Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 87

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 87

The news was flying across the palace already – The King and his new wife riding out of the palace on one horse.

It went round with so many rumours as that was the first time the King was ever riding out of the palace at that time of the evening with any of his wives, and on the same horse as well. It was totally strange!

Queen Nosheba sat in the room, filing her nails when the door opened with Prince Raksha walking in. She stopped what she was doing and watched him as he walked in. Goodness! She was always so nervous each time he was coming around.

“Hey, beauty,” he crooned as he took steady steps towards her, and getting close enough, he pecked her cheek.

“Raksha. Good evening” she smiled back.

“Yes. Hope you’re having a wonderful evening? And… where’s my adorable?” He took his eyes around, noting she wasn’t on the bed.

“Oh! Nivea took her out a bath”.

“I see” Raksha sat next to her on the bed.

And taking a look at her nails, could notice she had been working on them.

“Please, let me help you with that” he collected the file gently from her, and getting hold of her left palm, started working on it.

“Would you happen to know where the King and Shilah are being headed?” Nosheba suddenly asked after a few seconds of silence, with that luring voice of hers.

“I wish I did” Raksha shrugged.

“You should know my brother never involves me in any of his business”. Nosheba could discern the pain in his voice.

Silence descended between them again and Raksha decided to say some more.

“But, I don’t think he has any schedule, or any meetings. Maybe it’s just something personal.”

“Personal?” Nosheba scoffed. “To think he can actually ride on the same horse with her….”

“That shouldn’t bother you, my love” Raksha touched her arm.

“As a matter of fact, I think we should be doing something else, instead of worrying over the King’s affairs.” Nosheba felt so bittered.

“Something like what?” She looked head-to-toe at him.

And with that mischievous smile, he pushed her gently to fall back on the bed.


The evening was so cold.

The distant voices of the villagers could be heard along with the rattling of the birds above the heads of King Dakota and Shilah, as they walked down the quiet road.

For long, since they left the cave, they hadn’t said a word to each other and that was really building Shilah’s tension. But on a clearer side, she felt more relaxed walking beside him, probably because he wasn’t dressed as a King.

They came across the first person on the path – a young woman holding a basket to her waist. She wrapped a scarf on her head and approaching the couple, she smiled at them.

“Greetings to you”.

“Greetings to you too” Shilah genuflected and the woman walked away.

Slowly, the King turned to spare her a glance as she left, before turning properly.

“Feels good to know my people still have respect for commoners” he muttered, making Shilah smile – nervously tho.

“Tell me, Shilah; how do you feel?” He asked after a few seconds and Shilah snapped her head to look at him. Huh?

“How do you feel, walking beside me as a commoner?” Oh…

“Uhm….” She itched her nape.

“I… actually feel it’s nice, My King. I mean, I like the fact that you get to see your people for who they really are, and you also get to enjoy some of the things you’ve not been able to enjoy for a long time”.

The King bobbed his head, hands crossed at his back, he still walked like a King.

“What gave you this idea?” He asked again. “This idea of…. making me do this? I gave you a rare opportunity, yet you used it on me. Why?”

The question struck Shilah’s heart – but only for a second tho. She bit her bottom lip as she stared down at the floor.

“Actually….It was Queen Dyani, My King” she said, and the King arched a brow.

“The Queen told me she felt sad for you because … you barely have time for yourself. So, when you gave me that opportunity, I decided to make it happen”.

More amusement filled the King as he bobbed his head again. They had gotten to the end of the path and brusted out to the main entrance of the market.

The King and Shilah stopped walking immediately as they stood and took a clear view of the lively market – the men and women moving about, some grilling beef, some fishes, women walking around with their kids, people buying and walking around….Just so many activities. But generally, the market was looking lively and beautiful.

“Guess we’re here finally” Dakota sighed. “Are you ready for this?” He looked at Shilah and asked, and she simply inclined her head.

And with that, they walked into the market.


“What do you think we should get first? Some meat? Or… sweets?” The King asked, taking his eyes around as they ambled in. “You should be more familiar with the market, Shilah. So, I think you should be of help”.

A short silence.

“Well….” Shilah looked around.

“I think we should get some beef first, My King….”

“You should mind how you call me that” He cut in calmly. “Don’t forget I’m in disguise.”

Oh! That was so true.

“O…. Okay, My…Uhm, Sorry” She corrected herself, and the King gave a light chuckle.

“Greetings to you two” A woman greeted warmly as she passed by.

“Greetings to you too” Shilah genuflected, but she noticed something – the woman stared keenly at the King beside her.

The King said nothing and it wasn’t surprising though.

They came across more people, kids, who just greeted them in a hurry and walked away. And finally, Shilah and the King got to a man grilling some sauced beef.

“You do the talking” The King said whisperingly to Shilah, and of course, Shilah could understand that the King was always a reserved man.

“How much for these, sire?” She asked politely, pointing to the set on the left.

“Oh! That would be just four coins” the middle-aged man answered.

King Dakota reached for the wrap of coins and handed the whole thing to Shilah who removed four pieces from it. But trying to hand over the coins to the man, she noticed he was staring keenly at the King’s face.

Okay…. There’s no way anyone would know it was the King, right? Of course, not! Besides, he was putting on a hat.

“Uhm…. Thank you” he finally collected the coins from her and handed the sticks of beef in return.

“Thank you, Sire” Shilah bowed and left with the King, taking some steps away.

“Why do you think he was staring that way?” The King asked as soon as they were away from the man.

“I…. I really have no idea”. She handed one of the sticks to him and took one for herself.

“I actually can’t recall the last time I ate this” Dakota spoke in a reminiscing tone, staring at the stick in his hand.

Shilah smiled and looked around, and surprisingly, found the previous man whispering into the ears of another, while pointing at the King.

Okay…. There wasn’t a problem, was there? She looked at the King but noticed he was carried away as he took a bite from his stick.

“Hmm” he hummed, tossing his head.

Shilah noticed two ladies that walked p@ssalso stared keenly at him. Was something wrong?

“I think these tastes better than the last time I did” The King remarked and took another bite.

“Uhm… My King, I think we need to move forward” Shilah suddenly said for the first time, and that was when his attention left the beef to look at her.

“Is there something wrong?” He asked and just then, a deep voice was heard from one of the sellers:

“It’s the King!”

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