Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 90

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 90

Queen Chaska was in her room, sitting and leaning her back against the wall with so many thoughts running through her mind.

Thinking of how frustrated her life had been…. being kicked out by the King and ridiculed by others.

She could remember how she felt when the news of getting married to the Alpha King had gotten to her ears. She really loved him, and he loved her too. Yes, he did. But not until she couldn’t give him a male child and had to ch*oke on having a co-wife.

Since Nosheba arrived, she’s been trying so hard to fight her off and make sure she doesn’t steal the King’s attention. Then, Dyani arrived, and now Shilah. And in the process of fighting all these, she unfortunately earned the King’s hatred.

She sniffed and touched her head. What has she done to deserve such life, huh? All she wanted was to be the winner – nothing but the winner.

There was a knock on the door, and feebly, she ushered the knocker in and Gina walked in afterwards.

“Greetings, My Queen’ she bowed, but Chaska gave no reply, just wanting her to go on.

“There’s a rumor flying around, My Queen, and it’s moving so fast. They said the King and Shilah are in the market place”.

Now, that was something to prick Chaska’s attention She furrowed her brows and looked quickly at her. What?

“Yes, My Queen” Gina nodded.

“And according to them, the King seems to be on a date with her. They said… he had come as a peasant, but the marketers had eventually gotten to know it was him and he had to reveal himself. He told them he was only there to have fun and didn’t want anything to stop it. And…. the villagers had to comply. Right now, it’s more like they’re having a festival as the villagers are all drumming and dancing while the King and Shilah goes round to have fun”.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Gina?” Chaska suddenly chipped in,her heart becoming too heavy to hold everything. But instead of sounding angry, she sounded pained and betrayed.

“How can you come to my presence and lie to me?”

“Lie?” Gina gasped and lowered her head. “May Selene forbid that I ever lie to you, My Queen. I’ve been your maid for years now, and you know I’ve never brought false information to you. I can’t lie to you, My Queen”.

Chaska’s heart was pounding heavily in her chest. Slowly, she stood up.

“This is not possible” she muttered, shaking her head.

“Don’t tell me…it has gotten to this”.

The imaginary images played in her head – envisioning how the King would move around with Shilah. How…. How did it ever get to this?

“I’m sorry, My Queen” Gina added sadly, feeling her pain.

And a long time passed with Chaska saying nothing but just sniffling.

“I’m going to the market” she finally said as she walked towards the door.

“What? My Queen….”

“You can come with me or stay back, Gina; but I need to see for myself – see how these is happening” she got to the door, opened it and stepped out of the room. And Gina having no option, had to follow.


The villagers around laughed as they watched the King f0rce the cup to his woman’s lips.

“Mmmh!” Shilah mumbled, but wasn’t fast enough to stop it as the King had managed to push some of the drink into her mouth, leaving some foam around her moustache.

Oh, no….

“My King…!” She cried out, wiping it off with the back of her palm and King Dakota managed a chuckle.

“Don’t feel bad, Shilah. It actually looks good on you” he stated teasingly. And at that moment, Shilah had completely forgotten it was the King involved.

She watched him take up his cup and swigged more from it and she decided to do same. But, what if she gets drunk – she throught. She was prolly going to limit the quant*ity, then.

She took several gulps from her cup along with the King, and few minutes later, the tavern keeper returned with a big bowl, steaming and emitting an irresistible aroma.

Shilah’s eyes were already staring hungrily as he placed between them on the table and that was when she confirmed the hot soup in it, containing so much meat.

“Sorry if I took long, Alpha King” the tavern keeper said enthusiastically as he rubbed his palms.

“I hope you like it”.

“Hm. This looks really nice” the King noted calmly with a nod.

“I hope its taste doesn’t disappoint”. He took up a spoon and scooped a little quant*ity into his mouth.

“What do you think, Alpha King?” The tavern keeper asked curiously.

“Did I do well?”

The King said nothing, but scooped in another spoon before looking at him.

“I never thought a man could be such a great cook” he commended and the happiness on the man’s face – was priceless.

“This is the best remark I’d ever gotten, Alpha King” he beamed. “Thank you so much; thank you”.

Shilah smiled and also scooped in a soup and indeed, the soup tasted really nice.

“Maybe, getting soups from this tavern daily wouldn’t be a bad idea,Alpha King” she suggested.

“Hm. Sounds like a good idea. Perhaps, I could give it a thought”.The King acceded and earned another grateful expression from the man.

They spent some time in the tavern, eating and drinking, but they tried not to get their selves too full as they had other villagers to attend to.

Before the King left, be signaled Shilah to give him some money, but the tavern keeper refused when she tried to.

“Please, Please, Alpha King” he shook his head strongly.

“I really want to do this from my heart, please”. Shilah had the coins in her hands already.

“And I insist as well” Dakota’s calm reply came.

“I do appreciate your love, but do take the coin from me”. The keeper was confused, and while he contemplated, Shilah quickly f0rced the coin into his hands.

“Thank you so much, sire” She bowed to him.

“Oh! Thank you so much, My Queen. Thank you, Alpha King. Stepping into my tavern is more than an honor” the keeper said with his hands clasped.

And with the King touching his shoulder, he finally left with Shilah.


The villagers cheered and increased the sound of the drums as they watched the King step out of the tavern.

“He’s back! He’s back!” They screamed.

The men who seemed to he the leader of the crowd, ran upto the King immediately.

“Come on, Alpha King. We have some games ready for you…” One of them said.

“This way….”

A game? Shilah thought. What game could it possibly be?

And as they walked their way through the crowd, she was shocked when the King held her hand.





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