Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 97

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 97

“Tell her I want to be alone” those were the first lines that popped into the head of the King, but as he recalled the fact that Nosheba has not been in his room for weeks, he decided to permit her and see if she had something important to say.

“Let her in,” his grumpy voice said and the guard bowed and left gratefully.

Few seconds later, Queen Nosheba walked in. And at that time, The King was already sitting with a book in his hand.

The excitement on Nosheba’s face couldn’t be hidden as she walked in, but getting close to the King, she k*il*led it off.

“Greetings, My King” she bowed, her hands on her thighs.

“Nosheba” the King’s voice was so cold. “How’re you doing?”

His eyes were still fixed on his book as he didn’t bother looking at Nosheba, and that triggered Nosheba a bit. She had tried so hard to look this good for him, yet he wouldn’t even look at her.

“Uhm… I’m fine, My King” she f0rced a smile anyway.

She had been expecting the King to look at her so she could seduce him, but now his attention was elsewhere, she didn’t know what next to do.

“You said you wanted to see me, Nosheba. What’s the problem?” The King asked when she didn’t say anything for over a minute.

“Problem?” Nosheba scoffed. “Must there really be a problem before I come see my husband?”

The King paused.

“I’m just busy, Nosheba. That’s my point” he gruffed as he flipped onto the next page of his book.

Okay, perhaps, Nosheba had gotten what to hold onto.

“Busy?” She scoffed again.

“Same way you’ve been so busy to come see your own child and me?”

She f0rced her voice to melt, then went round to stand in front of him.

“I don’t mean to disrespect you, Alpha King, but how you treat me is not fair” she continued. “You….You don’t even care for my children and I. Even when I put to bed, you had called our child, bad news”.

“Nosheba…” The King touched his brows.

“I know you married me as second option, Alpha. I know you only married me cause you wanted a male child and I’m sorry I’ve been unable to give it to you. But it isn’t my fault.

“From the first day you married me and brought me into this Palace, you’ve always treated me like a second option and loved Queen Chaska more. Then, you got married to Dyani, and now Shilah…”she paused and sniffled.

“I have feelings, My King. How do you expect me to feel?” The King had gone silent. And with teary eyes, Nosheba knelt in front of him.

“Please, My King, stop pushing me away” she cooed. “I…. I also wish to feel like a woman sometimes. I also wish to have a taste of my husband, and not just once in so many months. Please….”.

Her teary eyes were staring at the King’s unreadable eyes as he just stared quietly at her. Has he been that ignorant towards his wives?

With another sniffle, Queen Nosheba’s hands reached for his trouser belt and began unhooking it. And as she did, the King didn’t try to stop her.





Queen Chaska’s carriage rode into the two storey Mansion after being surveyed by the guards at the gate.

From the curtains of the carriage, she stared at the fine building which was a replica of a small palace. Well, Lord Ryder’s clutch was the largest and most powerful in the entire six clutches, so, he had to take out time to maintain his territory.

Oh! What was she even saying?

Lord Ryder wasn’t the founder of the clutch. Chaska had heard the story of the previous Vamp Lord who mysteriously went missing before Lord Ryder took over and named it after himself.

Either way, the clutch was beautiful.

The carriage stopped moving and Chaska stepped out of it, taking a deep breath of fresh air the moment she did.

Pushing her to the side, she took a look around, wondering where she should go. It’s been so long since she last came over. Really really long.

“Chaska!” She suddenly heard that familiar voice and smiled as she turned around to see her dearest sister running towards her.

The heavy pain she had been feeling a while ago suddenly died off as she opened her arms wide for an embrace.

“Cami!” She beamed and laughed so hard as they hugged.

“Oh, my goodness! Chaska! I can’t believe it’s you” Lady Cami said as they hugged tight.

Eyes were already staring at them.

“I know. I’ve missed you too” The duo finally unlocked from the hug.

And that instance, the smiles on Chaska’s face washed off when she noticed the bruises on her sister’s face. What??

“Cami, what happened to you??” She asked, her brows wrinkling.

Oh-oh. Cami didn’t even think of this.

She bit her lower lip and stared down at the floor.

“You… You didn’t tell me you were coming, Chaska” her tone had gone flat.

“And you haven’t answered my question either. What happened to your face?” Chaska asked strictly, but Cami could say nothing.

There was no way she could tell her Lord Ryder had been abusing her as it’d only create more anger from him.

And Chaska, on the other hand, knew Vampires had the ability to heal quickly. So, for the bruises to be on her face, it only meant it just happened recently.

“Cami! What are you hiding from me?” She demanded, and just then, her eyes found Lord Ryder walking towards them.

He walked rapid angry steps and two of his boys behind him. Okay, why was he looking that way? Chaska thought.

“Queen Chaska from the Wind Walker Mountain” he called rather menacingly as he got close.

“Greetings to you”.

“And greetings to you too, Lord Ryder” Chaska answered bitterly.

Something in her guts was telling her he had something to do with the bruises on her sister’s face.

“I can’t believe Cami didn’t tell me you were coming”. He scoffed.

“I had no idea she was coming” Cami answered quickly.

The rate at which she answered had gotten Chaska more suspicious as she sounded….scared.

She glanced at her sister and looked back at Ryder.

“Hm. So, you actually didn’t inform anyone you were coming? What’re you doing here, then?” Lord Ryder huffed.

“With all due respect, Lord Ryder, I don’t think I need to inform my sister before coming” Chaska replied, not minding if she was sounding rude or not.

Well, she was already angry.

“It’s my territory, I think I deserve to know before having a visitor”. Ryder opened his arms.

“I’m not your visitor” Chaska said.

“I didn’t come here for trouble, but just to see my sister. And I really hope you don’t have a problem with that”.

Lord Ryder gritted his teeth. Glaring hard at Cami, he gave her that warning signal.

“You’re free to stay, Chaska. Just make sure you mind your business” he said in conclusion and walked away.




Nosheba had a huge smile on her face as she fixed her dress while the King faced the window. Her hair had become a mess, but it didn’t matter to her, knowing she had gotten what she wanted.

Her time with the King had been short, but pleasurable. Ah! The King had always been better than Raksha. Ten minutes with him was worth more than an hour with Raksha.

With the second part of her plan done, it was time to sit and await the third part. Her smiles increased. Done with her dress, she took some steps closer to the King.

“My King, I beg to take my leave now”. She stated softly.

“You can leave, Shilah”. He said without looking at her, and Nosheba flinched. What?? Did he just refer to her as….

Dakota, realizing his mistake, clicked his tongue and turned slightly to look at her.

“Nosheba..” he sighed. “That was a mistake”.

Nosheba couldn’t believe it. Her face crumpled up in a frown. How on earth would he mistake her for Shilah??? She took in a deep breath, trying to gulp down the disappointment.

“T…. Thank you, Alpha King” she bowed and left.

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