BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 203

BRAVING THE DARKNESS: One Night With The Demon King

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Book 2

Chapter 50 – The Gift (LUCIUS)

His eyes blazed red, and I saw confusion flit through them, but it was gone in seconds. “Tell me what you want, Lucius.”

“I want you to break Lucien’s curse on Patrea’s, linking my bloodline to be fatal for her. Including the nightmares she was having.”

“Are you afraid you will kill your queen?”

“Not me, Hades. I will kill myself first before I even think of that. But I have hundreds of siblings and quite a number of offspring, making each one a danger for my queen.”

“Are you sure about this? Don’t you want an heir, Lucius? Like the one Lucija has?”

“What will I do with an heir if I don’t have Patrea anymore?” I asked back.

“Do you know how much Patrea wants to give you a child? Don’t you want to give her something her heart desires?”

“Her life is far more important to me than a child.”

“You are being selfish. You wanted her alive for yourself, but what about your queen? Doesn’t she deserve to have what she wants?”

“I’m a demon, Hades. Let me be selfish.”

His laughter echoed around us, and I was slowly losing my stance. I would give everything to Patrea, even my own life, but did she want a child? Was it because it was what I wanted?

Would she hate me if she found out I wished for her life instead of the child?

But Patrea was not a selfish female. She would never hate me for wanting her alive. Didn’t she fight and abandon her own realm to be with me? So, she could spend more time with me?

“Do you need more time to think?”

Hades interrupted me from my thoughts. “No. My wish is final.”

“I will think about it.” He answered.

“You can’t do that. You owed me that wish.”

“Did you forget who you were speaking with, Lucius?”

“You can’t just back down on something you promise to give. I knew you could do i t, as your demon performed the curse.”

“I said I would think about it.”

“How long should I wait before I can get your approval?”

“I don’t know. Now leave my presence, King of Kalmerus. I had another demon to deal with.”

He was dismissing me without any clarity on my request. I needed it to take effect as Patrea’s life might be in danger once the rumor spread that I already had a queen. “I just want to know when I will know…” I was not able to finish my question when my body was sucked into limbo and I landed in my chamber.

I cursed loudly as my hands began shooting fire everywhere before I could stop myself.

I had just destroyed a couch.

“Fuck!” I hissed before disappearing and appearing in the dungeon. I asked for the prisoner that was due to be punished next before unleashing my demon.

I needed to let my anger out. I didn’t want to face Patrea while I was still upset and furious with Hades, or my emotions would betray me. I didn’t want her to ask because I knew I could never lie to her.


I asked Lucy and Althea to give me a moment, as I wanted a moment with Hades. I thought Lucy would object, but she simply told me to make sure I would not stay there for a long time, as Lucius might freak out and blast her if he found out I went there on my own. To which I agreed.

I immediately called for Hades the moment I entered the bedroom I usually occupied whenever I was here.

I had been calling for him for quite some time, but there was still nothing.

Until I finally give up. Maybe I was not that important in his eyes to be prioritized like Lucius wanted me to believe.

Of course, I was not a full demon. There were other demons that he obviously favored that needed his attention.

With slumped shoulders, I walked toward the door, but before I could touch the door knob, my body was sucked into limbo, and my foot landed on solid ground, but I almost lost my footing as I was not prepared to be transported.

I straightened my posture, and it was only then that I saw Hades sitting on what must be his throne, looking intently at me.

I tipped my head down before I acknowledged him. “King Hades, thank you for your time.”

“Pardon if I made you wait, Queen Patrea. There was a persistent demon before you that I was attending to.” He explained. “Oh, I hope I didn’t cut your conversation short.”

Hades’ laughter echoed around us before he shook his head. “I was glad you summoned me, as I have a reason to throw him out.”

“Oh…” I had no idea how to answer that. “I believe you wanted something from me.” He added.

“Yes, King Hades. I’m here to take the gift you generously offered me.”

“Are you asking for Lucien’s curse to be lifted up? So, Lucius’ blood will no longer pose a threat to you?”

I swallowed hard. I’d been thinking about this and the spell I had created in my body. But the desire I had to provide an heir for my king was greater than my desire to be safe from his bloodline. “No, King Hades. I have a different wish.”

“I want to hear it.” He said this as he rubbed his hand against his chin while he stared at me.

I met his eyes as I spoke. “I want to be able to conceive. One child is enough, King Hades. It doesn’t matter if it’s a female or a male demon.”

“Do you know the gravity of what you’re asking from me?” I swallowed hard because I had no idea.

“Don’t you desire a lifetime with Lucius? A security that none of his siblings will come and destroy you?”

“I want that too, King Hades, but I know Lucius wanted an heir.”

“And you, what does your heart desire? I can easily give you the gift of unbinding you from all the curses Lucien gave you, from your nightmares to your destruction, Patrea.”

I closed my hands, coiling them into tight fists, before I blinked back the tears forming in my eyes. “I want a child, King Hades.”

“You wanted something I would not be able to deliver.”

“I don’t understand.”

“You did the spell on your own, Patrea, with the help of your spirits. The enchantment in your body is not my or my demons doing. So, it is harder to break that spell. And I am not sure if I’m willing to go the extra mile to do it for you.”

A devilish smirk crossed his face as my heart thudded loudly.

“Unless, of course, you are willing to trade something more for the extra mile I have to go for you.” He added.

Will he ask for my soul as he did with Adan?

“I want you to decide now, or this wish will not be granted ever.”

“What do you want, King Hades?” I asked, but I knew it was wrong to come here without Lucius. I hope whatever I end up sacrificing, my king will not be disappointed.

A low peal of laughter rumbled from his chest as sweat formed on my forehead. I wanted to regret seeking him out without Lucius.

I opened my mouth to let him know I would want to summon Lucius here, but before I could say anything, a flash of light like lightning came a few feet to Hades’ right.

And then it was gone, and a beautiful female with silver hair stood on the spot where the lightning hit.

“Selene! What are you doing here? Don’t tell me Patrea is your child because she is not, which means you have no business here!” He grunted, his hand flying to his forehead.

Selene? The Moon Goddess?

“I am here because I couldn’t believe you would use the same tactic that you used on Adan! You have no right to do such a thing!” Selene told him.

My eyes shifted back and forth to the two gods before me, bewildered at their exchange. Was this how the gods conducted their businesses?

Hades laughter echoed around us. I was expecting him to be furious, but instead, he looked amused. “Are you stalking me, Selene? Have you got no other things to do instead of watching me?”

Selene’s body stiffened before her eyebrows hiked up.

“Maybe I’m watching you because I still haven’t forgiven you for what you did to Adan Stone! And if you think you can play this trick on Patrea, you’re wrong.”

“Selene, what do you plan to do?”

“Not me.” She flashed him a sweet smile before another spark appeared beside her, and this time Guinevere appeared.

My eyes widened, and my heart thudded loudly.

What did I do to have three gods in front of me?

Am I doomed?

“Guinevere…” I murmured, but I was sure all of them heard me as all of their expressions changed.

Selene and Guivenere offered me a warm smile while Hades’ face contorted into a deadly frown.

“I didn’t invite you here, Guinevere.” Hades hissed.

“I invited myself in, Hades. If you want to complain, face Selene. I don’t have time for you at the moment. I’m here for

Patrea.” She answered nonchalantly as she moved down the steps toward me.

Her beaded skirts rustled as she walked, which helped snap me back to reality. “Don’t mind Selene and Hades, they bicker all the time. We need to talk.”

“King Hades is upset, Guinevere.”

“He is upset all the time. But trust me, as long as Selene is here, he will not create any chaos.”

“Oh, is he afraid of her?” I asked as my attention was drawn to the two figures debating on something, but it looked like they put a barrier between us as I could no longer hear their voices.

“Perhaps… we don’t know.” She held my hand and brought my attention back to her. “Tell me, Patrea. What did you wish for from Hades?”

“To undo the spells that I did to my body. I created something to make sure I wouldn’t get pregnant. But do you think if he unbinds the spell, he could also make it possible for me to conceive? Because I a molder now.”

“Your body is not getting older. You were just as you are when Lucien stuck you in that age. So, it means once the spell is lifted, you will be capable of bearing a child.”

My eyes watered as I nodded my head. Her words were giving me so much hope that I just needed to convince Hades to grant me my wish.

“But Hades cannot unbind the spell you created, Patrea.”

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