Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 51

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 51

Shilah arrived at The King’s chambers with the guard, and getting in, they found him filling some scrolls on the table – as usual.

The guard announced her presence and Dakota ordered him to leave, which he did immediately.

“Gr…Greetings, My King” Shilah bowed, her feet feeling a little weak.

Dakota stopped writing to spare her a glance, and when he looked into her face, he was surprised to find them pale. It only indicated she had been crying. For what reason? He thought.

A part of him wanted to ask what the problem was, but the other grumpy part would never let that happen.

“I trust your ride home was successful?” He asked as he resumed writing.

Not really writing, but correcting somethings lightly.

“Y….Yes, My King. Thank you” she answered, a little nervously.

Her heart was still aching from the news she had heard. If only she had her way, she’d chose to be in her room all day.

Dakota stood up afterwards, his broad shoulders straightening as he occupied the space in front of Shilah.

“The tea you made for me; what exactly did you put in it?”” He asked frostily, walking over to the window.

Shilah’s heart beamed, recalling it had been able to put him to sleep. At least, that was the best news she’s had for the day.

“I…. I added nothing, My King” she stuttered, her gaze on the floor.

“All I did was pray for it to work; and it did”.

Dakota stood in front of the window, gazing out at the people moving about. His hands were crossed behind his back, and so he stayed for a long time within saying a word.

Although, Shilah felt a little relived knowing she had been able to please the King for the first time, but it still didn’t stop her from being so anxious in his room.

The stretched silence wasn’t sitting so well with her; she was beginning to wonder what could possibly be going through his mind. She was really hoping he wasn’t thinking negatively about the tea…

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed, Shilah” his deep voice finally came, sending some chills down her spine.

Oh, no …She wasn’t in the mood for that.

She swallowed hard and fiddled with the tip of her dress. Having another round of intimacy? She really wasn’t ready for that.

A part of her wanted to seek permission from him, tell him she wasn’t strong enough for sèx, but that chicken side of her wouldn’t let that happen. What if he gets angry and decides to punish her? She thought.

With another nervous gulp, she started undressing, deciding to accept her fate. It prolly wouldn’t k*il*l her – she thought.

Besides, she needed to start getting used to the fact that she now belonged to the King and he could use her at any time; any day.

When she was done and completely nàked, she ambled to the bed and laid on it, face down as usual.

She could feel the air hitting her b*tts hard as they faced upwards; could feel the organ in-between her legs getting cold. She never thought she’d be getting so vulnerable to a man; not anytime soon.

She stayed that way for a long time, awaiting the King to come for her and finally, he did. She could tell by those heavy footsteps of his, the sound of belt being unhooked, and the ruffled sound of clothes leaving his body.

“Turn around, Shilah. I want it different this time around” her head spin when she heard those words.

What?? What’s he talking about??

She opened her eyes but couldn’t turn even lift her head from the bed out of fear; her hands were nearly shaking.

Why would the King want her to turn around? Wouldn’t that mean she’d have to stare into his face when he …

Oh, blessed Selene!

It occurred to her she might be getting the King upset, but the fear still wouldn’t let her do what he said. Why would he want her to turn around?

Suddenly, she felt a hand touch her lower belly and she gasped. His other hand got hold of her shoulder and slowly, the King was able to turn her around.

Conniption gripped her immediately as her eyes came in contact with the King’s – those deep blue eyes of his; cold but sparkling.

She was seeing him shirtless for the first time and was shocked when she found some scars on that broad manly chest of his.

What? The King had some scars? What happened to him??

A light gasp escaped her lip as she glanced at it; that glance was enough to get every details on it.

There were about three lines – three thick lines, crossed on each other at the end of each line. But how did he get so much scars? It looked like a product from a t*ortur*e or something.

Dakota noticed how keenly she stared at the scars.

She was lucky she didn’t try touching it because he never allows anyone touch his scars – not even Chaska. The very first time Chaska had tried touching them, he pushed her out of the bed and gave her a really stern warning. And since then, she’s never made such mistakes.

Shilah couldn’t continue staring at it for too long and had to break the contact by staring sideways. Dakota pushed her spotless legs apart and settled in between, having a front view of her womanhood for the first time; it gave a clearer picture.

It looked soft and succulent, the pelvíc looking so tight and all squeezed up. This same flesh….This same flesh that made him hungry whenever he was done using it.

Shilah’s heart was beating so heavily in her chest as she continued staring sideways, feeling uncomfortable with the way the King stared at her. Light sweats formed up on her forehead and dripped down to her neck.

Dakota let out a gruntful sigh and finally, pushed his erécted organ, deep into her vàgina. It felt different to Shilah, and she couldn’t stop herself from screaming.

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