Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 48

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 48

Shilah walked into the room with Mr Walter. That was his room and they were sure they wouldn’t have to be disturbed by anyone.

“I must say I’m…. happy to see you, Shilah” Mr Walter said, sitting on the big wooden chair in the room.

“Thank you, father. I um…. I’m happy to see you too” Shilah muttered.

She couldn’t get rid of the fact that he was actually the reason she ended up with the King.

A short suspenseful silence stepped in.

“Please, take a seat” Mr Walter pointed to the last seat in the room and Shilah nodded as she took it.

Okay…. How does she begin?

“I really hope there’s no problem, Shilah; regarding what you said you wanted to talk to me about”. Mr Walter stirred up the topic for her instead.

“Um…. Of course not, father. I just want to ask a few questions about my mother”.

Mr Walter arched a brow.

“Your mother?” He repeated and Shilah nodded.

“O…kay. What about her?”

Shilah adjusted on her seat; her seat was facing his.

“I just…. I just want to know about her, father. Who is she? Where does she come from? Do you have any idea why I was born this way? Was there something she did? Or anything at all? Please, father; it’s important I know this”. Shilah said.

Mrs Walter was taken abacked by her request. Was she for real? He never expected this from Shilah – he never expected her to bring up such questions.

For a long time he was silent.

“Why this question, Shilah?” He asked.

“I mean…. what prompted you to ask this?”

Shilah hesitated a little.

“Well….. Something came up, father. And it’s very important I get to know this. Please” her voice sounded so desperate.

Mr Walter could notice – despite the fact she was now the King’s wife, she still had that humility in her; that look of innocence.

Oh… These questions. He’s been hiding the answers for years now. But perhaps, it was the right time to tell her the truth already. Besides, she wasn’t staying with them any more and had her own life to live. So, maybe telling her the truth was the right thing at that moment.

Shilah studied the look on her father’s face and wondered why he was looking so perturbed. It was almost obvious he really had something to say.

“I know this would definitely hurt you, Shilah. Do you really want to know the truth?” He finally looked at her and asked and Shilah felt a huge skip in her heart beat.

The truth would hurt her?? What truth could that be? Why was she feeling so scared all of a sudden?

“Are you sure?” Mr Walter asked again when she said nothing.

“Y…. Yes, father” she swallowed hard.

“I really want to know. Please, tell me”.

Mr Walter sighed and stood up, then walked over to the opened window to stand, his hands behind his back.

“The woman you know as your mother” he began. “Carlie – was never your real mother”.

There was a loud bang in Shilah’s head the moment she heard those words. Her eyes drooped in shock and her tongue got tied.

“Carlie and I were married for over five years; but she was unable to give me a child. Why do you think I had a second wife before she’d died, Shilah?” He turned slightly to look at her, then returned his gaze to the window.

“I really loved Carlie, but she was infertile. So, I had to go for a second wife. My second wife had given got birth already and was nursing her child when one day, Carlie returned home with you as a baby. You looked less than a month old, so pretty, innocent.

“I asked her where she had gotten you and she told me she picked you from the woods while trying to get some herbs. She said she had heard you crying and ran to the spot to find just on the gra*s*sy ground, whining and kicking your legs in the air. She couldn’t find anyone around, didn’t know how you got there; but Carlie who had been so desperate for a child was sure never to leave you there. So, she picked you up and returned home with you. Although…. I tried convincing her to get rid of the baby since we didn’t know who you were and didn’t want any trouble, but Carlie was so stubborn and decided to take you as hers. She named you, loved and nurtured you and treated you like you really came from her. My second wife knew about it, of course, But I made her promise me she was never going to tell you about it because that was what Carlie wanted.

“I’m sorry Shilah, Carlie only loved you as a mother; but she was never your mother. And whoever your real family is, I completely have no idea”. He concluded.

His words were heavier than a bomb on Shilah’s ears as she couldn’t believe any bit of it. She could believe it, but she couldn’t take it in.

A tear came dropping down as her head spin from the information; her lips were agaped but could say nothing.

Her mother…. wasn’t her mother? She…. She wasn’t part of this family?.

Oh, no.

She scoffed and stood up, releasing another tear and Mr Walter turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry, Shilah” he said.

“I told you It’d hurt you. But I want you to know you can always consider this place your home…..”

“Is that the reason you always treated me like a stranger?” She cut him off, ruefully.

“Is that the reason I was being neglected by every single person? I was always…. I was always treated like the lowest?

“You sent me out when the King ordered a lockdown; you didn’t care about my safety. Even when the King came for me, you couldn’t defend me as my father. Instead, you sold me out to protect yourself and your family. You know z that moment when I was riding with the King’s guards to the palace, I thought to myself: How can my own father do this to me?

“Oh! Of course, how wrong was I. My father would never do this to me! My father would never sell me out! I never belonged here….I don’t have a family”.

Her palm went over her lips as she bursted into more tears and for the first time, Mr Walter had a feeling of contrition.

But, it was too late to make amends.

“I’m sorry, Shilah….”

“I just wish I never belonged here. I wish I never had to exist”.

And with that said, Shilah ran out of the room.


It felt so calm.

King Dakota’s cold eyes went open – slowly; his head feeling so calm, his entire bones feeling so relaxed.

He blinked hard and opened his eyes again, trying to get a grip of himself and recall what had happened.

He slept – the thought suddenly dawned on him.

Him, Dakota, he slept.

He held onto the bedsheets and f0rcefully sat up, feeling so new and strange to how relaxed his body was. For over ten years, he’d actually forgotten how good it felt to sleep; he had forgotten the serene feeling, that peace of mind and feeling of *everything was fine*. Even if that feeling only lasted for a few seconds right before the dizziness gets washed off. He had totally forgotten all what it felt like; not until that morning. He slept for so long; He didn’t know the time, but he could tell it was for long.

How did it happen? This miracle?

His eyes found the tea cup on the table.

Oh, no….


Shilah. It was Shilah again!

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