Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 73

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 73

Bay walked to the Luna’s door and knocked on it – nervously.

“Who is it?” She heard her genial voice and stuttered before answering.

“It’s…. It’s Bay, Luna” her head was bowed and afterwards, she opened the door and went in.

The Queen was standing in front of the big bed, taking off her jewelries – including the ones from her hair – and Bay figured she wanted to take her bath. There were two other maids beside her.

“Greetings, My Queen” she bowed in front of her.

“Bay, how’re you doing?” The Luna smiled at her.

“I’m doing great Luna. I uh… just came over to see if you needed me to do something for you”.

“Oh! That’s so thoughtful of you. But not to worry, I’m fine. I’m just about taking my bath and Vee and Nissa are already helping me out” The Luna replied gratefully.

She’s always been a jovial person and liked Bay in particular – especially with the touching story of how she got banished from her pack. That’s one reason Bay couldn’t think of betraying her – ever.

She glanced at her neck and noticed she didn’t have the necklace on. That could only mean she’s done wearing it for the day and had dropped it in it’s usual box.

“If I need anything, I’ll be sure to let you know, Bay” the Luna beamed at her and walked away, going into the bathroom with the other maids. She trusted Bay that much to leave just her in her room. Goodness!

Bay took in a deep breath and looked up at the ceiling. She really didn’t want to do anything that’d endanger her Queen’s life – especially when she’s been so good to her. Anyway, Chaska was never a type to go back on her words. She already promised it’d return to the Luna by morning and maybe she should trust her. But, if she discovers she’s trying to play tricks on her and doesn’t return the ring by morning, then she’d spill the whole truth to the Queen – even if it requires her getting punished as well.

With that conclusion, Bay went over to her closet, opened it carefully and pulled out the necklace. And finally, she walked out of the room.


Chaska was so anxious as she paced restlessly in the room. Her both hands on her waist and her ears at alert, hoping to hear a knock.

What was taking her so long? She panicked. She wouldn’t get caught, right?

At last, she heard the anticipated knock and rushed to open the door. Thank the goddess, it was Bay!

“You’re back” she spoke with beady eyes – her hands going all around her.

Where was the necklace?? Bay didn’t say a word as she made her way into the room while Chaska locked the door behind her.

“Did you encounter any problem?” She faced her and asked. And quietly, Bay took out the necklace from her dress.

“Hah!” Chaska gasped, her eyes having some sparkles. “You did it! You got it,Bay!”

She laughed happily and tried collecting it from her, but Bay withdrew.

“The Luna has been so nice to me, Chaska, and I wouldn’t want to pay her with evil. So, you need to promise me you’ll get this ring to her again like you said” Bay demanded.

The task was no doubt, too inundating for her.

“Come on, Bay” Chaska rolled her eyes.

“If something happens to the Luna, I’d also be implicated because I know you’ll definitely expose me. And trust me, I have so much good plans for my life and wouldn’t want to put an end to it at this point. So, you have nothing to worry about, Bay. Now, let me have the necklace, please” she stretched out her palm and reluctantly, Bay handed the necklace to her.

As soon as the cold gem touched Chaska’s palm, she smiled. Finally, it was in her hand. Oh, Shilah…..

A cranky smile cut through from her lip.


Shilah felt so lonely and bored in the room that’d been given to her.

She was standing and leaning on the window, just staring out in the dark and feeding her eyes. The Pack was nothing like the Palace, she thought. It was smaller and looked beautiful, but not huge as expected.

Well, that should probably be the difference between the Palace of the Alpha King, and the abode of an Alpha.

She was so bored and thought, if Dyani had been there, she prolly wouldn’t be feeling that way. Sadly.

Shortly, she heared a knock on the door and moved away from the window. Who could it be?

Brows furrowed, she walked towards the door and on opening it, found the King’s beta, standing in front of her. Huh?

“Queen” Raksha called the name with a little venomous echo. The scar across his cheek gave him a permanent antagonistic look.

“The King wants you in his Chambers. Follow me” he c*oc*ked his head to the right and started walking away.

Shilah felt her systems churn. Oh, no; The King wants her? She brushed her palm over her face and went after Raksha.

For the past four days, the King hadn’t touched her. Although, they had an agreement of “sèx every morning and tea every night”. But after Shilah had gotten healed from her arrow shot two days later, she tried going to the King’s room, but his guards wouldn’t let her in as they claimed the King didn’t want to see anyone.

She really didn’t know what was wrong with him and wished she could help.

And now, getting to know he was calling for her, it kind of gave her more relief, but also made her scared at the same time. He’s been acting so angry and grumpy for the past few days and Shilah couldn’t help but hope she was going to be fine.


Getting to the King’s room, she found two guards at the door and waited for Raksha to open up.

“You can go in” he told her, and nervously, Shilah opened the door and walked in.



Queen Chaska was standing and watching from a distance.

Her heart squeezed tightly in her chest as she watched Shilah walk into the King’s room. The heck?? The King wouldn’t send for her, but preferred sending for that low life.

Her eyes glinted with anger as the thought flashed at her. The ingrate was trying so hard to be the King’s favorite, but never will she let that happen.

She turned around and walked away, headed for Shilah’s room. The desire of what she was about doing gave her so much joy and relief. Oh, Shilah! She couldn’t wait to have her disgraced the following morning. She couldn’t wait to see the King’s expression, and also couldn’t wait to see all the Luna would do to her for trying to steal her precious ring – Chaska thought grimly.

Finally, she arrived at Shilah’s room, opened the door and walked in. At some point, it was a good thing the King sent for her because Chaska had been thinking of a way to get in the whole time.

She looked round the capacious room and found her small bag beside the bed. Her heart beamed heavily and without hesitation, she brought out the necklace from her dress, hurried to the bag, opened it up and fixed the necklace at the deepest part of the bag – where she was sure Shilah wouldn’t think of checking.

She felt victorious after doing this and quickly tied up the bag. And making sure she didn’t leave any careless trace of her presence in the room, she finally left.

Stepping out of Shilah’s room, Chaska was surprised to find Nosheba standing in front of her. Huh? What was the senior Queen witch doing there?

Nosheba stood some meters away as she stared surprisingly at Chaska.

“Isn’t this…. Shilah’s room?” She asked with a scoff, walking towards Chaska who tried as much as possible not to fumble.

“What were you doing there?”

“Well, I went in to see her, but unfortunately she’s not around. And I think you should mind your business”. Chaska rolled her eyes and walked away.

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