Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 47

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 47

“Fools!!!” The Alpha roared.

“You hear me?? FOOLS!! That is what you are!!”

The rogues were standing in front of him while the vexed Alpha paced tho and fro in the hall.

“All you had to do was a simple job; a very simple job. Attack the King and k*ll him! But you all retreated like some old fools!” His voice echoed with so much pain and anger.

“We’re sorry,Alpha. We had no idea the King would be shifting. He had become too powerful for us. We all know it’s impossible standing King Dakota’s lion…..”

“Just shut up and get out of my face!” The Alpha roared and obediently, the boys bowed and left.

He was so furious.

Oh, Dakota! Why was he so difficult to get rid of?? Why couldn’t he just….

“Damn it!” He stamped his feet.



Queen Chaska smiled as she gave herself one last look in the mirror.

The dress was perfect, hair perfect, make up soothing. Hmph. The King would definitely be amazed at her beauty.

She turned around again – one last time – then finally walked out of the room, headed for the King’s chambers.

She couldn’t wait to get there and do what she knows how to do best – pleasing him. That was actually the reason she hadn’t gone to see him as soon as he returned. She wanted to take her time, look very good for him and go in a stormy way so one look from him can arouse that organ between his legs.

She couldn’t wait to ma*s*sage him, lower herself in front of his thighs and give him a good s*ck, right before she rides on him. Hm. The King might have other wives, but she was going to make sure she’d always be his favorite. That love they first shared, she was going to do everything in her power to resurrect it and make the King see her as the woman he had chosen.

She walked down the hallway and finally arrived at the king’s chambers to meet the guards there of course.

The guards at the King’s door, they never greet. Unless it was the King himself.

“I need to see the King” Chaska said, her cheeks reddening up and her entire system getting litted up already.

“Sorry,you can’t for now. The King is asleep”. One of the guards replied.

A deep pause; an intense pause.

Chaska wanted to scoff, but restricted herself. Okay; there’s definitely no way he’s joking. The King? Sleeping? How?

“I….. I don’t think I understand” she scoffed.

“What do you mean he’s sleeping? Are you sure?”

The guards had actually gotten to know when Pishan had come to see the King a while ago, but couldn’t because he was sleeping. Definitely, it was surprising.

“We’re sure, Queen. And we wouldn’t want him getting disturbed. So we plead with you to return later if you really want to see him”. The same guard said.

No. Chaska wanted to believe this was a dream; a terrible dream. How on earth….How on earth can Dakota fall asleep?

Of course, she was happy, but also confused and curious. This has never happened before. Could it be possible….. his curse was getting broken? Or the healer was able to get him something effective?


Just like the King instructed, Shilah had rode home with two guards accompanying her. One was the carriage – rider, while the other rode a horse in front of them.

The whole thing was so creepy to Shilah and made her feel really uncomfortable. Going home in a royal carriage and two guards around her, it wasn’t something she liked. What if her family thinks she was trying to become chauvinistic or something?

Pia was spreading some clothes outside the house when she spotted the carriage riding in. She halted immediately and stood to watch in awe, wondering who it could possibly be. Perhaps, she was too frightened to move because there was a guard riding in front of the carriage and she felt the guard might attack her if she tried to run. She didn’t even know what to think; she just stood and watched anyway.

The carriage stopped moving and after a short while, a lady stepped out of it. A lady…..A lady….


Her eyes dilated in shock immediately.

“Mother!! Father!!” She called at the top of her voice as she dropped the cloth she held and ran into the house, panting heavily.

Shilah couldn’t help but cringe as she ran into the house. This was what she was trying to avoid.

“It’s Shilah! It’s Shilah!” She heard Pia scream in the house.

It wasn’t too long before Vanessa came running out of the house, but stopped abruptly at the door when she confirmed what Pia had said in the house. Shilah came with a carriage and some guards??!

Ina was the next person to come running out, then their father and mother. Evo wasn’t home.

“Shilah?” Mrs Walter muttered in surprise.

She just couldn’t believe it. How’s it possible that Shilah looked so good? And even had guards with her? Was it because she was married to the King?

For almost a minute, they stood apart, just staring at Shilah and Shilah staring at them. Then finally, she took the brave step by going closer.

“Mother. Father” she sighed and lowered her head a bit.


“Shilah” Mr Walter responded. “Is this really you?”

The rest of the family members were surprised. Shilah that was actually their maid? Was now dressed and looking like a Queen? Why?

Ina would’ve gotten mad and yelled at her as soon as she arrived. But seeing the way she came and the guards around, she just couldn’t help but feel constrained.

“It is me, father” Shilah answered, trying to wave her nervousness aside.

“And um…. it’s so good to see everyone of you. Please, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d really love to have a word with you, father. It’s very important”.

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