Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 98

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 98




Chaska looked so angry and inpatient in the room. She had been with that way since she went in with her sister and wouldn’t be calm.

“Please, Chaska. Can you at least, tell me what you’d like to eat?” Lady Cami asked tiredly from where she leaned on the wall.

“No, I’m not. Not until you tell me who’s responsible for the bruises on your face” Chaska snapped and turned to look at her.

“But I’ve told you, right? It’s nothing, it was just an…”

“It’s no accident, Cami and you know it” Chaska shut her up.

Then, with a strict stare, she walked towards her.

“It’s Lord Ryder, isn’t it?’ tone so strict, she asked.


“Just answer the question!”

There was a stunned silence. “Why do you let him do this to you? You’re a strong lady, Cami. Why humiliate yourself this way for a man?”

Her words threatened tears out of Cami’s eyes. How does she tell her she didn’t want to be there but have no choice since Lord Ryder had threatened her life and that of her family? He was so powerful amongst the Vampires, and she was scared of him.

β€œEvery relationship has obstacles, Chaska” she finally said morosely. “I’m sure you can attest to that. So, don’t worry, I’ll definitely live p@ssthis”.

She started walking towards the door, while Chaska watched observantly.

“Why are you here, anyway?” She paused at the door and asked. “Is there a problem back at home?”

Chaska exhaled deeply.

“Honestly, yes” she said.

“But the problem is with me. I made a very big mistake – one that got me into trouble. So, I just…. I need somewhere to cool off for a couple of days. I’ll leave soon”.

Cami had gotten really worried.

“Is it that serious?” She asked and Chaska nodded.

“Oh, my. Uhm…. I’ll just get the meal, Okay? Then, we can sit and talk”.


Chaska sat on the bed, while Cami left the room.




There was a thin smile on Shilah’s face – a thin smile that stretched into a broad one that fitted her sleeping face. The dream…

She turned sleepily, her heart blossoming at the images on her head. Oh…. Then, a knock on the door suddenly interrupted everything and woke her up. Oh, no…

Shilah’s eyes sluggishly went open and the first sight they caught was that of the ceiling – the familiar ceiling in her room.

She stayed still for a while, just staring blankly at the ceiling and recalling the dream she had.

That dream….it had felt so real… So real…the smile on the King’s face.

The King had been holding a child in his arms – a male child.

The child was his in that dream, and he had been holding it with so much love and affection, smiling and staring into his little face.

Goodness, it felt so real as she had never seen the King that happy before.

What could this possibly mean?? Could it be possible the Spirits were answering her prayers and the King was going to have a male child soon enough?? Could it be possible???

Her heart leapt in joy, thinking about it. She couldn’t even imagine how happy the King would be, holding his first son in his arms, that’d definitely be like a dream come true for him.

And since most of her dreams had been coming to pass, she felt so sure this would be happening soon as well.

The King would have a son! She chuckled as she sat up on the bed, and just then, the knock came again.

Oh! She had actually forgotten the reason she was awake in the first place!

“Wh… Who’s it?” She left the bed and rushed to the door immediately.

And on opening it, it turned out to be one of the King’s guards.

“Greetings, Queen. The King wants you in his chambers now”. He informed.

“Uhm… Okay, I’ll be there soon”. She answered and the guard left.

She closed the door afterwards and returning to the room, took a deep breath. That dream….it felt so so real. Oh! If only it happens soon, she’d really want it to happen soon!

Her eyes caught the sight of the window and that was when it dawned on her it was late and dark. No wonder the room wasn’t too bright with the burning lantern in her room.

Maybe the King wanted to eat and that was the reason he was calling for her – she thought.

She decided to bring down the curtains front the window and, on her way, her hand accidentally hit a cup from the table that made to fall on the floor.

“NO!” She stretched her hand towards it and cried out unconsciously.

And right there, the most unbelievable thing happened to Shilah.

She froze, her hand still stretched towards the cup that was suspended in the air. Yes! It was floating in the air and didn’t touch the floor!

Shilah flinched and gasped in fear, withdrawing her hand and taking a step back. And instantly, the cup got released and hit the floor.

“In the name of the Spirits!” She shook and muttered in fear. What just happened???

Her eyes dilated wide in shock, her entire system shaking. Why did the…. cup get suspended in air that way? Why???

She looked around, feeling relived the next second that she was the only one left in the room. Then, using an idea that had popped into her head, she picked the cup from the floor. She needed to get it straight – needed to understand what was happening.

Taking a deep breath, she released the cup from her hand and…

“NO!” She purposely cried out again, but this time around, it didn’t work as the cup had hit the floor.

Shilah took a nervous gulp, her forehead becoming so sweaty already. Okay, maybe she was just seeing things. Maybe the first one didn’t happen at all and she was only imagining things. Yes, that should be the only explanation for this.

Already feeling creepy, she rushed to the window, took down the curtains and ran out of the room.




Sister Elphaba was in the map room, trying to get some oil.

As usual, the room was dark and quiet and she had to make use of a burning lantern to see through. Reaching for the oil, she suddenly noticed something – a bright light emitting from the map’s direction.

She turned hastily to have a look and found the gold-colored light, shining at a spot on the map. But it was only for a second as it disappeared immediately.

Sister Elphaba flinched. What in the name of the spirits was that??

For a light to shine on the map signified there was a new witch somewhere, but why did it suddenly disappear? It was strange…

She stared for a long time at the map, but nothing came up again. And deciding to shrug it off, she took the oil and left the room.

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