Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 91

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 91

Cold shivers ran through her spine as the King’s cold hand held hers. What?

She flinched and looked at him, but he was too engrossed in the crowd to notice. He was actually…. holding her hand!

Blessed Spirits!

Anxiety ran through her immediately; and to think he probably didn’t notice…it still meant a lot to her.



Chaska could feel her heart in her throat as she hustled her way through the crowd with Gina behind her.

Causally dressed and having a scarf covering her hair down to her neck, she was sure she wouldn’t be recognized by anyone. Well, that wasn’t even her problem as her entire attention was being fixed on the King and Shilah who were walking in front.

The place was too noisy and uncomfortable for her and she badly wanted to believe that was the reason she was seeing things wrongly. Yes; because she just couldn’t believe that was the King, really holding Shilah’s hand.

No; there was no way it could be possible!

“Careful, My Queen” Gina said in a whisper as she held her hand and prevented her from falling when she had missed a step.

But Chaska was too distraught to even notice and just followed the crowd.



Shilah and the King walked at a levelled pace with the crowd until they had gotten to an open field where a table and two chairs were set. Huh? The villagers actually did these in such a short period of time?

“Over here, Alpha King!” One of the men pointed out and with all smiles, Shilah and the King took their seats, facing each other.

Six men who seemed to be the leader of the crowd stood closer to the table, while the rest of the villagers surrounded and watched from a reasonable distance. Chaska was among.

“Get the drinks, Maputo! Hurry!” The most senior clapped his hands, and the one being referred to ran off immediately and returned shortly with a jar and two smaller cups.

“More drinks?” Dakota clicked his tongue.

“I’m not so sure I want more of that”.

“Oh! Don’t worry, Alpha King. It’s part of the game” the man grinned widely, his long beards complimenting how cranky he wanted to look at that moment.

Part of the game – Shilah thought. She really couldn’t wait to see what the game was all about.

Her nervousness had died down and even the crowd wasn’t mattering to her anymore. At that moment, she was with a young handsome man, and not that fearful King she knows back there at the palace.

The party drums had stopped, but the crowd were still murmuring and all couldn’t wait to watch the game between the King and his woman.

Few minutes later, and a bunch of cards were brought to the table.

“Cards?” Shilah shrieked. “I don’t know a thing about cards, My King!”

“Don’t worry, Queen. It’s the easy one” one of the men smiled as he happily arranged the cards on the table, placing them downwards so the front content is covered.

Shilah and the King watched intently. And when the man was done arranging the cards, he clapped his hands and stepped away from the table.

“Okay! Like I said, we’ll be making it the easy one.

“The cards over here contains four major symbols – we have clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. And these are going to be the rules of the game: If the King is to play first, he is expected to open one of the cards and let’s say..the card he opens turns out to be a spade, you, Queen, will be expected to open another card which must be spade as well. If you open a wrong card, you’ll take down a shot” he concluded by pouring out some drink from the jar into the smaller cups.

What? That was the game?? What if she keeps failing and ends up getting drunk?

“This sounds really interesting” one of the villagers around commented and the others bobbed their heads in agreement.

“So, let’s begin! You go first, Alpha King!” The man announced and the villagers backed it up with some cheers.

“Are you ready for this?” King Dakota asked, staring at Shilah.

“Well…. I don’t think I’d want to disappoint the people now” she shrugged.

King Dakota nodded and proceeded afterwards, opening the first card. And well, it turned out to be a diamond.

“Wow, wow wow. A diamond!” The man announced.

“Okay, Queen. Over to you now. You have to pick a random card and hope it turns out to be a diamond as well. Let’s go!”

The crowd murmured happily and Shilah, taking a deep breath, opened one of the cards and….

“Oh! It’s a spade!” The man announced, following a loud mumbling from the crowd.

“What? Does it mean I have to take more of this?” Shilah shrieked and pointed to the drink.

“Uhm…. Unfortunately, Yes Queen” the man nodded slowly and handed the small cup to her.

King Dakota looked at her and let out a small smile – one that looked so cold and different. It was so obvious he wasn’t used to smiles.

“This is so not good” Shilah lamented as she collected the cup f0rcefully and swilled it down her throat.

“Urgh!” She grunted, wiping her lips with the back of her palm and not liking the sour taste that came with the drink.

“That was a good compliance, Queen. And now, it’s your turn” the man announced and Shilah didn’t hesitate as she quickly flipped over a random car.

She badly wanted to get back at the King as well.

“It’s a club!” The man announced the symbol she had picked.

“And now, Alpha King, over to you”.

Dakota noticed the eager look on Shilah’s face and didn’t need anyone to tell him she was badly praying for him to fail as well so he could drink his own shot.

He looked at the covered on the table and following his instincts, flipped one over. Whaaaat???

“Wow!! It’s a club as well!” The man announced, trying to yell his voice admist the crowd that were cheering.

Someone had even played the drum for a few seconds.

“This is cheating!” Shilah pouted.

“How is he able to pick the same card?”

“It’s the game, My Queen. The King was just lucky enough to pick the same card” the man explained with laughter.

“So….he doesn’t get to drink?” Shilah asked and fumed some more when the man shook his head negatively.

It was all for fun, anyways.

“It’s not my fault, Shilah” King Dakota shrugged, his voice echoing with sarcasm which playfully hurt Shilah some more.

“Don’t forget, the game is still on, Alpha King. There are more chances you could fail” she tucked her hair behind her ear and waited for the man to announce his turn.

“And now, Alpha King; it’s your turn!”

King Dakota let out a cold smirk and flipped a card over.

“It’s a heart!” The man announced and turned to Shilah. “Over to you, Queen”.

Shilah gave a daring look at the King, but also anxious. She bit her lower lip and stared at the covered cards observingly before flipping one.

“Oh! Not again!” The crowd m*oa*ned.

“You picked a spade, My Queen…”

“No, No. This is clearly cheating!” Shilah shook her head adamantly. “I won’t agree to this! I’m being cheated!”

The King just held his chin and watched her with a small smile on his lips.

“I’m so sorry, Queen; but it’s the rules….” The man spoke carefully as he decanted the drink and handed it to her.

And with a pout, she f0rcefully gulped it down.



The fun that night was intense as the King got to play so many games with Shilah. For the first game, he had only failed once hence, only drank the shot once.

Shilah had been so upset about it and wondered how the King was able to get so lucky.

They played two other games, visited some other shops and taverns and ate more things to their fill.

It was a very long night for the King, and when he realized Shilah was already tipsy and might start acting funny at any moment, he decided to call it off.

“Words cannot express how happy I am today” he began, when the villagers had gone quiet. He stood in the middle of the circle with Shilah, so many eyes staring at them.

“Today, I got to learn how loved I am by my own people, even if they rarely see me. And for this, I promise never to disappoint”

He paused and scoured his eyes round the crowd, as if searching for someone.

“Pishan!” He called out, and the crowd murmured a little.

They knew that was his gamma; they just had no idea he was there as well.

In less than a minute, Pishan showed up and walked into the circle.

“My King….!”

“First thing tomorrow, I want you to get some supplies and bring them over for the villagers. Make sure it gets to every one of them, and everyone should have enough” King Dakota said, and immediately, the villagers went on their knees.


“Oh! We don’t deserve this..!”

“May your reign be long!”

“May the goddess grant every of your wish…!”

“Thank you so much…!”

The place became noisy as everyone struggled to say something – heartfelt appreciation.

Shilah’s heart melted as she watched the scene. It was just too much.

With a hand wave, the King started walking away, while Shilah and Pishan followed. The villagers didn’t stop praising and thanking him, and as they left, Shilah thought:


What a long night it has been. A long night to see the King happy and have so much fun. But, what happens after the night, when they return to the palace? Will he go back to being that grumpy King he’s always been? Will he remember this night and how special it had been for both of them, how they had played, laughed, and drank together? Will it make him treat her differently? Or he’s just going to be the same King Dakota she’s always known?

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