Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 53

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 53

Shilah was deep into sleep when she heard a knock on her door. It was repeatedly and that was actually the reason she was able to come awake.

It was so late – she could tell. Who could be knocking on her door at this hour? Could it be a maid? But, every maid should’ve retired already.

The knock came again, this time a little harder and sounding like the knocker was impatient.

“Wh…. Who’s it?” Her voice shook as she asked.

“Please, open the door, Queen Shilah. It’s the King’s guard” the fellow replied and Shilah stood up slowly from the bed.

The King’s guard?

She walked to the door but didn’t open it.

“Is….Is there a problem?” She stuttered, leaning closer.

“The King summons you in his chambers. Now” the guard answered and after much contemplation, she finally opened them door.

Indeed, it was a guard.

But, why would the King send for her at this time? It’s not possible he….he actually wants to get intimate with her, right? Of course, not!

“Come on” the guard titled his head and started walking away, and having no choice, Shilah followed.

They walked down the dark hallway. It wasn’t completely dark as the flames from lamposts on each side of the hail brightened their path. But you wouldn’t compare it to the brightness of the day.

Shilah was still feeling a little dizzy and her right hand was holding the top of her dress as she walked behind the huge guard.

Finally, they got to the King’s chambers and the door was opened for her to go in.

She entered nervously and found the King sitting in front of the huge table as usual, writing.

Okay; now her nervousness just increased.

Was it possible the King actually called her for intimacy??

“Gr…. Greetings, My King” she bowed, her hand still on her chest.

King Dakota stopped writing to look at her.

“Shilah” he called.

Shilah could notice something… his voice was sounding a little warmer.

“Were you sleeping already?”

“Y….Yes, My King. But, I don’t have a problem since you demand me” she answered as politely as possible, and Dakota nodded with a grunt.

“Well, I need you to make me some tea, like you did earlier on. I need something to put me to sleep” he said and Shilah’s eyes beamed.

Oh…. Was that actually the reason he sent for her? Thank goodness it wasn’t what she had been thinking.

But …. Makings the tea would warrant her going to the kitchen. Would she able to go there so late at night?

“Don’t worry, one of my guards would escort you to make sure you’re safe” Dakota said, just like he had been reading her thoughts and Shilah smiled cursorily.

“T… Thank you, My King. I’ll go right away” she bowed and turned around, heading for the door.

“Guard!” Dakota called and one came running in, just before Shilah stepped out the door.

“My King…”

“Escort the Queen to the kitchen and make sure you return with her”. He ordered and the guard bowed in his acquiesce mood and left with Shilah.

As soon as they left, Dakota resumed writing. But it wasn’t for too long as the feathers fell off his hand with the banging headache hitting hard at him.

“Urgh!” He groaned painfully as he slammed his hand hard against the table, trying so hard not to reach the floor .

“My King! Are you alright?” The guard outside the door asked.

“I’m fine!” Dakota growled, not wanting him to come in and see him this way.

His hands held the table so tight as he tried absorbing the seering pains.

It was the full moon. It was so close already and Dakota was already feeling the terrible effect as usual.

Oh! The fool moon has always been his greatest enemy. Recalling the things it makes him do, how badly it affects him…. It was almost unsurvivable for him.

That was the only time he’d be chained. Yes, they had to chain him because, by the time his wolf takes over, it’d become destructive and uncontrollable.

Of course, he wouldn’t be chained three in the palace. Pishan and the Physician always took him elsewhere – far away to a cave – and there he gets chained.

On several occasions, his wolf had been too powerful and ended up breaking the chains, running off and destroying things; sometimes people that ended up unlucky.

He needed an end to this; needed an end to this sickening curse. What could he possibly do?



Shilah was thankful the guard was with her. Else, she couldn’t imagine how scared she would’ve been, working in the dark.

The kitchen was so empty and quiet and she didn’t waste time as she proceeded to making the tea immediately. She felt so glad and lucky, glad she was being of help to the King.

After making the tea, she lifted it up and did her prayers – just like the first time. This time around, she did it more passionately and had so much a*s*surance. The guard was outside the door and she wasn’t so sure if he could hear her or not.

When she was done, she left the kitchen and with the guard behind her this time around, they headed for the King’s chambers.



King Dakota was already calm when he heard a knock on the door and knew it was Shilah.

“Enter” his voice was a little rough and shortly, the door went open with Shilah coming in with the cup of tea.

Just what he needed. Hopefully, it works like the first time.

“I’m done, My King” Shilah said with a bow and Dakota signaled her to set it down on the table, which she did.

But there was something … Shilah could notice his face wasn’t looking the same way it had been before she left. He looked…. displeased.

Dropping the tea, and figuring there was nothing else for her to do, she decided to take her leave.

“M….My King, am I free to go now?” She asked as politely as possible.

She wondered why he had suddenly become so cold.

“You can” Dakota answered gruffly as he leaned back on his chair and got hold of the tea cup.

Shilah bowed and turned around to leave.

“Shilah” Dakota called, just when she was about opening the door.

She paused and turned to look at him and her eyes met with the cold blue eyes of his….

Silence descended between them, Shilah’s heart pounding fast and wondering why the King called back her attention. She could feel so much heat when they maintained that contact. And just when she was about losing it, Dakota broke the silence.

“Thank you”. The words escaped his lips.

Tho, his voice wasn’t the warmest, it was still a shocker. The King…. appreciated her?

Shilah gulped hard and lowered her gaze to the floor.

“You… You’re welcome, My King” she stuttered, opened the door and finally left.



Thirty Minutes Later,

And King Dakota could be seen on the bed, fast asleep.




Queen Chaska walked towards the King’s room, looking simple, but Queeny.

Well, she was simple because it was still morning and she couldn’t carry out her heavy makeup yet. Although, that air of royalty still clung tight around her.

She looked a little nervous as well, her cheeks having some red touches.

She got to the King’s door and met the guards there as usual. Of course, she wasn’t expecting them to greet her.

“Is the King awake? I need to see him” she demanded, her heart pounding heavily.

She was so curious to know if her tea worked or not.

“Sorry, you can’t. The King is still asleep” the guard replied and that was enough to take Chaska to the sky.

Whaaaat???. It worked???? Goodness! Her tea did work! It worked!

“Oh! Bless Selene!” she chuckled.

“My tea actually did work! It worked!”

She laughed heartily as she turned around and started walking away, taking quick steps.

The maids she came across could notice how overly excited she was and wondered what could possibly be wrong with the Queen? They weren’t used to seeing her this way.

Chaska’s joy knew no bounds. Her tea actually worked and was able to put the King to sleep. Yes!! Shilah wasn’t the special one afterall.

She laughed again, joyously,and finally got to her room where she found her maid dressing the bed.

Gina stood upright the moment she noticed her Queen walk in, looking so excited.

“Gina, My tea worked!” Chaska laughed.

“It worked! It put the King to sleep” .

Gina’s eyes beamed.

“Oh, My! For real?” She gasped.

“Yes! I’m so happy!” Chaska touched her cheeks.

“Tell you what?” She continued.

“I’m keeping my promise to the goddess. Rush to the market and get me some supplies. I need to do my thanksgiving right away”.

“As you wish, My King. I’m so happy you were able to do something this special for the King”. Gina was also elated.

Chaska rushed to her closet and brought out some coins which she handed to Gina.

She was sure she knew what to get for the thanksgiving.

“Go on, now. Hurry” She urged her.

“As you wish, My Queen” Gina beamed and rushed out of the room.

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