Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 7

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 07 Unbreakable curse

Shilah was still shaking three on the floor as she watched the White Wolf run away. It left..! Didn’t hurt her! Oh; she’d been so scared.

Her heart was still beating rapidly with sweats dripping down her forehead. She could hear it’s howl even as it ran away. She was so scared to even move.

“It’s fine, Shilah; it’s fine” she tried consoling herself repeatedly, but it just wasn’t working out.

Her eyes found the hem leaves on the floor, and with shaky hands, she crawled to it and picked it up, her breath hitching. Her intestines were churning, she suddenly had a string urge to puke. But hell, no; she couldn’t do it. Not out here.

She looked back at the direction the wolf had taken, but there was no sign of it; even it’s howling had stopped. And without further hesitation, but still in fear, she stood up and stated running away, running back home.


Dakota’s brother and beta – Raksha – stood at the balcony, leaning over the rails. He looked burdened and deep in thoughts, and Chaska had noticed him from a distance.

She had scrutinized him from where she stood before deciding to go meet him.

Raksha was a fine young man, although he’d gotten a scar on his face when he was one day, attacked by a rogue. It was a thick scar by his left cheek, which went down to his neck, altering his handsomeness a little. But of course, the rogue which had been responsible for that, didn’t leave to see the dawn of another day.

He had large muscles, grey eyes and always had a stern look on. And each time he was angry, his face gets worst.

“What could the Almighty Beta be worried about?” Chaska suddenly made her voice known as she approached him with a smile on her face.

Chaska had a unique set of eyes that made her look more pretty when she was being sarcastic, or mischievous.

Raksha adjusted a little as he turned to look at her. He sighed afterwards and returned back to his position of leaning on the rails.

“I don’t recall asking for company, Queen Chaska. If you’re done, you can leave” he grunted.

“Oh, really?” Chaska scoffed,

“You don’t have to take everything to heart, Raksha. Sometimes, I can be really caring,just like I’m trying to be now”. She paused and smiled, going closer to him.

“I was wondering… would you happen to know where King Dakota had gone with his gamma and the Physician?”

The question only pricked Raksha some more as he felt out of the picture.

“You’re asking the wrong person, Chaska. I have no idea” he grunted.

“I see. But I must say that’s quite pathetic, you know?” She began. “you should come before his gamma. Why coming after?”

She could notice Raksha fisting his hands.

“Oh, dear” she sighed. “Seems your mother could only get him to make you his beta, but she couldn’t get him to chose you over his gamma. If you’d ask me, I’d say Dakota only gave you that title, but in the real sense, you’re one of the lowest in the pack”.

“Shut up, Chaska..! And get away from me;” he turned to her and yelled, his entire body vibrating with anger.

Chaska let out a scornful laugh and walked away; knowing she’d gotten what she wanted.

Well, they all deserved it; recalling all they’d made her p@ssthrough when she was unable to give birth to a male child. They’d ridiculed and treated her like trash, and now, she was out to make them suffer.


Beside the river bank, the waters bubbling along it’s bed with the crickets perking in the air, King Dakota stood with a still face as his gamma helped put on his robe for him.


They’d been silent for quite sometime, each putting on a worried look, apart from the witch,tho – Sukie.

“Why didn’t it work?” Pishan suddenly asked, after he finished wearing the King’s robe.

He looked at the Physician, before turning to Sukie.

“Why didn’t it work, Sukie? Why’s the curse unable to break?”

“And how am I supposed to know?” Sukie scoffed.

“I did my own part, Okay? Besides, you said you were only giving it a try, right? And fiend have a full guaranty it was going to work”.

The gamma bit his lower lip and placed his hands at akimbo. That was true; they were only giving it a try and didn’t have a full guaranty it was going to work. But still, he’d been so hopeful it would work.

“What can we do, Sukie?” He turned to her again and asked.

“You should know I have no idea. Sorry, it didn’t work, but I need to go back home. And make sure you stick to your word of not letting anyone know about this, because if my sisters get to know….”

“So, you’re just gonna leave?” Pishan cut her off.

“You traveled all the way across the mountains just to achieve nothing??”

“And what’re you talking about?? I tried my best!” She snapped.

“But your best isn’t good enough…!”

It caused a deep silence.

Afterwards, King Dakota placed his hand on Pishan’s chest.

“That’s fine; let’s go”. He murdered and started walking towards his horse.

Sukie knew Pishan to be a man of short temper, but she was disappointed.

She moved closer to him, her round balls staring directly into his.

“I never knew you could be this ungrateful” she muttered, turned around and started towards her own horse.

Pishan had suddenly become calm like he’d realized his mistake in yelling at her, but it was already too late as Sukie had already climbed onto her horse and started riding away, making it move really fast.

“Let’s get out of here” The Physician snapped him out of his thoughts and also walked towards his own horse.


Shilah walked into the house, the upper part of her dress soaked with the sweats she had dripped while running all the way to the house. She was still panting heavily, and when her family spotted her, they couldn’t help but feel surprised.

“She’s back!” Ina was the first to raise the alarm.

Then, her mother followed and they ran speedily towards her.

“Did you get the leaves?” Mrs Walter asked, her eyes wide open with curiosity.

Shilah didn’t say a word but just handed the leaves to her. And with a wild gasp, she turned around to take the leaves to Pia.

Ina was the only one left with Shilah in the first room.

“Did anything happen while you were out there?” She asked, but Shilah shook her head slowly, taking her gaze to the floor.

She couldn’t think of telling her about her experience with the red eyed wolf; it was useless.

Ina noticed the scratch on her arm, but decided not to pay attention to it.

“For the first time in your life, you did something reasonable” she huffed and walked away while Shilah simply took the stairs, headed for her room.

As soon as she got into her room, she sat quietly on the bed and huddled her arms and legs. She felt so cold; the memories flashing back to her head.

The red eyed wolf. What if it’d k*lled her? Or harmed her??

She looked at the scratch on her arm, still finding it painful. Why did he scratch her there? Was it meant to be a mark it something?

She exhaled deeply and leaned her head on the wall staring up at the ceiling.

Red-eyes…. She thought. Only an Alpha could have red eyes. Could it be possible that wolf was an Alpha? The Alpha King?

No; it can’t be possible; she couldn’t believe she had met with the ruthless King; King Dakota. It’s just not possible.

But what else could the red eyes mean – she thought. Definitely, it wasn’t something good.


Queen Chaska was the first person in the palace to notice King Dakota’s return. She’d been standing by the window and had seen him riding in with his gamma and Physician. Hm. So, they were back already? Who knows where they’d gone to??

She’d taken a good study of the King’s face and noticed he was looking angry and disappointed. As he rode on that horse, Chaska could notice he was a replica of his father. His father and mother had passed away.

But what could be wrong with him? Why was he looking that way? Hmph. It was getting her a little curious.

An idea suddenly flashed through her mind to go please him, but she knows the King too well – he could get really aggressive when angry. So, she was just going to wait a little.

Yes, she’d wait a little for him to calm down and after that, she’d go use her magical body on him. She’s always been the King’s favorite in bed nd knew she could get him easily. As soon as he’s melted in her arms, she’d try to get the truth out of him.

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