Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 29

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 29

Shilah’s eyes were nearly bulging out of it’s sockets. No; it can’t be. Was it time already?

She swallowed hard and looked at Dyani, like she could do anything to help. And Dyani, on the other hand, was a bit confused.

“Queen Shilah” the guard called, wondering why there was no response from her yet.

“Uh…. I need to take soak water first. Please” her eyes were dancing on the floor.

“Yes please, you can come with her; I only want to give her some water” Dyani chipped in, and the reasonable guard agreed.

And with that, they all headed for Dyani’s room.

Dyani could notice how extremely nervous Shilah was and wondered what the problem could be. Why was she so scared, going to the King’s room?

They got to her chambers and while the guard waited outside, Shilah and Dyani walked in.

Shilah’s mood was too ruined, but she was still able to notice how beautiful the room was – big, refurbished, comfy, colorful. It was way prettier than hers.

“Here” Dyani said as she lifted the cup of water and handed it to Shilah, and Shilah muttered a *thanks* before collecting and drinking from it.

Her breath was hitching, and she took the water in hard deep gulps.

“Are you alright?” Dyani asked calmly, staring observantly at her face.

But Shilah said nothing. She couldn’t tell lies…..

“Why are you always scared of going to the King’s room, dear? You should be used to it already”. Dyani said, touching her arm, and Shilah looked her in the eyes.

“It’s…. it’s going to be my first time” she said, her eyes depicting so much fear and pain.

What??? Dyani was muddled.

“You…..You mean, since you got married to the King, he hasn’t touched you?” She asked with furrowed brows and Shilah nodded ruefully.

“Oh….” Dyani muttered.

She was silent for a few seconds.

“You shouldn’t be afraid, dear. You’ll be fine. Okay?”

“Okay” Shilah answered faintly, and headed for the door afterwards.


Her hands were holding the edges of her dress as she walked behind the guard who led her to the King’s chambers. Her fears wouldn’t seize; thinking of how huge and cold the King was. What does it feel like? Will it be extremely painful?

She’s read about intercourse in a certain book and from that little, she could tell it was painful. It was noted the lady would actually end up bleeding from her private organs and Shilah wondered if she’d be hurt that much to even cause an injury.

She was almost panting, and finally, they got to the door post.

There was just one guard on post, and Shilah figured the one that led her would be the second. He knocked on the door, and when the King’s voice ushered him in, he went in with Shilah.

“You can leave, Marcos” Dakota said to the guard who bowed and left immediately, leaving Just Shilah and she King in the room.

If fear was a person…it would’ve been Shilah at that moment.

“Greetings, My K… King” her voice cracked up, but Dakota said nothing.

King Dakota was writing on some scrolls as usual, didn’t even raise a brow to spare Shilah a stare. Shilah felt so scared, staring at that cold face of his; cold and hard- unemotional. She couldn’t help but wonder if such a man has ever had a single liking for anyone.

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed, Shilah” he ordered icily and that was the moment Shilah’s heart stopped functioning.

Oh, no….

She looked at him, but he wasn’t even looking at her. And something in her guts told her he wasn’t going to listen to any of her pleas, definitely not anymore.

She swallowed hard and walked p@sshim to the bed which was far behind from where he sat. Her legs was shaking; her hands sweating. She sure wasn’t ready for this.

She got so close to the bed and knew she was meant to take off her clothes before laying down, but the fear just wouldn’t let her. So, she remained standing and holding onto the hem of her dress.

She stayed that way for a long time, still standing.

“I don’t want to believe you’re trying to disobey me, Shilah” Dakota said, even without turning to spare her a glance.

Oh, blessed Selene..!

She sought for words, but couldn’t find any excuse. And Dakota stood up afterwards.


Shilah couldn’t tell if it were just her eyes or the King was actually looking huger as he stood oo. His shoulders were so broad, and he looked a little beastly. And with his hands behind his back, he turned and walked towards Shilah.

Shilah felt more like a beast was marching towards her, and as she tried going backwards, her legs unfortunately hit something hard and it dawned on her it was the bed. There was no escaping.

“Take off your clothes, Shilah” Dakota said gruffly, his cold blue eyes staring into hers.

“If I have to say it again, it’d be with a whip on your back”.

He was standing so close to her, and imbued her with so much fear.

“M… My King…. I’m a virgin x she didn’t realize when the words left her mouth.

How d*um*b.

“And you’re my wife. Don’t forget; I own you now, forever. And can chose to put an end to your life at will. Now, for the last time, take off your clothes”. Dakota scoffed.

Shilah sniffed and stared down at the floor, then tried proceeding to taking off the clothes, but something suddenly dawned on her.

This….. the words….it was the exact dream she had three nights ago.

Oh!! It was just the exact dream!? How could her dream be so accurate???

She glanced up at the King’s eyes, then lowered hers to the floor immediately and started taking off her clothes. Her hands were sweaty and shaking, and even Dakota could notice.

She loosened the ropes of her dress, and took it down until she was left in just her underthings. And that was the point she couldn’t take off; she’d be exposing her entire body to him!

She shook her head and whimpered, and unexpectedly, felt the King’s strong hand on hers. What??

In one swift move, he tore down the fabric from her chest, making Shilah wince.

“No….” She moved back, but only ended up falling on the bed.

“Don’t fight it, Shilah, and you won’t get hurt. But, if you do, I’ll definitely make you leave with some scars”. Dakota was raw and plain.

“Now, lie on the bed”.

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