Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 74

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 74

Shilah walked into the King’s room and found him reading. There was a studying chair and table by the side of the well-furnished room and there he sat, reading with the aid of the lamplight.

If he wasn’t writing, he was reading. Such a mundane life – Shilah thought.

“Gr… Greetings, My King” she bowed, standing nervously in front of him.

Her eyes caught the sight of the food on the other side of the table. Oh…. Now, her purpose of being there was fully confirmed.

King Dakota said nothing for a long time as he seemed engrossed in the book he was reading. Well, Shilah was already used to his silent treatment and just waited patiently. As she did, she took out time to steal glances at the King’s face. It was looking so hard and icy. Although, it didn’t take his handsomeness away.

Then, finally, she heard that grumpy voice:

“Take off your clothes, Shilah”. She froze for a bit.

Although, the King had always sounded cold and grumpy, but Shilah could tell he sounded differently cold that night. She couldn’t tell what was wrong with him.

She gulped nervously and walked over to the bed, taking off her clothes and laying quietly. She wasn’t as nervous as she used to be, But her mind was still not at ease as she stared nervously at the King. What could be wrong with him?

King Dakota let a long time p@ssbefore deciding to join Shilah on the bed. He felt so itchy and irritated and wouldn’t want to touch any woman, but since he needed to eat in order not to get Alpha Frosty suspicious, he had no option but to send for Shilah.

His anger and violent nature was increasing day by day and he didn’t even want to imagine what would happen in three days’ time. The Moon Night had become his worst enemy.

He sighed pathetically and stood up from his seat, ready to join Shilah. He was going to make it as quick as possible so she can leave immediately.


Nosheba was brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Dressed in her night dress, she was ready to go to sleep.

She hated how fat the mirror made her face look. Urgh! Virgin good can ever come out of this little pack; everything was just so poor, she could barely adjust to it.

She hissed and glared at the reflection of room from the mirror. It was nothing like her big refurbished chamber there at the palace and shee just couldn’t wait to get done from here and return home.

Suddenly, she heard a knock on the door.

“Oh! Who’s that pest?” She cursed under her breath, dropping the hairbrush angrily on the table.

She stood up and walked towards the door. And oh opening it, her brows arched in surprise to see Raksha walking out.

“What?” She called huskily.

Raksha held her waist and pushed her into the room slowly before locking the door.

“Hey sweetheart” he beamed and hugged her, but Nosheba didn’t let the hug last three seconds.

“Raksha! What’re you doing here?? You know we’re not home!” Her voice was a husky whisper.

“Oh, come on Nosheba. You worry too much. It’s late in the night and almost everyone is asleep….” Raksha licked out his tongue.

“But what if the King comes looking for me? Or…Or a maid shows up?”

“Shilah is with the King, and give me one reason a maid would come looking for you? This isn’t home, remember?” Nosheba rolled her eyes in defeat.

“Fine!! But why’re you here?” She demanded, still sounding worried.

“Well….” Raksha pulled her closer by the waist. “I was just lonely and bored and thought you might need some company”. He chuckled and licked her earlobe.

“Hey, hey; calm down, Raksha….”

“Oh, come on, Nosheba! We’re just the only ones here. This could be a perfect time to make our son” Raksha groaned.

“What? Are you joking?? We can’t have intercourse, Raksha. This is someone’s room!” Her eyes were dilating.

“And what does it matter? Moreover, it’s a guest room…”

“Raksha …”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be quick” he cut the rest of the words off her lips with a kiss as he pushed hee to her to the bed afterwards.

Nosheba gasped when her back hit the bed and Raksha began undressing. Staring into his eyes, she could see so much lust; so much thirst for ple@sure.

He took off his heavy clothings, left in just his underwears and jumped on her body immediately.

“I’ve missed you, you know that?” He said in deep breaths as he f0rcefully pulled down the edge of her nightdress so her left breàst came falling out.

His eyes were focused on the nipple – red, plump and round.

He let out a satisfying grunt as he circled his tongue right in, making Nosheba throw her head back in e*cstasy.

“Oh….!” A m*oa*n left her lips.

In as much as she didn’t want to do this with him, her body couldn’t help but oppose and submit to the Master in front of him. Unconsciously, her both hands rose from their positions and held his hair, pushing him closer.

Raksha circled his tongue round it again, and for the third time, enveloped it completely with his lips. Then, he took little draws from it.

“Oh… Raksha!” She tried controlling the tune of her voice.

He kept his lips on the nipple as he worked his hand down to her legs and pulled her night dress upto her waist level.

“You still taste so sweet” he mumbled on the nipple, enjoying the tiny milk that popped out of it.

He took off her undies and parted her legs apart, wide enough for him to settle. Then, he let go of the br*ast and moved to her lips next.

Crashing it, he removed his erécted organ from his undies and slid it right into her vàgina.

“Ah!” Nosheba separated her lips from his so she could m*oa*n out, but Raksha regained possession of her lips in no time.

He moved in and out of her, noting her vàgina was not as tight as it used to be. It was probably because she just put to bed. Either way, it didn’t stop her from being sweet to him.

As their tongues waggled, so did his c*oc*k go deeper into her, giving the walls of her vàgina a hard slam.

Well, Raksha could think he was going deep into her, but for Nosheba, she could only feel him at the tip.

Raksha was only fat down there, but didn’t have the length. And at some point, Nosheba had to fake her m*oa*ns.

She caressed her hands on his sweaty back as he leaned on her chest and thrusted in and out of her w*et vàgina. Trying so hard to be fast and not get caught, he reached climax sooner and pulled out of her when he was done.

“Oh! Bless the spirits; you taste so good, Nosheba” he muttered, getting his clothes from the floor.

Nosheba pulled the duvet to cover herself and stared silently at him as he dressed up.

When he was done, he went closer to her and pecked her cheek.

“I can’t wait to see you carry my son” he cooed, staring affectionately into her eyes..

It made Nosheba blush.

“Goodnight” she bit her lower lip.

“Goodnight, my jewel” he kissed her again and finally left the room.



Chaska had been thirsty and needed some water. Unfortunately, she wasn’t at her comfortable palace where she had maids at her beck and call. Over here, there wasn’t even a single maid outside her door.

She lamented angrily as she left her room and walked down the hallway, looking for a maid that could be of help. She was already getting so frustrated when she suddenly saw something that pricked her attention.

Swiftly, she ran and hid behind a wall to avoid getting seen.

Prince Raksha?

He was sneaking out of a room, looked left and right before scurrying away. And it wasn’t just any room, but Nosheba’s!

What was Raksha doing in Nosheba’s room so late at night?

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