Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 20

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 20

“Maybe, he just wants to have a word with you, Shilah” she tried consoling herself as she stood there, almost drowning in anxiety.

King Dakota didn’t make a move for a long time until Shilah’s waist started hurting from standing too long. What was he reading anyways?

She lifted her gaze to glance at him,at the table and noticed how filled it was with books. Does the King read this much? Hm.

Her nervousness was beginning to dwindle, she didn’t even realize, as she started taking her eyes round the room. It looked so beautiful and King-ly. She could imagine how comfortable the King would feel being there most of the time.

“Take off your clothes, Shilah, and get to the bed”. She suddenly heard that cold familiar voice that made her heart jump out of her chest.


Her eyes turned from wherever it was and faced the King instantly, looking at him in disbelief. Okay; she prolly didn’t hear him correctly.

She swallowed hard and just lowered her gaze to the floor, wanting to act like she really didn’t hear him at all.

King Dakota flipped to the next page of his book, and lifted an eye to look at her.

“I said. take off your clothes and get to the bed” he repeated himself more sternly and that was the moment Shilah felt her world was coming to an end already.

Oh, no! He was serious; really serious..

She gasped a little and lowered her gaze to the floor.

“B….But, My King” she swallowed hard.

“May I know why?”

Dakota’ stopped reading instantly and looked at her, the question sounding inane to him.

“Why?” He chuckled.

“Well… Maybe, because you’re my wife” he shurgged.

“You’re my wife and I believe I have every right to do as I please with you”.

He stood up from his seat and Shilah recoiled back. She’s aware she’s been admiring his gamma’s broad shoulders, but looking at the King’s own right now, she could swear she’d never seen a chest and shoulder so broad and wide before. It looked more like he could consume her without even blinking.

As Dakota took a step closer to her, she took two backwards.

“What do you think you’re doing?” He suddenly scoffed.

His eyes were so cold, his aura icy; Shilah felt so scared being close to him.

King Dakota continued taking steps closer to her and purposely made her take hers backwards. She didn’t know what he was doing, until suddenly, her leg hit something hard and she winced and fell on a bed.

No! A bed! She’d gotten herself to the bed!

More fear gripped her as she realized she’d just fallen for the King’s trap. Now, she understood why he kept coming towards her. Oh, no…!

Fear glinted in her sparkling eyes, even Dakota could spot it.

He let out a cold smirk as he stood in front of her bed and got hold of her legs.

“I’m the type that hates talking much, Shilah” he grunted.

“And hate repeating myself. I’ve given you an instruction already; but it’s obvious you don’t want to do it; and for that, I’ll tear off your clothes nuseley”.

And as the last words left his mouth, so did his hand tear through the hem of her dress and Shilah’ shrieked.

“No!! Please!!” She cried out.

“Please, don’t touch me! Please..!”

King Dakota was amused. How can a lady scream when her husband’s about getting intimate with her?

“Please, I beg you” she sobbed with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I’m not ready; not yet. Please….”

Dakota’s hands fisted as he stared at her. She’s not ready.

He stared at her for a long time as she wept like some scared ghost. Then, he scoffed and withdrew from her, left the bed.

Shilah let out more tears in grat*itude and quickly left the bed, holding the extra large sizes of her dress to her chest. King Dakota had gone to face the window.

Still whimpering, Shilah used the back of her palm to wipe her teary face and afterwards, turned towards the door.

“Three nights” King Dakota said, making Shilah stop abruptly at the door.

She turned to look at him and discovered he wasn’t even looking at her as he still stood, facing the window.

“Three nights is all you have to get yourself ready. Cause’ after that, I’ll hear no more excuses”.

Shilah swallowed hard, lowered her gaze to the floor and finally left the room.

It took Shilah a lot to be able to locate the path leading to her chambers. Coupled with the fact that she’s been crying, she had to walk and turn but thankfully, was able to locate it at last.

She got in and locked the door, then laid on the big bed to pour her agonizing tears afterwards.

Three nights the King’s words resounded in her head.

Three nights.

Oh! She felt so doomed.

She wouldn’t blame herself for acting this stupid because she barely knew the King. Her whole life, she was just meeting him for the first time and that same day, he wanted to get intimate with her. No; to her, it was more like r@pe and she couldn’t think of doing it.

But, three nights? How can she get herself ready before then? Would she be able to know him better?

Oh, blessed Selenr..! If only something could be done to change all these. If only something could be done to change this day…. She’d practically give up anything just to do it.

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