Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 55

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 55

Chaska walked absent-mindedly to her room, looking so weak and drenched.

She looked like a ghost; like one who wasn’t even aware of her surroundings; could barely see or hear the maids that walked p@ssher.

*Your tea didn’t work for me, Chaska* The King’s words resounded in her head.

*I had to wake Shilah later in the night and asked her to make me some tea and that was the only way I was able to fall asleep*.

Her heart pounded heavily as she recalled the name: Shilah. Shilah.

She finally got to her chambers, and walking in, she found Gina already setting the things she bought.

“My Queen!” She beamed when she saw Chaska.

“I came in but couldn’t find you. Thank Selene you’re back now. Well, I …” Her words got cut off when she noticed how different her Queen looked.

Carewornly, Chaska walked to the bed and sat weakly on it, her eyes barely blinking.

“My Queen?” Gina called in surprise.

“Is there a problem?”

But, Chaska said nothing; not immediately.

“My Queen?”

And after a few seconds, she finally muttered some words:

“It Was Shilah. Shilah’s tea made him sleep” her tone was so low, Gina could almost not get a thing from it.

“Shilah?” She furrowed her brows.

“I…. I don’t think I understand. But, you made the tea, My Queen; not Shilah”.

A tear dropped from Chaska’s eye, and she wiped it off.

“My tea didn’t work for me” she repeated.

“He had to wake Shilah up to make him another and that was the only reason he could fall asleep. Mine had been just useless”.

Gina’s jaws dropped. Oh, no.

She looked at the things she had bought for the thanksgiving, then looked back at her Queen. This wasn’t good.

Chaska sniffed and stood up.

“It didn’t work” she muttered, taking a weak walk from the bed.

“My tea, the prayers, none of it worked!” She carried one of the plate of sweets and threw it hard on the floor, it crashed roughly to the point, even Gina was startled.

“All these – they’re just useless!!!” She kicked the flower vests.

“Everything! The goddess doesn’t like me; The Spirits don’t like me either!!! They made my prayers as useless as every other thing!!” She yelled out, kicking and throwing more things in the room.

Her face had a mixture of softness and fury.

“My Queen…..” Gina called with a gasp, fearing the Queen might end up destroying the entire room.

“They’re all useless! Useless!” Chaska continued crying in agony.

“It had to be Shilah! That witch; it had to be her! Her!! Argh!!”

She broke the last vest and finally broke down in tears, on the floor.

Gina heaved a sigh of relief, knowing she wouldn’t be breaking anymore things. She couldn’t recall when last she found tears on her Queen’s face. Oh, no….

“My Queen” She lowered herself on the floor next to her.

“Please, stop crying. We’ll find a solution to this. Please….”




Remata couldn’t believe her ears. Sukie had been lying to them the whole time? To every single person including the Queen?

Blessed Spirits! But, why would she lie?

If she didn’t go out to heal any woman, then where did she go for two days? And who has been sending her those gifts, flowers, letters?

Could it be what she was thinking?? Sukie was breaking the law!

“Please, Sister Remata” Mirinda called her attention.

“I wouldn’t want any ear to know I delivered this message to you”.

“You have nothing to fear, Mirinda. Don’t worry” Remata answered as she locked her door and started walking away.

“Wh…. Where are you going?!” Mirinda asked from behind, stretching her neck.

“Like I said, Mirinda, you shouldn’t worry” Remata replied without looking at her and finally went out of sight.

She was headed for the Queen’s chambers – to tell her of the new development.

That Sukie; she had always known there was something fishy about her; it’s just painful it took her this long to realize.

At last, she finally had something against her and couldn’t wait to expose her to everyone so she gets punished. How dare she? How dare she break the law?

Although, witches had the privilege to fall in love, but it must be a human and not a jackal or bloods*cker. And somehow, Remata felt whoever Sukie was playing hide and seek with, was not a human. If it had been a human male, then she’d have no reason to hide and lie about it. Something was not right and she couldn’t wait to spill it out to the Queen.


The Supreme Sister was standing in front of the mirror, staring at her image while the lower sisters fixed her dress for her.

Her hair had already been parked and styled, a light makeup done, and the maids were just straightening the long red gown.

“Supreme Sister, do you like the color of pin?” One of the sisters working on her dress asked and Kylie let out a smile as she admired it.

“Of course, I do” she answered.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Who’s it?” She asked, her gaze not leaving the mirror.

“Supreme Sister, it’s Remata” the recognizable voice replied and Kylie glanced at the door.

“Come in, Remata” she said, and the door opened with the young pretty lady, adorned in her red garment, coming in.

“Greetings, Supreme Sister” Kylie placed her palms together and lowered her head a little .

“What is it?” Kylie asked, looking at her.

And Remata lifted her gaze from the floor.

“There’s something important you need to know about Sister Sukie” she said.


Shilah was in her room, having a long conversation with Dyani.

They weren’t discussing anything specific, just Shilah asking some questions and trying to get familiar with the things of the mountain. Well, Dyani seemed to know a lot.

They were both having a good time, but not until they heard a knock on the door.

“Who do you think it could be?” Dyani asked, but Shilah didn’t really have an answer to that.

Well, she had two answers: either it was Queen Chaska, or the King’s guards. But she badly hoped it wouldn’t be Chaska.

“I’ll…. I’ll just check it out” she stood up and went to the door.

Opening it, her eyes dropped in total shock when she found the King standing in front of her.

Whaaaat???? The King????

She couldn’t be mistaken! It was…. it was really him!

That straight face, cold blue eyes, broad shoulders, air of royalty….

What was the King doing in her room?

“My….My King” she bowed her head immediately, the fear being so transparent on her face.

Dakota stood and studied her, his hands at his back, while two guards stood behind him.

The moment Dyani heard Shilah mention the King’s name, she sprang on her feet, but didn’t go to the door to meet them.

“Shilah” Dakota called, in that calm but frosty voice.

“Can I come into your room?”

Her heart summersaulted twice in her chest. What in the name of the spirits???? Why was he seeking her permission??? And…. why would he want to come into her room!?

Oh, no. She hasn’t done anything wrong, has she?

“Of….Of course, My King. It’d be a ple@sure” she swallowed hard and stepped away from the door.

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