Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 199

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 199 Shilah And The Witches



“You heard me right, dear” The woman spoke to Shilah’s muddled face as she moved closer. “I am the one you’re looking for”.

“What are you talking about? I know the reason I am out here and it’s definitely not to look for an old woman” Shilah glowered suspiciously at her and tried walking away. She was grateful the people at the market weren’t noticing them.

“I know you’re looking for your son” The woman’s words halted her. “But trust me, dear, what you came out to look for is different from what the Spirits sent you out to look for”.

The swiftness at which Shilah had turned to look at the woman was second to none. Her eyes dimmed and gushed with curiosity.

“What do you know about my son? Do you know where he is?” She asked huskily, retreating her steps back to the woman.

“I… I could help you find him – if you come home with me” the woman shrugged.

“I do not have time for games. If you know where he is, please, just tell me already. I beg you”.

“I believe I can help, dear. Just come with me”.

Shilah paused and gave her a head – to – toe stare. “And you expect me to trust you? For all I know, you might actually be lying”.

“Yes – I expect you to trust me because the Spirits has revealed everything to me – like the fact that you’re married to the Alpha King and lost his only son on the night he was delivered which was on the night of the full moon. I also know the King blames you for the loss of his son and that’s the reason you’re out here. And I also know you burnt a man to death just a while ago”. The last part made Shilah gasp. She looked around to be sure no one was listening.

“Stop saying that” she whispered huskily. “Please”.

“Oh! Dear, I mean no harm to you. Moreover, you look hungry. So, why don’t you just come home with me and scoop some soup?”




Chaska knocked desperately on the door, but got no reply. She didn’t give up and continued knocking repeatedly, thinking he was snobbing her.

“Damn it, Raksha! Open the door” she gritted, but there was no reply still. And not wanting more people to p@ssby and find her there, she decided to leave. She was about walking away when turning around, she found Raksha approaching her. Oh…So, he wasn’t in the room afterall?

She stepped away from the door and swallowed hard, beginning to feel nervous already. The look on his face…he seemed like he wasn’t in a good mood.

He kept his brows creased and eyes fixed on her as he walked up to where she was which was in front of the door. The duo exchanged glances at each other and without uttering a word, he opened the door and walked in. Chaska sighed and followed.

“I’ve been knocking for a while, Raksha. I had no idea you weren’t in” She grouse, but he said nothing nor look at her as he walked over to the table and began pouring himself some wine.

“Okay, I don’t know if I’ve become invisible or you’re just ignoring me, but we need to talk, Raksha”.

“Say what you have to say and her out of my room, woman” He grunted laconically and took a swig from his cup.

*Woman?* Chaska scoffed. How much she’s lost her respect.

She took in a deep breath and decided to ignore it. “The boy… Shilah’s son – where did you say you say kept him?”

Raksha snorted as he turned to look at her. “Really? After all that’s happening, you’re still concerned about that little boy?”

“Just answer the question, Raksha. Y…you told me you didn’t k*il*l him. Where is he?” Raksha shook his head and drank directly from his bottle.

“You’re unbelievable” He muttered. “Why are you even asking, huh? You want to go find him and finish the work? You want to k*il*l him?”

“You’re wrong, Raksha! That isn’t the reason I’m asking!” She yelled and exhaled deeply in the end, pinning her gaze on the floor. Raksha looked at her, discerning the desperation on her face. “I’m asking because I need to find him – not because I want to k*il*l him, but because I want to hand him back to his mother”.

Raksha’s eyes dimmed. For some seconds, be only stared silently at her. “What are you talking about, Chaska?”

“This whole thing…” She lifted her gaze from the floor to look at him. “…was a mistake. It…it was all a mistake, we never should’ve taken that boy away”.

Slowly, Raksha dropped his bottle on the table and moved closer to her. “You better start talking to me, Chaska. What is going on?”

“N… Nothing. I just… feel bad for Shilah and the…”

“ONE MORE LIE FROM YOU AND I SWEAR, I’LL STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH!” Raksha yelled, making her shudder with fear. She couldn’t even look him in the face anymore.

“Shilah cursed me!” She cried out. “The day the baby went missing, she cursed everyone that caused her pain and that very day, I lost my little girl.” She paused and whimpered. “Right now, Urika has a broken spine and has been crying of pains. I’m… I’m afraid I might lose her too. So please, Raksha, if you know anything about the baby, just let me know”

That moment, reality dawned on Raksha. It was almost like a bucket of cold water had been poured on him as he felt himself freezing.

*She cursed everyone that caused her pain*, those words rang in his head. His eyes drooped as he turned away and held onto the table for support.

Shilah cursed them? That was the reason Chaska’s daughter died? And that was the reason her first daughter was currently sick?

His heart skipped at the thought of the predicament he’s been facing since that same day – his inability to erect. Could it be possible?

“Raksha, please say something” Chaska sniffed, but got no reply.

“Raksha?” She went ahead to touch him, but was answered with a hard slap on her cheek.

“GET AWAY FROM ME, YOU WITCH!” He snarled as she staggered backwards, her hand on her slapped cheek. Her eyes dilated in shock and furthermore, he moved closer and grabbed her neck.

“You did this to me!” He yelled into her face. “You hear me? You did this to me!!!”

Chaska could say nothing as she ch*oked and struggled to free his grasp from her neck which was impossible.

His eyes tore up as he gripped her tight and breaking down, he pushed her roughly to the floor

“I hate you! I hate the day my brother got married to you! I hate the day I ever set my eyes on you! Do you have any idea what you’ve done to me?! Do you?!” He growled, ignoring how she coughed on the floor.

Angrily, he dragged her up and pushed her out of the room.


Dyani was trying to get her daughter to eat when a knock came on the door. Stroking her hair, she stood up afterwards to check it, and opening the door, she discovered it was a maid.

“Greetings, Queen Dyani” the lady bowed courteously.

“Greetings to you too, Sara. Is there a problem?” She answered tiredly. She’s had more thanks enough problems already.

“Not really, My Queen. There’s just someone here to see you. He’s waiting in the garden”.

*Someone?* Dyani thought. “What’s his name?”

“He wouldn’t say. But he a*s*sured me he was a friend”.

Dyani glanced back at her daughter in the room. “Uhm…Cara, I’ll be right back, okay? Just wait here”. She cooed and when the little girl bobbed her head, she left with the maid.


She kept wondering who the unexpected visitor would be as she walked all the way to the garden. She was going through a lot already and wasn’t ready to face any more problems.

The maid led the way and finally, they got to the Palace Garden which was at a calmer place.

“There he is” the maid pointed out, and scouring her eyes round the big space, Dyani gasped when she saw who it was.




Shilah looked at the roof, narrowed her eyes to the walls and down to the floor as she walked into the spacious room. For a woman as old as she was, the house was actually looking better than she had expected. Well, it wasn’t like she looked too old, but her walking stick made it so.

“Please dear, take a seat” The woman spoke calmly as she walked in behind Shilah who was still running her eyes around the house.

Finally, she took a seat at the dining spot, feeling a little relaxed. She had to admit – the woman’s home was quite beautiful – especially the various flowers on the table that added more colors to it.

“I’ll get the soup now” She cooed and left, going through a different door in the room.

It didn’t take long for the woman to return, bringing along the soup and placing it in front of Shilah.

“I’ll go get water” She left again and briefly, returned with the water.

Staring at the steaming soup, Shilah agreed it was appetizing. But, how was she to trust her?

“For two years, the Spirits kept showing you to me” The woman said as she took a seat facing Shilah. “In my dreams. They kept telling me you were important and would be here soon. And… they kept telling me I am meant to groom you into becoming what you’re meant to be” She paused when she noticed Shilah was simply staring at her, but wasn’t eating.

With a smile, she took the spoon and scooped three from it. “Can you trust me now?”

Shilah furrowed her brows, and after a little hesitant, took the spoon and began eating. Hm. She had been so sick, she had nearly forgotten what a good meal tasted like.

For the next few minutes, there was silence as the woman watched Shilah eat.

“You live here alone?” She finally asked, wiping off a stain with the back of her palm.

“Not really. I stay with my daughter” The woman smiled. Shilah was tempted to ask more about her daughter but ignored it. That wasn’t the reason she was there.

She gulped down some water and continued eating.

Silence stretched in the room until finally, she was done eating.

“Thank you” she muttered as she drank more water and wiped her lips.

“You’re always welcome, dear. You sure you don’t need more?” The woman replied but Shilah shook her head negatively.

“I sincerely appreciate the hospitality, ma’am. To be honest, I really needed it. And with that done, I’ll need us to go straight to business. What do you know about my son? How can I find him?”

The woman smiled and rested her stick on the table. “I do not know where exactly your son is, dear, but I strongly believe if you do what needs to be done, you’ll find him”.

Shilah chuckled and touched her hair. “At the market,”She pointed at the door. “You told me you could help me find my son, and that’s the reason I came down here with you”.

“Listen to me dear” The woman held her hand on the table. “My name is Bastet, and I’m sure I do not need to tell you I’m a seer. The Spirits reveal things to me, They had revealed you’d be at the market today and that’s the reason you found me there. For two years, they’ve been showing you in my dreams, telling me of how special you are and the things you’re meant to achieve”.

“What special are you talking about? Special in what way?”

“Your powers, dear – the powers you possess.”

Shilah scoffed and withdrew her hand from the woman’s. “What powers? Are you trying to trick me?”

“Trick you?” The woman crinkled her cheek. “Were you tricked into bringing out fire from your palms that burnt that man to death?”

Shilah’s lids fluttered nervously as she stared down at the table.

“I… I don’t know what happened back there. He ..he tried to r*a*p*e me” she stuttered, the thought of it hurting her. Despite how mean they had been to her, she never wanted them dead.

“Don’t lie to yourself, dear – that wasn’t the first time you produced fire from your palm. Remember the day you burnt your curtain?” The woman asked and Shilah lifted her gaze to her.

“If you can see this much, why don’t you just tell me where to find my son?!” She slammed the table, but the woman didn’t even bat an eye.

“Everything happened for a reason, Shilah – your son going missing. It happened because the Spirits wanted you to be here to fulfill destiny. You need to learn how to control and cultivate the rest of your powers so you can…”

“I do not have any powers! Stop making me look crazy”.

“Accept it, girl! You’re an hybrid – A witch and a Vampire”.

Those words hit Shilah so hard, she couldn’t breathe for the next ten seconds. When she finally caught her breath, she dipped her fingers into her hair and stood up.

“It’s obvious this was all a mistake. I never should’ve come here with you because you’re nothing but a distraction!” She angrily started towards the door.

“You can get all the answers you need – everything you need to know about your birth, your origin, your family…”

“My family?” Shilah whipped around to face her with a scoff. “Did you say family? Just so you know, the only family I have right now is the one I have with the King but our missing son is trying to rip it apart! That’s the reason I’m out here because I’m determined to do whatever I can to find him and take him home! That’s the only family I have! That’s the family I want! So, I’m sorry, but you can tell your Spirits I’m only interested in finding my son for now”.

She turned to the door again and opened it.

“Your whole life, you’ve been treated like a slave” The woman’s words halted her. “Even the Alpha King had married you for punishment. And now you’re only acting arrogant and angry because you feel you’ve been good to others but always get paid with evil. This is not the right path, dear child. You’re something powerful, the future helper and I’m telling you – this is the right place you need to train for that”. Shilah kept backing her, her hand on the door and taking it she was calm, the woman went closer to her.

“I know you don’t want to accept the truth, but you’ve never belonged to the Mountain Lions, child. You have the blood of a Vampire and a Witch running through your veins. If only you’d consent, you can see everything for yourself – know the entire truth and train to be the leader that you’re meant to be” she took more steps closer and placed her hand on her shoulder.

“Please dear, listen to me. Let me fulfill what the Spirits has always wanted me to. Let me bring out the greatness in you – the one who would bring an end to the war that is just about to begin”.

Shilah was close to tears, but she wouldn’t let it spill. Gently, she turned to the woman.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you. And I need to find my son”. she sniffed and finally, walked away.


Shilah had so much going through her head as she walked down the lonely path. That moment, she felt scared and confused.

The woman’s words… she wouldn’t deny she had left her house out of fear – not because she was doubting her. She had left because she had been so scared of the things she said.

How could she possibly call her an hybrid? How possible that someone as weak as she was, was a Vampire and a Witch? That was the funniest thing anyone had ever said about her.

It could never be possible. For all she knew the woman was sent by her enemies to stall and prevent her from finding the Prince. That should be the only explanation.

She ruffled her hair and continued walking, not even knowing where else to go, not knowing where next to look. Perhaps, she could go get her horse first before proceeding.

She was tired, frustrated and getting sick and her bre@sts were hurting as well. She needed her son, she needed her normal life. Why was everything being so difficult for her?

She looked up to the sky and sniffed, and just then ,was alarmed by the several clatters of horses’ hooves. Quickly, she lowered her gaze from the sky and looking in front of her, was bewildered at the sight she saw – different ladies dressed in red cloaks, riding towards her.

Her legs froze as she stared muddledly at them. If she wasn’t mistaken – those were witches! Sisters from the red coven!

She gasped. That was actually her first time seeing not just a witch, but witches. Where were they headed?

She her onto her bag, staring at them in both admiration and confusion as they rode eagerly on their horses, but when they halted in front of her, she began to wonder if there was something wrong.

One of them who was in front, pulled out a big map and opened it. And after glancing into it, she looked at Shilah and grinned: “She’s the one”.

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