Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 79

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 79

It was towards evening.

Shilah stood nervously in front of the King’s room and awaited the guard to return with feedback. Hopefully, he’d return with better news this time around.

Shortly, he did return.

“The King is ready to see you” he gave a positive reply which brightened Shilah’s heart.

“Thank you” she bowed gratefully and went in.

She had been trying so hard to see the King for days and felt so thankful she was finally able to do so. She was worried about him and kid wanted to know if there was something she could do to help – maybe, make him some tea or…. something else.

She walked into the quiet room and found the King standing next to the window, his hands crossed at his back, looking like a calm Alpha.

For the first time, Shilah’s didn’t find him reading, or writing. Instead, he was just facing the window quietly, looking like someone deep in thoughts.

The room was quiet and calm, perhaps because the owner was calm as well. And as Dakota faced the window, he could tell Shilah was the one in the room.

“Greetings, My King” Shilah bowed, her both hands clasped in front of her.

Dakota said nothing, just continued staring quietly from the window. And Shilah decided to say something else.

“Um…. My King; I was just wondering If you’d want me to do anything for you. You haven’t called for my attention for some days now” she counted her words, trying so hard not to say anything off point as she wouldn’t want to get him more upset than he already looked.

It took Dakota what seemed like forever to finally breathe some words.

“Thank you, Shilah; but I don’t need anything from you for now” he replied, still backing her with his gaze fixed on the window.

Shilah swallowed hard and tried keeping her pounding heart calm. The pain in his voice was just too obvious; something was definitely wrong with him.

Shilah turned around to leave since there was nothing left for her to do, but her guts were stopping. Then, she turned to face the King again.

“M…. My King, are you alright?” She let it out – that exact question she’s been meaning to ask him for a long time now.

Her eyes were beaming bright as they stared at him when he c*oc*ked his head to the side.

“Have I ever been alright?” He scoffed, making Shilah flinch. He exhaled deeply and turned his face completely back to the window.

“I’ll get over it, Shilah” he said. “I’ve been getting over it for the past ten years and know I would this time around. The pain might only last for a couple of days or so, but I’ll be fine”.

Shilah could feel her heart summersaulting in her chest as the words left his lips. For someone as strong and ruthless as the King to have broken down in such manner, she knew it was extreme…

Tears built up at her brink, but of course, she wasn’t ready to let it out. She wanted to say something – anything at all – but was unfortunately out of words.

“I need to be alone, Shilah” he finally said, dispelling any thoughts Shilah had in mind.

Completely speechless and still confused, she swallowed hard, turned around and left.


Two Hours Later, and the moon was already making it’s way to the sky.

Dakota could be seen on the bed with his head in his palms, his heart racing so fast. His head was burning as he could feel the heat of the moon already…. that cruelty.

The door went open and he could perceive the scent of Pishan and the Physician.

“My King, it’s time” Pishan spoke hastily and Dakota lifted his head from his palms to look at them. They could see his eyes getting sore already.

“The horses ready? The chains?” He asked fraily.

“Yes. Everything, My King” the Physician replied and taking a deep breath, King Dakota stood up.

“When you’re done chaining me, you should leave the cave” he said grumpily without looking at their faces.

Pishan and the Physician glanced at each other; no matter what, they weren’t ready to abandon their King in a dark cage, left in chains. Was never going to happen – especially for someone like Pishan.

“Let’s go” Dakota said and led the way.


Shilah stood in front of the window, just facing out as the full moon crept slowly into the dark sky.

The night was special and wasn’t just like every other night. Of course, the night of the full moon has always been too unique for every mountain Lion. Too bad, Shilah has never experienced it before.

She watched as the palace would be void with people walking around, and then the next minute, three people would just run by. They were already feeling the heat and didn’t know how to control it.

Shortly, She heard a knock on your door. That gentle knock – only Dyani could act that way.

She went for the door and on opening it, confirmed it was really Dyani.

“Hello, Shilah.” Dyani beamed.

“H-hi. Good evening” Shilah smiled and stepped away for her to walk in. Obviously, Dyani was one of those that could control her wolf as she wasn’t reacting yet.

“How’re you doing?” Dyani asked, going to the window where Shilah had been standing.

Since it was opened, it looked attractive for a view.

“I’m…. I’m fine. And you?” Shilah replied. Her conversation with the King was just getting into her head and making her act cranky.

“Well, I’m good” Dyani shurgged. Meeting with the fresh air from the window, Dyani exhaled deeply, loving it. And Shilah went closer to stand with her.

“The full moon doesn’t affect you, does it?’ Shilah asked.

“Not at all” Dyani shook her head with a smile.

“I was trained real hard to overcome that”. Shilah nodded and for the next few minutes, they were both silent.

“The King has gone to the cave already” Dyani broke the silence, making Shilah look at her with muddled eyes.


“Cave? What cave?” She asked, sounding really oblivious and Dyani spared her a glance.

“Don’t you have any idea?” She asked.

“Every full moon, there’s a particular cave he goes to where he gets chained to prevent his wolf from escaping. But, I heard it’s always futile as his wolf was always stronger than the chains” . Shilah was getting more confused. His wolf?

“Are you trying to say…. The King doesn’t have control over his wolf?” She asked in shock and Dyani bobbed her head.

“My goodness! So, you actually don’t know?” She asked, amused.

“The King is cursed. The curse makes it difficult for him to eat, sleep act calm…. Every full moon, it’s always worst as the curse makes his wolf destructive. He could k*il*l anyone around him at that point as he becomes a beast. The King hates it so much, but unfortunately, there’s nothing he can do” Dyani enthused.

Shilah could feel her head spinning heavily; spinning so bad. Her eyes were nearly rolling out of it’s sockets.

The King was under a curse?

Suddenly, his words came flashing back into her head:

“I’ve been getting over it for the past ten years and know I would this time around. The pain might only last for a couple of days or so, but I’ll be fine.”

Oh, no! This was the reason he has been in so much pains, the reason he’s been sad and scared. The Moon was going to turn him into a beast tonight.

She gasped and sat back on the bed, looking weary. Dyani turned to look at her.

“Hey, are you alright?” She asked, but Shilah could say nothing as she cogitated.

The King was in pains and the realization dawned on her. He didn’t want to be what he was; didn’t want to be a beast.

That was the reason he kept acting strangely for the past few days, shutting everyone out. It was because of the King.

Dyani guessed she was being affected by the King’s condition and sat next to her.

“I feel bad for him too, you know?” She began.

“The King, since I know him, has always been a sad man with mundane responsibilities. If he wasn’t writing, he was reading; if he wasn’t reading, he was checking out some vital things in the pack. If he wasn’t doing that, he was going on visitations or meetings. He’s just. ..” She paused and sighed.

“He’s just been a burdened King with no fun and despite the fact that I’m not close to him, I still feel really bad for him”.

Her words seemed to affect Shilah the more as she sniffled in some tears.

The King was hurting so bad – his grumpiness and everything – they were all a result of the unfortunate circumstances around him. Unfortunate King…. She bent her head and sniffled.

“I wish there was something I could do to help” She muttered ruefully.

And as soon as the words left her lips, an idea struck into her head.

Her eyes beamed as she gasped and looked at Dyani. Oh, no! Maybe there was something she could really do to help!!!

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