Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 25

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 25

“The King wants you in his chambers” The guard’s words repeated in her head.

The King? In his chambers? For what reason??

Oh, no …He said three nights!

She looked at Queen Dyani who could also notice the s frightened look on her face.

“I’ll be waiting outside” the guard added and left, closing the door.

Shilah looked at Dyani and felt like confiding in her; asking if she could probably know why the King was calling for her.

“You shouldn’t worry” Dyani went closer to her and said with her hand on her shoulder.

“One thing is definite, and that’s the fact that the King wouldn’t k*ll you. Okay?”

“Okay” Shilah nodded in deep breaths and left the room with Dyani.

The guard was still waiting outside and took the lead, accompanying her to the King’s chambers.

Her heart was beating so rapidly in her chest. Why would the King probably be gallon for her? He gave her three nights; Why calling her all of a sudden?

Oh! She wasn’t ready for it; wasn’t ready to do this yet. She thought she still had those three nights to get herself prepared.

The walk to the King’s chambers was a very long one as Shilah’s room was far from it. They came across some maids who kept stealing glances at her, and mumbling, rather than greeting. Well, she wasn’t even expecting them to greet or pay any respect to her as she wasn’t used to it.

“Yes, the new Queen” she heard one of them whisper to the other as they walked by.

It suddenly made Shilah feel so uncomfortable. Somehow, she felt her she’d be passing through a lot in that palace.

Finally, they got to the King’s chambers and that was the moment Shilah’s fears got doubled.

There were two guards on each side of the shut door, and the guard with Shilah simply went forward and knocked on it.

“Enter” the King’s icy voice replied, sending some shivers down Shilah’s spine.

And the guard opened the door and went in with her.

King Dakota was sitting in front of his table as usual, reading a book and didn’t make any attempt to glance at the people entering into his chambers. Be sure knew it was Shilah and the guard.

“She’s here, my King” the guard said with a bow. And it took Dakota some seconds before speaking up:

“Leave us” it was a cold order, and the guard bowed and left.




Sukie always loved mornings – the morning air.

She walked down the bright hallway with some books in her hands, headed for her room. As usual, she was dressed in her red garment with it’s hoodie over her head; same as the other sisters she came across.

She had collected the books from one of the elders because she needed to read more about some spells. The elders were special people in the palace who were above 60 years of age, and they were given much respect, even by the Queen.

Sukie could spot her room already at the tail end of the hall when she suddenly ran into Remata.

Oh, no…

“Hi,Sukie” Remata called beamfully.

Of course, she was only being sarcastic.

“Hi” Sukie muttered beneath her breath.

She really doesn’t get what Remata’s problem is with her.

She had a basket of clothes with her.

“Can’t recall when last I saw you with so many books; hope everything’s fine?” She asked, staring at the books in Sukie’s hands.

“Of course, Remata. And even do there is a problem, I don’t think it should be any of your business”. Sukie replied.

“I see. Well, what do you think about the Queen’s complaint yesterday? She said…. one of us here, helped the Alpha King. Who do you think it could possibly be?” Her question made Sukie freeze for half a second.

“Shouldn’t you be discussing that with the Queen? Why asking me, Remata? I have no idea” she snapped.

“Oh, come on Sukie; I was only trying to bring up a conversation….”

“A conversation that shouldn’t be discussed with me”

At that time, they’d already gotten to Sukie’s door.

“I’d really appreciate it, Remata, if you could get off my trail” Sukie added, opened the door and walked into her room.

Blessed Spirits! That girl was worst than a pest.

She heaved a sigh of relief and dropped the books on her bed.

Hopefully, no one would ever get to know she was behind what happened; cause if they do, she’d definitely be in a big mess – one that would lead to her death. No one breaks the law and goes free.

She glanced back at her door to make sure she’d locked it, then went over to her wardrobe where she pulled out the letter Pishan had sent to her the previous day. She smiled lightly, reading the content over again.

Pishan. She could remember vividly how she’d met him.

Some months back, she was on her way get some supplies from a distant village where she got attacked by some rogues. Although, she had her witch powers but couldn’t defeat the entire rogues as they were too many for her, and they ended hitting her back on the ground.

They almost k*lled her; almost. But, Pishan showed up and saved her. She watched him fight and k*ll them, except two had managed to escape. He took her away from the scene where she could catch her breath.

She knew he was a mountain lion, and knew she shouldn’t be a*s*sociating with him; but yes, she had to show her grat*itude cause’ she would’ve been dead if it weren’t for him.

Since her horse was stolen, he gave her his horse to ride home, while he walked on foot, and that was some kindness Sukie had never experienced. She thanked him and promised to return the favor someday, if need be.

Well, he decided to make use of that favor few days back by writing a disguised letter to her, asking for her help. Sukie never wanted to do it since she’d be breaking the law, but considering the fact she owed him a favor, she decided to take the risk.

She exhaled deeply when she finished reading the letter and took out a blank scroll, settling down to write her own letter to him.

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