BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Chapter 205

BRAVING THE DARKNESS: One Night With The Demon King

BENEATH HER DARKNESS: The Alpha’s Little Demon Book 2

Chapter 52 – Three Wishes (LUCIUS)

After I had unleashed my frustration at the dungeon, I fixed myself and transported my body back to the Mystic Pack packhouse, only to find out Patrea was not there.

“Again, Lucija, where did Patrea go?” I asked Lucija for the nth time since she came into this room with Althea. “She’s safe, Lucius. You need to trust that your queen can take care of herself.” She responded instead of answering my question.

“1 know she can, but I just want to know where she is. Don’t force me to dig into your head for answers.”

“I’m sure you can’t. No one has ever read my mind.”

I hissed at her, knowing she was telling the truth. My head snapped to Althea’s, and it made her body jolt backward, but Lucija was fast enough to block me. “Do not do whatever you are thinking. Patrea will not appreciate it if you meddle with Althea’s mind.”

In frustration, I brushed my hair with my hand before turning around and walking in the opposite direction inside the bedroom where Patrea was last seen. I tried to reach her mind, but it was shut off, something I thought was no longer possible, as I assumed that being marked on both sides made our connection flawless.

“Don’t I deserve to know where? Did she tell you not to tell me?” I asked Lucija. This time, I was using a different tactic.

“No. But I’m sure she wanted you not to interfere right now. So I will tell you, but can you promise to wait here when she returns?”

“I don’t want to promise that. Because if it takes so long before she returns, I will come after her. You should know better than to make me promise such a thing. And before you tell me I am being unreasonable, put yourself in my shoes. I’m sure you will be firing ice at me if I refuse to tell you where Stone has gone off.”

“Fine. She went to meet Hades.” F*uc*k. I knew it!

“Did she tell you why?” I asked. She shook her head. “No. I’m not lying.” My gaze shifted to Althea, who shook her head as well.

Patrea probably didn’t tell them, but did she go there to ask for her gift like I did? My forehead creased as my eyes blazed red at the memory of Hades.

I could only hope he wouldn’t trick her.

And then I felt her presence in the room al the exact moment my head tilted to my right.

Patrea appeared, and our eyes locked. She looked surprised before her expression relaxed, and a warm smile curled on her plump l*ips.

My eyes softened as my shoulders relaxed before I rushed toward her, wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into a tight hug. “Don’t do that again.”

“I’m sorry. I thought it would only be quick.” She said it in a soft voice before her m*outh found my cheek, and she kissed it, pressing her l*ips on my skin longer than they should be.

“I will never stop you from summoning Hades, but next time, let me know.”

She pulled away from my arms, her body arching back as her hands cupped my jaws. “Did you meet Hades today?” She asked.

I nodded my head. “Did he tell you?”

“Why was I not informed?” She asked, her eyebrows hiking up. “No, he didn’t tell me, but he has a message for you. So I assumed you were the demon he said he was attending to before he met me.”

“Yes. because he kicked me out and told me he had another important demon to meet. I guess it’s you.”

“You see, I’m not the only one hiding from meeting Hades.”

“I won’t hide it again from you, but please tell me you won’t do it either. It kills me not to know where you are.” I was not being possessive, but until Hades granted my wish, 1 didn’t want Patrea out of my sight.

She nodded before I lifted her off the floor.

I then snaked her legs around my h*ips and pushed her head into the nook of my neck.

“I think this is the part where we should leave.” I heard Althea murmur to Lucija. “ I’m not sure I’m ready to see my grandmother getting hot and frisky.” Lucija chuckled before I heard a door open and close as soft giggles erupted from Patrea’s l*ips.

“You’re a bad influence. I didn’t even get to say hi to them. You distract me right away.”

“I’m sure they will understand.” I pecked her l*ips before I asked another question. “I presume everything went well with Hades?”

She nodded her head and cupped my face, caressing my cheek with her thumb. “I love you…”

“I love you too. Now tell me, what did you ask Hades?”

“Tell me what you ask him first.” She asked back, and I knew I could never win this one, so I told her what had happened between us and how Hades rejected it right away.

Her m*outh opened as tears welled in her eyes. “You are willing to give up your wish for me? How about an heir, Lucius? Isn’t that important?”

“When I told you I was okay not having one, 1 wasn’t lying. I want you, Patrea. We didn’t get to this part, and I didn’t give my all to you just to let my father’s curse ruin everything. So you and me, even without our own offspring, I will be content.” I let out a sigh before resting my forehead against hers. “But Hades wants more time to think about it. It’s the reason I don’t want you out of my sight.”

“Hades offered me that wish.”

“What do you mean?” I pulled my face away from her.

“He asked me if, instead of my first wish, I would rather that he lift the curse Lucien placed on me, including taking the nightmares away.”

I cupped her cheek as my heart pounded. Having Patrea around had made me feel many emotions all at once, and it felt like my heart had more use these past few weeks than it had for two centuries. “Tell me you said yes. Tell me you agreed.” My eyes searched for hers. But she shook her head, and my heart was crushed. “ Why?”

“I have a different wish. I want a baby for us.”

“No. No. No, Patrea. You just want that because of me. I don’t need a child if every day I had to worry if I could protect you, even myself.”

“Of course, you can protect me. I never doubted that.” She said it confidently.


“Patrea…” Pain crossed Lucius’ eyes, and if I didn’t know what I knew now, I would regret wishing for an heir when it seemed it was no longer Lucius’ priority. But I knew better.

A coy smile played on my l*ips before I cupped his face. “You didn’t even let me finish. Listen carefully, my king, and don’t speak until your queen tells you to.” He simply nodded his head as he kept staring at me. I began telling him from the moment I appeared on Hades’ throne until Guinevere and Selene came.

“Guinevere, reverse the spell I cast on my body. She said I was now capable of bearing a child. And then Hades granted my wish that my soul would be free to travel in between realms for eternity.” He smiled warmly and nodded again, but the pain was still in his eyes, and I couldn’t wait to share the last part with him. “And then, before I left…” My eyes watered, but I didn’t take my gaze off his as my thumb brushed against his cheek. “Hades told me to tell you that he would grant your wish.”

Lucius’ m*outh opened before a wide grin tugged at it. “Did I hear you right? So, he said yes to my wish?”

I nodded my head, my eyes beaming with happiness. “We got three wishes granted, Lucius. Three! Not just two, but three!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Lucius’ hands grabbed my cheeks and crashed his l*ips against mine, and for a moment, I got stuck thinking I was still up in his arms, only to realize that his tails were coiled around my body, holding me in place while his hands were on my face.

Only then did my body relax, and I opened my m*outh, welcoming my king’s kiss as I kissed him back with all the love I had for him.

“I love you, my queen!” He murmured between our kisses, and I kept saying the same thing to him.

“Can I make one more request, this time to you?” Lucius asked as he pulled away from my l*ips.

I nodded my head, but I kept reaching for his l*ips, pecking and sucking them so that he couldn’t help but chuckle. “Let me talk.”

“Talk…” I told him, but I kept kissing him. “Can we not have little demons yet? I want more time with you….” He said it in between me, assaulting his l*ips.

I pulled away from kissing him as I nodded my head. “I was about to ask you if we could wait for a while.”

“We have a lifetime. So we don’t need to rush.” He added.

“I’m not really sure how contraceptives work with demons, but I don’t want to cast any spells on my body again….”

“Leave it to me. I can take care of that.” He said before that he moved us in a swift motion, and I just found us on the bed, with me on my back and Lucius hovering over my body.

And I was completely naked, just as he was. “I will explain how I will do that, but for now, we must celebrate the three wishes.”

“Yes,” I whimpered as my arms and legs were spread open. His tails coiled around them, pinning my naked body on the bed, making tingles and shivers rush in everywhere and centering in my core at the thought of being pleasured again.

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