Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 21

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 21


And King Dakota could be seen, still sitting in front of table and reading. His lamp light was still burning and even the sounds of the crickets from the outside could be heard due to the serenity of the night.

He was damn sure every other person was asleep – the maids, cooks, Queens – every single person. The only person that could still be awake were the guards on duty.

Yet, Him, Dakota was far from sleep. Him, Dakota couldn’t even blink an eye or feel the slightest drowsiness. Why was he this cursed?

He exhaled deeply and glanced at the heap of books on the table. They were in two parts – the books he’s read,. And those he hasn’t.

Due to his lack of sleep, he had to get himself a lot of books as those were the only things that could keep him busy through the night. But at some point, of course,a man would get tired of reading.

He stood up afterwards, his hands behind his back as he walked over to the window and stood in front of it. His pretty, yet cold blue eyes, stared out the window into the calm darkness, absorbing nothing.

It was so quiet; so quiet and calm; cold. And he could imagine how nice it would’ve been to sleep under such weather, with a woman beside him.

He was such a powerful King with so much power, feared and respected by all. To the world,he has everything. But to him, he lacks one thing and that was happiness.

How can a King be without sleep? A. King that can shift into his destructive wolf at any time of the day; A King that knows no sleep, that barely has appet*ite. A King that can’t have an heir. How is he meant to be happy?

Oh! Of course, he was doomed.

He shook his head pathetically and stared down at the floor, his hands still on his back. He wanted to escape from this, wanted to be free just like every other person. Was it too much to ask? When would things change for him? For the better?

After some minutes, he returned to his table and decided to tend to some letters which he’d received in the last 2 days. He took the latest first, opening the first scroll which was from Alpha Rhose.

Alpha Rhose was the leader of the Mid-Stalker Pack and in the letter, he’d complained about three issues, one of which included the lack of rainfall which was making their crops so hard to grow.

Dakota dropped the letter and moved onto the next which was from Alpha Frost. In his letter, he was giving feedback on his last request, appreciating Dakota for his contribution towards his last request. He told him everything had become fruitful and moving well.

Thankfully, they’ll all be having a meeting in three days time – a meeting between every mountain lion, and bloods*ckers.

He moved onto the next letter which was from a Vamp Lord from the Ring clutch. And, so he continued deep into the night….



Shilah turned on the bed when she heard the door opening. Someone was entering into the room.

She wasn’t a deep sleeper and could tell when something was happening around her.

She opened her eyes blearily and found a young pretty lady walking in. She was dressed in the maids’ uniform and had her head bowed.

“Greetings, Queen Shilah” she greeted with a bow when she stood in front of Shilah.

*Queen Shilah?* Shilah was amazed. Did she just call her a Queen? Hell, no! She was no Queen.

“Sorry to bother you, but I was asked to come tell you to get ready for breakfast. Breakfast is ready and the members of the family will be at the dinning soon. I’ll be back in a very short time to come get you when you’re done freshening up” the lady bowed and left, and that was when Shilah released the deep breath she’d been holding.

Wow…. So, they all she breakfast together? And she was going to be a part of them from now on? Oh, no….She wasn’t so sure she was ready for that.

She covered her face with her palms and exhaled deeply. And deciding to heed to the maid’s advise, stood up and went into the bathroom.



When she was done from the bathroom, she took one of the causal dresses from the wardrobe and had already put it on when the door opened again with the maid coming in.

“My Queen; are you done?” She asked and Shilah nodded lightly.

But the maid wasn’t having a pleased look on.

“Um… I’m not so sure you can make sure of this, my Queen. You should wear something nicer. These are for your night wears” she walked towards the wardrobe and pulled out One of big Queen-ly dresses.

“You should put this on”.


“B…But I thought it’s just…. breakfast!” Shilah asked in wonderment as she collected the dress from the maid.

“Yes, it’s breakfast. But everyone still looks pretty and matured. You should just do as I say, My Queen”. The maid answered politely.

*Queen*. Shilah thought.

The name was sounding so strange to her; she couldn’t get used to it.

Shilah walked into the closet to change into the big dress and walked out to the main room to meet the maid still standing there.

“Your hair needs to be brushed” she pointed out as she walked Shilah to the big mirror and helped her sit so she could begin brushing the hair, but Shilah stopped her.

“Please, don’t worry about it. I can….I can do it myself” Shilah stopped her as she took the brush from her her and began brushing the hair.

The maid was confused.

“But, my Queen …”

“I insist…. Please” she cut her off and the maid keep shut.

She could endure being called a queen and all, but watching her fellow woman do things for her, was something she wasn’t so sure of.

She brushed the hair herself and packed it into a ponytail when she was done. She could tell it looked better.

“You’re good to go now, My Queen” the maid said with a smile and just as Shilah stood up, the door opened.

They quickly turned to have a look and Shilah’s eyes dimmed when she discovered it was Queen Chaska.

Whaaat???? What’s she doing in her room????


In The Vampires Community ✍️

Lord Ryder could be seen walking towards his mistress’ room. Lady Cami was in her room, wiping her face with her facial herbs. She couldn’t make use of the mirror, since Vampires couldn’t see their reflections. So she had to use her instincts in applying the oil.

Just then, the door opened and she turned to see it was Lord Ryder walking in. Oh, no… What does he want?

His eyes were dark as he dressed in all black and walked towards her. Lady Cami, who was still sitting and backing him, was so uncomfortable as she heard his footsteps walking towards her. Until finally, she felt his hands hold her from behind.

“Hey….” He cooed, giving her neck a playful bite. Cami gulped hard.

“G….Good morning, My Lord” she stuttered.

Lord Ryder said nothing as he caressed her bóobs, pinching her nipples.

“Are my eyes deceiving me, or you’re looking so beautiful this morning?” He asked romantically with a kiss on her cheek, and Cami managed a smile.

Gently, he made her stand and turned her around to face him, and afterwards, crashed his lips on hers with a hard kiss.

Cami had to hold her breath during the kiss, her heart racing fast. And when she noticed his hands were trying to loosen her dress, she unlocked and moved away.

“Please….” She panted. “I … I can’t do it – not now. I um….need some time to clean myself up”.

Ryder’s eyes glinted instantly. She dare resist his touch?

Immediately, he landed a hard slap across her cheek.

“How dare you, Cami?!” He roared and hit her again.

This time around, she lost balance and hit the table behind her. How dare you resist my touch? How dare you tell me when and when not to touch you? You wasted brat!” He hit her again.

“Ah!” Cami winced, trying to move away from him, but he rushed at her and grabbed her neck.

“You’re mine, Cami” he growled into her face as he ch*oked her.

“Your body – it’s mine. I can fúck you when I want, do whatsoever I please with you, anywhere, anytime. and you, Cami, you have no right to object. Your opinion doesn’t matter!!”

“Please….’ she struggled to whimper,her hand touching his that was wrapped around her neck.

“I’m sorry….”

Tears strolled down her cheeks.

Just then, they heard a knock on the door.

“Who’s it?’ Ryder asked angrily, his hand still holding Cami’s neck and his gaze not leaving hers.

The door opened with one of his trusted boys – Draco – showing up.

He didn’t really act surprised at the sight in front of him as it was nothing new.

“Sorry to interrupt, My Lord. But the package has arrived”. He said and instantly, Ryder let go of Cami’s neck.

He glared at her before turning to look at Draco.

“Take me there”. He gritted and Draco bowed and took the lead, while he followed.

Lady Cami fell on the floor afterwards, whimpering and trying to catch her breath.

Her lip had a cut and was bleeding, but that didn’t bother her as she knew her vampire system would heal them up soon enough.

But, what has she done to deserve such treatment from Ryder? Why does her life have to be so different?



Lord Ryder walked behind Draco, his members greeting him as he walked p@ssthem. The package has arrived; that sentence meant the world to him.

They finally got to the dark room which contained just two of his men in it. With Draco, they were his highly trusted men in the clutch.

“Greetings, Lord Ryder” The rest of the boys greeted as he walked in. . But that wasn’t important to him at the moment.

“Where’s it?” He asked impatiently, and One of them lifted the tiny bottle to him.

Ryder’s eyes beamed as he collected the bottle and stared at it – the bottle filled with blood. .

A smile touched his lips.

Oh….it was finally in his possession … exactly what he needed.

“Good job” he said with a smile, still staring at the tiny bottle. It was tiny, but it’s content was mighty. And now, it was time to put it to work.

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