Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 65

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 65

“There’s no witch outside the palace, Supreme Sister” Sister Elphaba confirmed her thoughts, staring keenly at the map.

“But which of our sisters would do such despicable act? It’s so unbelievable”.

Kylie was already burning with rage, her hands fisted on the table.

Not saying a word, she turned around and stormed out of the room, and the other sister followed.

She walked straight to the hall where the rest of the witches were gathered, everyone making a path for her to walk through.

The angry Kylie walked through, her red garment sweeping the floor until she had gotten to the front row and stood to face the witches.

“THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!” Her voice was a deep roar.

Kylie was just like her mother – dangerous when angry.

“Who made that poison and attacked one of the wind walkers?” Her blazing eyes were going around, scouring through the eyes of the others and trying to see if she could get any truth from them.

“I just checked the map and confirmed no other witch exists outside these walls. So, whoever made that poison, came from here and is probably staring at me right now!!”

She paced tho and fro.

“Few weeks ago, a witch here, broke the law and helped the Alpha King. And today, a witch broke another law and tried to cause a war. WHO IS IT?’ The thunderous echo in her voice swept a table off it’s balance, and few of the sisters flinched.

Silence descended afterwards as Kylie waited for someone to speak up; confess?

And finally, Remata did.

“I….. I think I might have an idea, Supreme Sister” she rose her left hand.

Kylie, who was too angry, said nothing as she awaited her to step out and speak. And she did.

All eyes had automatically turned on Remata immediately.

“I…. I just think it’s Sister Elphaba” she stuttered, creating a loud gasp in the hall.

Kylie stood still, just staring silently at her.

“I mean” she continued.

“Sister Elphaba lost her both daughters to rogues from the wolves. They made her lonely and motherless. And the other day, when we were working on the garden, she cursed and lamented on how much she hated the wolves and wished there was a way she could wipe them off the face of the earth. So…. I’m thinking she made that poison to k*il*l one of the King’s own and hurt him….”

“Remata, you’re talking nonsense!” Sister Elphaba cut in, her face having a crumpled look on.

“But, you know I’m not lying, Sister Elphaba. I respect you so much, but I have to say the truth” Remata said.

“You can ask Sister Sukie. She was there in the garden with us”.

And all eyes turned to Sukie; including Kylie.

“Is this true?” Kylie asked.

Sukie searched for words.

“I….it really did happen. I mean, back there in the garden, few weeks ago, Sister Elphaba was really bittered and talked about her losses in the past that came from the wolves. But, I don’t think it’s enough reason for her to create such an attack” Sukie said.

“Stop being so defensive all the time, Sukie” Remata chipped in.


“Sister Elphaba!” Kylie called out.

Few seconds later and the woman was standing in front of her.

“I need you to tell me the truth; are the accusations true?” She asked.

Elphaba’s head was bowed.

“Supreme Sister” she began.

“It’s true that I lost my two daughters to the rogues some years ago. And it’s also true I still feel bittered and pained about it and even talked about it in the garden. But carrying such despicable act; trying to cause a war between us and the Wolves, that is something I’d never do. Not even in death”

She paused and looked up at Kylie.

“I swear on my late daughters’ corpse, I have no idea about this. I didn’t do it” she said conclusively.

Silence descended afterwards as Kylie starred directly into her eyes.

For a long time, not a sound was heard in the hall and at that time, sister Elphaba had already lowered her gaze to the floor.

Was she telling the truth? Most people wondered.

“For centuries” Kylie finally said, walking slowly away from Elphaba and taking her eyes round to the rest of the sisters in front of her.

“Our past Elders made sure they did everything in their power to keep the laws. They made the laws, and they kept it. Yes, the Wolves and Vampires are our enemies, but rules are rules and I won’t have anyone trying to jeopardize that!! We don’t attract problems to ourselves, we only fight and k*il*l our enemies when they attack us.

“Now listen, I can forgive anything at all; but this – I’ll never forgive it. And the moment I know who the culprit is, I’ll burn you to death!!” Her voice echoed with anger.

And with that, she turned around and walked away.




Rancho – the Physician’s son – was the one in the room with Shilah.

She was still sleeping and he was using some water and a napkin to wash her feet which hadn’t been touched since she became unconscious. Queen Dyani had left to freshen up and Rancho had to take care of her.

Suddenly, there was a slight movement from her.

He noticed it and quickly looked at her face to see her lids fluttering. What?

Shilah felt warmth, calmness and weakness, all at the same time. She could feel some w*etness on her feet and had this urge to come awake already.

“Mm” she muttered some unclear words as she fluttered her eyes and finally pushed them open.

For the first few seconds, all she could feel was calmness.

Her eyes were just staring blankly at the familiar ceiling as she tried to recall where she was. Of course…. it was her room. The ceiling…it looked so familiar like that of her room.

“You’re awake” she suddenly heard a strange voice say.

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