Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 68

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 68

Dakota couldn’t comprehend the level of extreme hunger he felt at that point; séxual urges. He could tell he was being too fast and hard on Chaska but found it so hard controlling his urge.

“Oh….My King!” Chaska was m*oa*ning so loud, her breath hitching. His thrusts were fast and hard and gradually, it moved from ple@sure to pain for Chaska.


The intercourse went on for quite some time until Chaska couldn’t take anymore of it and had to reach out to his thighs, signalling him to withdraw. And finally, Dakota reached climax, released and pulled out of her.

A sharp gasp cut through her lips immediately as she tried catching her breath, her chest panting heavily.

Dakota moved away from her and pulled up his trousers. What was wrong with him? Why wasn’t he getting a grip of himself? He thought.

“You should go to your room and clean up, Chaska” he stated gruffly and left, going into the bathroom.

Chaska had a difficult time fixing her clothes and leaving the room. What happened to the King? He’s never been this s*e*xually rough before. What had driven his urge this mad? She wondered.


It was almost evening.

Shilah could be seen in her room, lying sideways on the bed with Dyani sitting in front of her.

She had just finished taking some pap – which Dyani had helped in feeding her – and was now resting.

“I’m just so happy you’re fine, Shilah. I wouldn’t know what to do if your hadn’t survived the attack. You know I was there with you when it happened and I’m so sure I’d have ended up blaming myself for the rest of my life” Dyani said, wearing a sympathic smile.

Shilah couldn’t help but feel a little important…

“I’m … I’m really grateful” she said.

“Since my mother died, this is the first time someone is showing concern towards me. Thank you”.

“Oh, come on, Shilah. It’s nothing” Dyani touched her thighs.

“You know…I grew up as the only girl in my family. The rest of my siblings we were all males and never really paid attention to me. Right from small, I’ve always desired to have a sister…. Someone I could care for and would also car for me; someone to tell my secrets…” She paused and chuckled.

“You’re the first lady I’m getting this close to. And perhaps, that’s the reason I feel so connected to you”.

Shilah was literally blushing. She lowered her gaze to the floor for some seconds.

“Well…. I might say we actually have same history. Although… mine is a little different because I did have sisters; but they never liked me”. A pathetic look crept into her face immediately.

“My mother was the only one that was there for me. Aside her, I didn’t enjoy what was called a family. I just feel bad that…. she left me too soon to suffer. My step family, they treated me so bad and never liked me. So, I never really enjoyed my sisters as well.”

For a minute, silence stretched between them both as they reflected on their pasts and the similarities.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. It broke into their thoughts aa they both glanced at it.

“I’ll go get it” Dyani said and stood up.

Well, she had to go get it because Shilah had been advised to lie sideways and not move so the spot wouldn’t open up. Dyani, getting to the door, opened it and was startled to find the King standing in front of her. What?

“My King…!” She bowed, her hand holding the door open.

King Dakota stood with his guards beside him and his hands crossed at his back. He looked calm and relaxed, and stretched his eyes into the room to see Shilah.

“Is Shilah in?” He asked coldly.

“Y.. Yes, My King. She’s just resting”. She answered and quickly stepped away from the door.

Dakota hesitated a little before proceeding, and Dyani could notice; he looked a little different – unsettled. Normally, he’d have asked how she was, but this time around, he simply asked after Shilah and walked in calmly. Was something bothering him?

She turned and watched him as he walked in and wanting to give them some space, she left the room.


“G… Greetings, My King” Shilah greeted nervously, wishing she could sit upright to welcome him.

Dakota said nothing as he took the seat in front of her.

“Shilah”. He called, leaning back on his chair. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m getting better, My King” she answered courteously.

She could notice his countenance wasn’t too well. He looked calm, but wasn’t calm. Those eyes…. she could tell they haven’t had some sleep.

King Dakota gave a nod. He just decided to check up on her before retiring to his room for the night. Despite his helpless non-challant att*itude, he still couldn’t walk p@ssthe fact she had gotten shot because she was trying to get some leaves for him. It was all because of him..

“Thank you, My King” her soothing voice came.

“For allowing the Physician take care of me”. Dakota nodded.

“It’s nothing; you’re welcome”.

A brief silence stepped in. And for an unknown reason, Pishan’s words came rolling into his head:

“Since Shilah seems to be this unique, do you think she could also create another difference and carry a male child?”

The thought struck hard at him. A male child. He sighed and adjusted on his seat, creating a sign he’d be standing up at any minute.

“It’s a good thing you’re getting better, Shilah. I wish you quick recovery” he stood up, his long garment making some flopping sounds as he did. Shilah was quick to think. What could she possibly do to help him?

“My King…!” She called his attention just before he’d walk away and Dakota turned to look at her.

He said nothing, but his eyes indicated he was awaiting her to go on. What she had in mind required a lot of guts to spit it out, but knowing the King was one impatient man, she decided to let it all out.

“I um… I was just wondering..” she paused and swallowed hard.

“Have you been able to… feed since I got shot?”. Dakota was a little startled. Why was she asking?

“No” came his simple reply.

Just like she had thought. Perhaps, there was just one way she could help him; but she wasn’t bold enough to spill it out. And as such, she kept the King waiting for such a long time.

“What is it, Shilah?” He finally asked, curiously. And her nervousness increased as she stared down at the floor.

“Um…. Nothing really, My King. It’s just that… I’ve been wondering. I mean, since you said you get hungry after intimacy with me, I was only thinking if… you’d want to get intimate right now”. Her eyes were pinned to the floor the whole time as she stuttered.

King Dakota was bemused. For a while, he was silent and just staring at her.

“You’re unwell, Shilah, and need some rest” he pointed out.

“No, no: My King, I can do it. Unless, of course, you don’t have any interest. I just want to be of help, My King,” she answered timidly.

Dakota could feel his manhood rising in it’s bosom already. He could feel it – that cravings.

He studied her position and figured if he wanted to do it, it’d have to be done from the side so he doesn’t tamper with her spot. And since she really wanted to be of help, perhaps, he should just do it.

He walked towards the door and opened it.

“Darci” he called on one of the guards standing there.

“Don’t let anyone in”.

“As you wish, My King” the guard replied.

And with that, Dakota closed the door and walked towards Shilah on the bed.

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