Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 35

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 35

Pishan walked out of his chambers with a script in his hand, headed for Rashka’s chambers. Few the pack members he came across kept greeting respectfully. Well, it was nothing new as Pishan had earned so much respect in the mountain; respect he was already used to. And that was probably because, most people see him as the secondary in command after the King.

Walking down the balcony, he spotted Raksha coming from a distance and heaved a sigh, feeling relived he had seen him instead of having to walk all the way to his chambers.

Raksha had his usual hard look on as he walked with in his princely robe, and getting to where Pishan was, he stopped walking.

“Prince Raksha” Pishan called.

“Pishan. I thought you must’ve gone hunting with my brother, the King”‘ Raksha said, his tone so flat.

“No, I didn’t. Actually, I was on my way to your room”. Pishan replied.

‘”I see. For what exactly?”

“To give these to you”. He held out the script and Raksha collected it from him, unrolling and going through it.

“It’s a list of what the King wants us to do” Pishan said as he went through it.

“The first one there involves checking training the new intakes; the second one involves….”

“I can read, Ousoah” Raksha cut him off grumpily, sparing him a glance and taking his gaze back to the script.

Some seconds more and he was done, then started rolling it back.

“I understand what the King wants, but what I don’t understand, is why you want me to do it with you” Raksha said, getting Pishan muddled.

“I don’t think I understand you, Prince Raksha. It’s not what I want; it’s what the King ordered… “

“Oh please, spare me that” Raksha scoffed.

“You’ve frantically taken my place, Pishan; taken my responsibility. What else do you want?”

He paused and moved closer to him.

“Just take this and carry them out. Afterall, you’ve been the one doing it for a long time now”. He stuck the script to Pishan’s chest, and Pishan had to hold it to prevent it from falling to the ground.

And with that, he started walking away.

“You do realize by doing this, you’ll be disobeying the King’s orders” Pishan said aloud and Raksha stopped walking.

He huffed and without turning to look at him, he continued walking away.


Deep into the woods,

Shilah could feel sweats dripping down her forehead as they walked in the shadows of the tall trees. She felt so scared. Amongst every single person there, she was the only one who was *powerless* and if a fight was to break out, she would definitely be the one in trouble.

King Dakota was the one ahead, while Nosheba followed after, then Chaska, and Shilah and Dyani stayed on the same lane. The two guards were right behind.

“Why are there no animals today?” Chaska hissed.

“We’ve been walking for ages now”.

“You should learn to keep your mouth shut, Chaska. Keep to the rules” Nosheba snapped, earning a glare from Chaska.

“You know what? Why don’t I just shoot you instead? Cause you look like an animal to me” Chaska said, and Nosheba scoffed.

“You’re just being dramatic; wonder how you must’ve come into this world” Nosheba said.

“Well, I wasn’t the one who’s mother died at childbearing”. Chaska said and Nosheba stopped walking instantly, her jaws dropping as she turned to look at Chaska.

Shilah was also surprised. And as Nosheba stared at Chaska, she didn’t have this angry look on. No; instead, she had this heart-breaking look, like one that ruined her.

“No more word from you, Chaska” Dakota grunted as he stopped walking .

He didn’t turn to look at them anyways but was looking around as he had sensed something.

“There’s an animal around” Dakota sniffed.

“Get your bows ready”.

Nosheba was still staring blankly at Chaska, while Chaska put on a smirk as she adjusted the arrow in her how.

Shilah also adjusted her arrow and held it properly – with shaky hands.

Just then, they heard a buck and turned towards the direction to see a deer running out. But, it was running towards Nosheba’s direction – Nosheba who had gone absent-minded.

“Nosheba!” Dakota growled, trying to get back her attention, but it was already too late as the deer had gotten to where she was and pulled her to the ground.

“Argh……!!!!” She screamed, trying to hold it’s head away.

Shilah was more than frightened, her eyes nearly bulging out. Her hands shook as she pointed her bow and arrow towards the direction, just like everyone was doing.

King Dakota was far away and tried running to her rescue, but before he could get there, he saw an arrow, flew right past him and landed on the deer’s back.

It gave a loud bleet as it writhed in pains and fell off Nosheba’s body, dead.

Queen Nosheba was panting heavily and fearfully, Dakota had stopped running, and every other person looked around.

Who shot the arrow?


Shilah’s heart was beating rapidly in her chest as she held the empty bowl in her hand. Her eyes were dilated in both shock and amusement as she couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t….. believe it. She just k*lled a deer.

She shot the arrow!

Her fearful eyes found the King, staring at her with so much surprise.

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