Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 75

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 75

The sun was dominating it’s place in the morning sky.

Sound of horses neighing and humans talking could be heard from outside as the three Queens packed up their bags in their separate rooms.

Chaska was both anxious and enthusiastic of what would happen in a very short time from now.

Nosheba, on the other hand, was also enthusiastic and expectant.

And Shilah….Well, she was just being herself. Except for the fact that she was a little worried about the King. His strange behaviour was inundating her as she couldn’t help but wonder what could be wrong with him.

She could recall the previous night’s incidence. He had been so strange…

Although, the King was known to be grumpy and all, but last night had seemed to exceptional as he mated her like he was disgusted and being f0rced to do it. It didn’t even last for long. And as soon as he was done, he ordered her out of his room.

She had felt both sad and embarra*s*sed, but alas, there was nothing she could do….


With the three Queens done with their bags, they picked it up and left the room. Chaska and Nosheba were angry they had to hold their bags themselves. The Red Moon Pack completely lacked manners – they thought.

At the exit hall, there the three Queens met, alongside the King who had been standing and talking with Alpha Frosty.

Chaska and Nosheba glared at each other, while Shilah just controlled her gaze away from them, not wanting any trouble. She looked at the King preferably who was standing with that aura of chauvinism around him; his hands crossed at his back as he listened to Alpha Frosty.

“I’ll never forget this day, My King. I don’t even know how to thank you” Frosty said, speaking with so much grat*itude.

He caught the presence of the Queens.

“Oh! My dearest Queens” he bowed his head to their direction.

“It hurts me to see you with your bags. Hope you had a pleasant night?”

“We sure did, Alpha Frosty. But perhaps, it’d be better if your maids helped us with the bags” Chaska gave a sarcastic smile, making Nosheba glance at her.

She shouldn’t do that in front of the King.

“Oh! Please, pardon my mistake, dear Queen. Maids!” Frosty clapped his hands and five maids came running out.

“Please,get the bags from the Queens” he ordered and the maids bowed and took the bags from them.

“Looks like your Luna is busy. You might have to extend my regards to her” Dakota said, noting Amina should be there, but she wasn’t.

Alpha Frosty was also confused.

“I…. I think she’s on her way, Alpha King. She should be here shortly” he defended, stretching his neck towards the direction she was supposed to take.



Luna Amina was in her room, scattering and turning everywhere apart.

She was already sweating profusely as her heart pounded heavily in her chest. Where could it be? She could remember vividly – she’d taken it off and kept it in the closet like she always did. Why wasn’t she seeing it?

Her face was crumpled up with worries as fear glistened in her eyes. Where was it? Where was it???

Suddenly, the door went open with Bay coming in. She had been knocking for a long time, but the Luna was too distraught to even realize.

“My Queen!” Bay called, shocked at how scattered the room was. “My Queen, is there a problem?”

Of course, she had a hint on what the problem was. The Queen didn’t even look at her as she continued searching until finally, releasing the unbelievable had happened, she stood upright and faced her.

“My moonlight ring” she said in deep breaths.

“I can’t find it! Its been stolen”.

Bay tried as much as possible to express her shock. She had a feeling she showed more guilt than shock.

She couldn’t even utter a word, just stared at the Queen with feigned disbelief. And in that disorganized state, the Queen left the room while Bay followed.



King Dakota was about walking away with Frosty when they suddenly heard hasty footsteps and turned to see the Queen running towards them. What?

She looked sweaty, worried and disorganized.

‘”Amina!” Frosty called in shock, spreading his palms apart.

“Are you …..”

“No! I’m not fine” she cut him off, her chest rising and falling heavily. Well, her life was at stake!

Frosty paused and glanced at Dakota. He really hoped his wife wasn’t trying to embarr@sshim in front of the Alpha King. Dakota was watching intently while Shilah was trying so hard to cloak her smiles.

“Wh…. What is it, Amina?” Frosty looked at her and asked.

She had gotten close already.

“It’s my ring! My….My moonlight ring. It’s missing!” She said and even Dakota, who rarely reacted to things, had to express his shock.

He knew about the ring and knew just how important it was to the Luna.

“What’re you talking about, Amina? What do you mean your ring is missing?” Frosty scoffed.

“Well, I…. I’d just finished dressing up and as usual, went to the closet to take it out, but it was nowhere to be found! I’ve… I’ve turned the room into a mess, searched everywhere, but I still can’t find it, Alpha. It’s not there!” She was yelling, hyperventilating and still sweating profusely

Alpha Frosty was confused. It was strange for the moonlight ring to go missing. Who would even make such attempt?

“Listen to me, Amina” he held her hands.

“Just take a deep breath and calm yourself. There’s no way your ring can go missing. You probably misplaced it somewhere and trust me, we’ll definitely find….”

“No!” She withdrew her hand from his.

“I know what I’m saying, Alpha and there’s no way I could’ve misplaced that ring! It’s my life and I protect it as such! I….I remember vividly – I had taken it off before going for a bath,I placed it right inside my closet. I can swear with my life!”

Tears were already rolling down her cheeks. Bay was nearly shaken. She didn’t like this; not at all. What exactly does Chaska have in mind?

Alpha Frosty was beginning to get worried as well, but he didn’t want this happening in fronti of the Alpha King.

“Okay; Okay; I believe you” he touched her cheeks..

“How about….. we see the King off, then come back and run a thorough search?”

For a while, the Luna only sobbed but didn’t say a word. Then slowly, she lifted her eyes to look at Dakota’s wives.

This was dangerous … She knew.

“If we must search” she said. “Then, the search must start from them”.

Frosty gasped like she had just said the forbiddable.

“Amina! What nonsense!” He rasped and the Luna quickly ran to Dakota and knelt in front of him

“Oh! Alpha King, I plead your forgiveness for this madness! But I’m just a helpless woman trying to fight for my life so I don’t have to die in two days time. This is the first time my ring is ever going missing and I don’t even know what to think. Please, pardon me for this, but I just need to do this. Please…”

She placed her palms together and wept profusely.

Alpha Frosty was still burning with rage and fear. How dare she?? She was risking her life and his entire pack as well.

Suspense ran in the hall as Dakota remained silent for a long time, just staring down at the Luna.

Chaska could feel her heart squeezing in her chest. This was the anticipated time. Oh, Dakota; just say yes already!!

“Guards!” Dakota finally called, and his guards came flooding in.

“My King!” They went on one knee.

Alpha frosty was confused as he didn’t know what the guards were meant for. To seize him or….?

“Take the Queen’s bags and emptied them on the floor” he gave the order.

“YES!!” Chaska exclaimed in her heart. Oh! If only she could scream it all out.

She could feel her cheeks heating up as the guards stood up and set to work, taking the bags from the maids.

She looked at Shilah. Oh, poor Shilah! She was looking so harmless. If only she knew…

She couldn’t wait to see the King get so angry and disappointed with her and punish her. At last, he’d see her for who she truly was – a lowlife thief!

“Oh! May you forever remain blessed, My King! Thank you! Thank you!” The Luna whimpered as she stood on her feet and turned to the direction of the guards, watching our for the ring.

Silence dominated the place as the guards carefully emptied the bags. And suddenly, the Luna screamed.

“This is it! This is my ring!” She ran to the floor and picked it up with the rope it had been tied with.

King Dakota was abacked. A wild gasp ran across the room

“What??” Alpha Frosty flinched.

“Yes!” Chaska laughed heartily in her heart.

But her cheeks suddenly went cold when she noticed something was wrong. Confusingly wrong. Hold on, The ring …it wasn’t found in Shilah’s bag.

It was found in….


It was found in her own bag!

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