Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 72

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 72

The Luna smiled as her husband complimented her in th the presence of the Alpha King and his wives.

“Thank you so much, Alpha” she looked at him and said. “It has always been a ple@sure being with you”.

And Alpha Frosty tapped her hand.

“That’s a good thing to hear” King Dakota f0rced himself to say, trying not to look negative.

You might call it what you want, but Dakota hated seeing such romance. Perhaps, it was because he hadn’t been opportune to experience such….

The maids were finally done dishing out the meals and they served it respectively. But Shilah was more concerned about the King. How was he going to eat? She was sure he wouldn’t want the ALPHA and his family to know about his digestion problem; and he also wouldn’t want them to think he was rejecting their meal.

So, she was curious.

“I hope you get to like the meal, Alpha King” Alpha Frosty said.

“I selected the best cooks in my pack”.

Dakota only gave a gruntful smile as he picked up his wooden spoon and got ready to eat.

Every other person had began eating already and suddenly, Dakota glanced at Shilah, getting their eyes interlocked for a second.

Shilah was the first to look away, while Dakota did same – staring down at his meal..

Slowly, he took in a spoon of sauced veggies.

His fear flashed right in his eyes as he felt that irresistible choking. f0rcefully, he managed to gulp down the vegetables and took in a lot of water.

Alpha Frosty noticed his struggle, including Shilah who was looking very worried.

“Alpha King, are you alright?” Alpha Frosty asked, concerned. Dakota said nothing immediately as he tried getting a grip of himself


“Don’t worry; I’m fine” he finally grunted, raising a hand. He sighed and leaned back on his seat.

“I just… I don’t think I can eat this for now”.

“Why? Is there something wrong with the meal? Do I need to get the maids punished? Should I….”

Dakota stopped him with the wave of a hand and Frosty went mute immediately, but still staring curiously.

“I think it has to do with the long ride” King Dakota finally found a perfect excuse.

“My system is not settled”.

“Oh…. I see” Alpha Frosty bopped his head.

“So…. what can be done, Alpha King? I feel so terrible my destination was the reason for this. Please, if there’s anything my family and I can do”. King Dakota let a few seconds p@ssbefore proceeding.

“I think I need to freshen up, Frosty” he said. .

“Take me to my room, and when I’m done resting, I can order for dinner”.

“Ah! That sounds like a better idea” Frosty hopped on his feet.

“I’ll sure you to your room right away, Alpha King”. Dakota hesitated a little before standing up.

“Alpha King, I do hope you get better” the Luna said with unfeigned concern, and Dakota simply nodded before walking away with Frosty.

“Don’t worry, King Dakota is a strong man. He’ll surely be fine” Chaska suddenly said, referring to the Luna.

“Ah! Of course, I don’t doubt that. Only the strongest man in the pack can shoulder such responsibilities” Luna Amina replied, having a warm smile on.

“And I hope y’all are enjoying the meal?” She asked.

“Definitely. It’s awesome” Chaska beamed.

Nosheba was grumpily silent, while Shilah was nervously silent. About a month ago, she never thought she’d be dining with Queens.

“You’re the King’s latest wife, right?” She suddenly heard a question that sounded like it was being referred to her.

Slowly, she lifted her gaze and found the Luna smiling at her.

“Um….Y…Yes” she gulped hard and added a bow. Nosheba had to scoff at her pettiness.

“Wow. You’re indeed beautiful”. The Luna said.

“Of course, she would” Chaska chuckled.

“She’s been privileged to taste and experience things she never thought she could taste in over twenty years”.

Her words struck Shilah hard in the chest. Goodness; she didn’t want the embarra*s*sment.

Luna Amina could perceive the scorn in Chaska’s words, but decided to let it pass. And as the Queens dined, they continued having some chit-chats.



After the meal, each Queen was shown to her room and Chaska got more anxious, realizing it was getting darker and her plan was not into effect yet. By morning, they’ll be leaving already.

She was dressing up in her room after taking a bath when she suddenly heard a knock on the door. Oh-oh. Who could it be? Her curiousity increased

“Hold on” she said and hastened up with her dress.

She didn’t even finish properly as all she wanted was to know who was knocking and finally, she went for the door.

“Bay!” Chaska’s eyes beamed as she stared at the maid standing in front of her.

“Chaska!” The maid laughed and leaped into her arms for a hug. “I can’t believe this is you”.

“Of course, it is me. Come in. Come in” Chaska happily led her in and closed the door behind them. And they hugged again.

“I feel so happy to see you, Chaska” the maid said.

“Oh! Trust me, I’m the happiest. How have you been?” Chaska asked, helping her adjust her hair.

“Well…. What can I say? Working with the Red Moon Pack had been actually fun. The Alpha and his family has been really nice”.

“Hmm. That’s good to hear”.

Chaska walked over to her table to pour her a drink.

Chaska and Bay had been close friends before she became Queen. Bay, Chaska and her sister – Lady Cami who was now a mistress to the VampLord – were all very close and related like family before circumstances splitted them apart. Chaska got married to Dakota, Lord Ryder liked Cami and took her as his mistress and Bay got banished from the pack due to a set up and apparently, decided to join the Red Moon Pack.

“Have you been hearing from Cami? How’s she?” Bay asked as Chaska walked towards her with the drink.

“Yes. She’s doing great. I might be going to see her one of these days”. Chaska handed the drink to her.

“Thank you”. She smiled as she collected it and took a gulp. And Chaska just smiled and watched her.

“Um…. Yesterday, you sent a letter to me, telling me you’d be needing my help. Is there a problem?” Bay asked.

“Well… I wouldn’t really call it a problem, Bay, because I believe it’s something you can easily do” Chaska replied, watching the curiosity quell on her face.

“I need your help badly, Bay, because this is very important to me. I need you to get me the Queen’s moonlight ring”. Bay’s eyes dropped in shock.

“What??” She scoffed. “The Queen’s moonlight ring?”

“Yes, dear. You heard me right” Chaska held her hand and prevented her from stepping back.

“I don’t want you to think negatively, Bay, because this is very important to me”.

“But….” Bay shook her head. “I really don’t understand. What do you need the Queen’s ring for? There’s no way she’s ever letting go of that”.

Chaska let go of her hand and walked to her bag, returning with a little wrapped bag. It was little, but looked full.

“This is a lot of money, Bay” she placed the bag in her palms.

“And I promise to give you more if you get this simple task done. I heard your mother is sick, and with this, I’m definite your story would change forever….”

Bay’s heart was thumping so fast. Staring at the bag of coins in her palms, she was already getting rid of her standards.

“B….But what do you need it for?” She looked up at Chaska and asked.

“If the Queen doesn’t have the ring on the night of the full moon, she’ll be dead”.

“Don’t worry, Bay; I have no intention of k*il*ling anyone. I promise you, this ring would not leave this Palace. Before we ride out tomorrow morning, I’ll make sure it’s back to the Queen. Trust me” Chaska replied, trying so hard to get rid of her conscience.

Bay looked at the bag again before looking up at Chaska. She’s known her since childhood and could probably trust her.

“But … I can’t take it off her neck” she quivered. And that pushed Chaska into thoughts.

“Um…. There should be something, Bay. Does she sleep with it?” She asked.

“N….No. Actually, she removes it most evenings when she’s taken her bath. And…. I think she must’ve taken her bath already”.

“Perfect!” Chaska clapped her hands.

“Then you should go to her right away! Hurry, Bay. I’ll keep this for you” she collected the money from her and started pushing her out of the room, slowly.

“Chaska” Bay called when she stood in between the opened door.

“Are you sure about this? I don’t want to get into trouble”.

“You have my word. You’ll be fine” Chaska said with a rea*s*suring smile and watched her leave.

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