Forged In The Flames By Karima Sa’ad Usman Chapter 35

Forged In The Flames By Karima Sa’ad Usman

Chapter 35 Before Lunch (Nikolas POV)

The whole issue with my mother had destabilized me. I wasn’t supposed to feel the way I was feeling. I was supposed to be happy. My joy was supposed to be immense, but I felt more worry than joy.

What Aliana had told me got me thinking.

Gabriel had told her this without even knowing that I was the heir. I wondered what happened and why my uncle would turn my mother away and then deliberately oppose me knowing there was a possibility I was his nephew.

I sat at the foot of the bed, unwilling to step outside. I had planned to spend the entire day with Aliana, but it didn’t seem like that would happen now that my mother was

awake. I just dreaded facing her and telling her that I was in love with a werewolf, the daughter of the man she called a traitor, the very man that saved her life. It wasn’t comforting.

Since what Aliana said her father told her matched what I had heard, I planned to look into what happened in the past. Had Gabriel allowed the werewolves to finish my mother off, I wouldn’t be here, and he would have still held Forest. I owed him my life. Even though he betrayed my father, I owed him my life. He must have regretted his action all these years.

“You look worried. Should I move back to my old room?” Aliana asked me, and I wondered why she would ask such a question. Her words snapped me out of my deep thought, and I looked at her, a bit confused.

“Why would you say that?” I asked her, and she shrugged. I could see the fear in her eyes. I knew in her mind that our relationship had come to an end. I hoped I would be able to prove to her otherwise. She deserved my assurance, and words weren’t going to do, but I will try.

“I lived nineteen years without my mother’s influence. I have lived without her longer than I know her. She cannot wake up and change my life. I knew what I was getting into when I chose you. Allow me to handle this my way Aliana. Yes, I would want to gradually ease her into our relationship, but I do not plan to beg her for approval,” I said and went to the bathroom to shower.

I knew I would have to prove to Aliana with my actions. It was normal for her to feel this way. People still referred to her as a slave and mistress. I have to keep it that way until the deal with the Lycan committee and the Kingship pulls through; then, I can reveal m y true intentions to our world. Everything seemed like forever, but I was hanging on. I hope Aliana will keep faith in what we have.

Ania and Lisa finally served us breakfast in my room, and I told them they would no longer serve the Queen, but they should continue attending to Aliana so she isn’t idle.

They did not seem happy about the development but were silent, just as they should be.

My mother regaining her sanity will change a lot, some of the changes would be unwanted, but it was necessary. I would use the time to reform her hateful mind to successfully build the world I want to build in Forest without opposition. I was determined to make the werewolves more comfortable and free for Aliana’s sake. They deserve a haven, a place they could call home, and this was it.

If my uncle is willing to side with a halfbreed to become King instead of his nephew, my children with Aliana would be good enough. Still, we had to wait a little longer. All these dreams could not be achieved as a rogue prince but as a king.

We finished eating, and I placed the tray outside for Ania to pick up without entering the room.

I returned to sit on the couch beside Aliana. “I think you should find a hobby, something you will love doing, and put your friends to work. There is nothing for you to do, and I would hate to keep you indoors all day doing nothing,” I said, and Aliana giggled. It was good to see her laugh. I guess she trusted me. I pulled her close and kissed her shoulder.

“I am glad you are a lot more relaxed now. Just trust me, Little wolf. I do not make false promises,” I said, and she nodded and giggled.

The relief in her eyes showed she trusted me. It was a lot of responsibility for someone to look at me the way Aliana was looking at me. Letting her down will not be an option.

I turned on the soft music while we talked about ourselves and the things we liked. I wanted to know her better. I understood her body, I needed to understand her mind, and honestly, I wasn’t disappointed.

While we talked, I dreaded having lunch with my mother. The time was drawing near, and it made my stomach churn. I knew I would have to say things to her that might hurt her. I wasn’t looking forward to it.

I did not want to face her, at least not yet. I wished I had to go on a trip. It would have been a lot easier, but I had to face her now, whether I liked it or not. Who knows, she might ease into the idea easier than I think.

The time flew by fast, and it was finally time to join my mother for lunch. I decided we would eat in her room to avoid

eavesdroppers and trespassers. The dining room had an open arch instead of a door. We weren’t safe from roamers that might end up eavesdropping there.

“I have to join my mother for lunch; I hope that is okay?” I asked Aliana, and she nodded.

“I was surprised you would spend so much time with me, knowing this was all you have wanted for nineteen years. I can’t be mad,” She said, giggling and getting up to turn off the music.

“I will send Ania and Lisa to keep you company, and you can eat with them. If you get bored, feel free to go strolling or visit your dad if he is home before I return,” I said, trying to ensure she did not miss me much because I did not know how long I would be with my mother.

“It’s okay, Nikolas,” She said and came to kiss me where I was seated on the couch. I grabbed her, and she sat on my lap; then, I rested my head on her bosom while she ran her fingers through my hair.

“I will wait for you here,” she said softly, and I kissed where I lay my head and grabbed onto her tightly. My wolf and I could never get enough. I held her tightly, preparing my mind to fight for what we have.

I got up to leave eventually, and the moment I left the room, my heart began to pound in my chest again. I felt like the little boy in the wilderness, afraid of his feral mother. I did not know why I was feeling this way. I had done nothing wrong but fall in love, so why did I fear guilt? I walked slowly, unwilling to reach my mother’s room and face her. My breath was irregular, and my heart

continued to pound in my chest. Though I looked composed outside, I was a complete mess inside. I placed my hand on the doorknob and sighed, bracing myself for what would come.

I knocked, and my mother’s voice asked me to come in. It sounded a bit strained, not as strong as I remembered, but it was welcoming. It was an answered prayer, and I appreciated it.

I walked in, and a table with two chairs was already prepared for us. She also looked neat and put together. Her hair was combed and packed neatly in a pony, making her face more pronounced. They even applied some makeup on her. She was dressed well, but I knew Aliana and her friends would have done better.

My mother smiled at me and then scrunched her nose. It was best she got used to the werewolf scent because it wasn’t coming off. I might try to get rid of it for my meetings with the kings and maybe the committee to champion my desires, but I wasn’t willing to get rid of it for her sake. If she loves me truly, she will accept Aliana wholeheartedly, no matter how deep her grudge is.

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