to them as she tied her bag to the horse and climbed on.

Pulling the reins, she began riding out of the Palace. And as she did, she f0rced herself not to shed anymore tears. As she did, she gave herself a reason to find her son quickly and return to the beautiful palace.

Riding out the gate, a strange vibration sparked through her – she felt it running through her veins from her head to her feet. She grunted and increased her pace.




Sister Remata was the one in charge of watching the map room for the day. Bored, she had been reading a book which had been pricking her interest real tired. Although, she was already tired of sitting and needed to rest her back. But unfortunately, there was no such place in the map room as Kylie didn’t want anyone sleeping at the most important time.

Trying to keep her eyes open, Remata suddenly felt a difference on the map from the corner of her left eye. And turning swiftly, she gasped as she found the tiny red light on it.

The book fell off her hands as she sprang on her feet. What??? There was a light on it!! The new witch had been discovered!!

Her breath got suspended in mid-air as she stared repeatedly at it, trying to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

Quickly, she ran out of the room.


“Supreme Sister! Supreme Sister! I’ve found the light!” She called unrestrainedly as she ran into the throne room where Kylie was having a meeting with some of the sisters.

All eyes turned on Remata who looked like one being chased by the enemies.

“Remata?” Kylie arched her brows. “What are you saying?”

“The map, Supreme Sister!” Remata panted heavily. “It has located the new witch!”

Everyone gasped, including Kylie who’s eyes widened in shock. Swiftly, she ran ahead of everyone to the map room.

With Sukie, Remata, and few of the Sisters behind her, Kylie stormed into the mao room and her eyes dilated when they found the red light on the map.

“It is true!” She exclaimed, breathing heavily. “The new witch has been located! She has been found!”

She went closer and touched the big map on the wall, the words of the seer seven months ago flashing into her head:

*A short time from now, the map would locate a new witch. And that witch, is the one you’re looking for*.

Oh! Dear Spirits, she has found her – the Daughter of the Fallen witch!

“The location of the light” Sukie pointed out, her heart beating heavily. “That is the Wind Walker Mountain”.

Kylie furrowed her brows in concentration as she also studied it.

“It’s true” Sister Elphaba concurred. “This means…the Witch is in the Wind Walker Mountain”.

“A witch in the Wolves Mountain? What’s she doing there?” Remata scoffed.

Kylie’s eyes darkened as she stared at it.

“Sukie!” She called fiercely. “Get the horses and ten of our sisters ready. We’re going after the new witch”.

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