Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 76

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 76

If there was a word greater than fear and confusion, Chaska would’ve sure used it on herself at that moment. Her eyes dimmed and grew lustreless; all eyes were already turning at her.

“What?” Alpha Frosty couldn’t hold down his amusement.

“This is unbelievable” Nosheba scoffed, loud enough to her hearing.

Shilah was just shockingly quiet; and Dakota – as his eyes stared at Chaska, she could see the shock and disappointment in them. His silence screamed so many words.

“Why would you want to do this to me?” Amina suddenly said, holding the necklace tightly to her chest with both hands like her life depended on it. Tears were still streaking her cheeks.

“Tell me, Queen Chaska, why would you want to punish me this way? Aside this visit, we’ve never met before. I’ve never…. wronged you in anyway. So tell me – why would you want to end my life?!!”

Chaska lowered her gaze to her empty bag on the floor and shook her head.

“This is not… This is not possible” her voice was nearly inaudible.

“It’s not possible. I didn’t do it….”

“But it was in your bag!” Amina yelled tearfully. The fear of losing her life was still flashing in her memory.

“From the moment you stepped foot here, I knew you were dubious, wicked! You even had to mock your co-wife simply because she came from a poor background. You’re just so evil!”

Shilah swallowed heavily.

“Listen” Amina sniffled. “I know you’re wicked and bittered, but trying to k*il*l me …. Was it really necessary?”

“I didn’t try to k*il*l you” Chaska looked up at her, her blotchy eyes trying so hard to hold back the tears. “I didn’t do anything! I don’t know what’s going on….”

“Are you sure about this, Chaska? Because the necklace was found in your bag”. Nosheba chipped in.

“I….I…. I don’t know how it got in” Chaska stuttered fearfully.

Her eyes turned to Shilah. That witch! What has she done??? What did she do???

She could remember vividly – she had gone into her room, placed the necklace in her bag and left afterwards. How did it possibly get into her own bag??? How???

She looked at Bay next. She was the only one that knew about it. But, Bay was looking both terrified and shocked.

The hall had already become noisy as all the maids whispered amongst themselves. Chaska didn’t need anyone to tell her how far and fast this news was going to spread.

“Uh…. “Alpha Frosty cleared his throat. “A… Amina, I think the important thing here is, you’ve gotten the ring. So, you should….”

“But, if we hadn’t searched her bag, I’d still be crying by now and probably be dead in two days’ time!” She cried out.

“Forgive me, Alpha King” she bowed to Dakota. “But this woman over here doesn’t deserve to be your Queen. You’re too pure and kind to have such a beast beside you for a wife!”

And with that, she ran away in tears. Bay followed.

Chaska couldn’t even feel her feet touching the floor anymore. Her heart kept summersaulting in her chest repeatedly as she took her teary gaze to the floor.

No, This moment…. everything – it should be happening to Shilah, not her. This was exactly what she had planned out for Shilah!

She felt Dakota’s cold, admonitory gaze on her, but the panic in her heart wouldn’t dare her to look at him. And in that silent mode, he turned around and walked out of the hall.

Not walk, but storm.

He stormed out in anger.

That was the moment Chaska lifter her teary eyes to look at him, staring at his back as his long robe swept the floor in swift steps. That anger …she knew how dangerous Dakota could get when he’s angry. Good Spirits; he was going to hate her forever.

Alpha Frosty ran after him, the guards following up as well. They had to run because mere walking steps wouldn’t be able to get to him with the pace he was using.

“Tsk tsk” Nosheba clicked her tongue, moving some steps from her spot.

“This is so disappointing, Chaska. I can’t believe you just embarra*s*sed the King this way. I can imagine the headline: “King Dakota’s first wife, involved in a theft”.

She shook her head scornfully and walked away.

Chaska was already breathing heavily, her breath coming quick and short. While the maids packed up the Queen’s bags, Shilah remained standing and wondering if she could perhaps, go to console the Queen. But, Why would she be involved in a theft? It just didn’t make any sense.

“What’re you staring at???” Chaska suddenly yelled at her, and Shilah was shaken due to the vibration from her voice.

Blessed Spirits… It echoed with so much…. venom, anger, hate.

Immediately, Chaska scurried away, packing her big dress from the tip.


By the time she got outside, The King was already on his horse. And he shot her a deadly glare before pulling the collar-rope of the horse and getting it on its hooves.

The rest of the guards rode after him immediately. And as Chaska climbed onto her own horse, she could feel all eyes on her. It felt more like…. the entire world was staring at her at that moment.

And shamefully, she got her horse on its way.


They rode for hours. And at some point, Chaska had to let out a tear from her eye since she wasn’t being watched.

Her whole life, she’s never felt this insulted, this humiliated. How did this even happen?

Her mind wouldn’t stop pondering over the King. He was going to hate her for this. She didn’t even need anyone to tell her about it for the anger in his eyes said it all. How does she make him understand what happened? How does she get out of this mess?

Oh! Shilah; she couldn’t believe she had gotten humiliated because of that lady! There was no way she could’ve known the ring was planted in her bag. So, what in the name of Selene happened?

Her head was banging so hard; she needed to get this. Needed to understand what was happening.



After what seemed like forever, they finally arrived at the palace when it was dark.

Dakota climbed down from his horse even before the guards and started walking in immediately.

Everyone stopped and bowed as he walked p@ssthem and could all tell something was wrong with the King. He was looking so angry.

The guards – including Raksha – was hovering around him. And as soon as Chaska got down from her own horse, she started running after him.

“My King! My King!”

She had to run faster and was only able to catch up with him in the hallway.

“Please, you have to listen to me! I don’t know anything about that; it was obviously a setup. Someone set me up so I’d look bad in front of everyone” she said from behind with hastened steps.

She didn’t even mind the guards around, or Nosheba and Shilah who were behind as well.

“Please, you have to listen to me. You know me, My King, I’m not a thief….”

And swiftly, Dakota whirled around to look at her, eyes so furious, she could barely stand it.

“Can you swear by the moon that you don’t have a hand in what happened?” He asked coldly, making sure Chaska was staring into his eyes as well.

“Of course, I….’ she wanted saying something, something defensive – to tell him she didn’t put the ring in her bag and had no plans of taking it home.

But that wasn’t the question and the realization dawned on her. She had a hand in it – but this wasn’t her plan!

Oh! Dear Selene; she couldn’t swear by the goddess. She’d be lying and the consequences would be immense; she might even lose her life.

So, completely losing her defense, she lowered her rueful gaze to the floor as she was unable to stare into the King’s eyes any more. A tear slipped her eye.

Dakota shook his head, realizing she couldn’t swear, which only meant she was guilty. Stunned silence ran across the hall.

“You’re worse than a disgrace, Chaska” he snorted. “You rubbed my face in the mud right in front of my minions; made me look like a fool and a careless man”.

His hands were fisted beside him and.. Oh, it was taking him so much not to use them. Angrily, he turned around to leave.

“Please..!” Chaska called back.

“It’s not what you think….”

“Stay away from me, Chaska” his voice was rasped. “I do not wish to see you for many weeks”.

His last words ripped Chaska’s heart apart and as she watched him walk away, she knew she was doomed.

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