His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 08

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Novel (Evangeline And Zedkiel)

Chapter 08


Three hours have passed, and I am lost. I don’t know where I am and without my phone, I have nothing to guide me, they will know I am missing by now. Will someone come after me?

Tears burn at the thought of the monster I was given to. Like I was nothing more than a piece of property. I won’t go, I won’t let him take me. Betrayal washes through me; how can they do this to me?

My knuckles are white, my nails digging into my hand, threatening to break through my tender skin as I grip the steering wheel with all my might. My hands are clammy and a bead of sweat rolls down the back of my neck as fear perfumes from my pores while I try to navigate the roads.

Rain batters down on the windshield, making visibility extremely difficult, and I am straining to see past the hood of the car. The wipers are moving as fast as they can, but it does nothing to help see the road ahead.

“Please come on…” I whisper, peering out at the darkness.

The road is narrow, winding around the bend of the hilly, rocky side. One wrong move and my car will go hurtling down the side of this very mountain.

How far am I?

Would they find me?

I press my foot on the gas a little too hard, the back end of the car sliding on the slippery roads. Quickly I lift my foot off the gas pedal, I don’t even have a driver’s licence, so this isn’t one of my brighter ideas considering driving isn’t something I have any experience with for that matter, but… I had no other choice.

I can’t go back there. I won’t go back there.

Fear envelops me at the memory that plagues my mind once more. My hands shake as I clutch the steering wheel tightly, my heart beating like a thousand drums as I ease the gas back on. I refuse to go back there. Even if I want to, the road is far too narrow to turn this car around.

Please clear up…

Tears burn my eyes, making what little vision I have out the window even worse, I can’t return to him, not when I knew what he is… A Monster.

My chest is heaving violently, and I can feel a panic attack coming on. Grandmother Philomena’s voice echoes in my mind.

‘Deep breaths Evangeline, you may be an Omega but do not show your weakness!’

She is harsh, but I always thought she had a good heart… Did she?

She has sold me like I am a piece of clothing.

I inhale deeply, counting slowly to ten as I exhale.

Slow and steady… breathe in… breathe out…

I need to get away from Dark Falls immediately. The blaring sound of a horn and blinding headlights made me brake, sending me slamming into the steering wheel. My heart was racing as the car slowly drove past, honking in annoyance.

It’s ok, Evangeline… you’ve got this….

I bite my trembling plump lip, feeling the taste of blood lingering in my mouth as I restart the car once again, taking another shuddering breath. I just round another bend when suddenly a menacing growl rumbles outside.

Screaming in fear, I let go of the steering wheel as something huge hits the windshield shattering the glass, the impact sends my car off the rocky winding road and tumbling down the side of the mountain.


I feel myself dropping at a terrifying speed and I clench my eyes shut, not wanting to see death come at me. Yet when the car finally hits the bottom, I am flung back and forward, my nose slams into the steering wheel, and pain rushes through my entire body as the car flips over several times before it coms to a stop.

My entire body is screaming with agony and my head feels like it is about to explode.

Somehow…I am still alive. How? I do not know, but I am still breathing, though my heart feels like it might burst out of my chest at any given second.

Glancing around, I am met with darkness.

What was that thing? Panic slowly writhes through me.

My hands fumble with the seatbelt, yanking on it. Trying to undo my seatbelt, my heart beats violently as I tug at it with shaking hands, but it is too late… the car starts moving, becoming unstuck from between the two trees it is wedged between.

A deafening scream leaves me as I watch the terrain rush past the windows before it comes to a stop. The car smashes into the rocks below as my head snaps back and blinding pain rushes through my waist and leg.

My head is pounding, and my vision darkens.

No… I don’t want to d*ie!

Fear envelops me as I free myself from the seatbelt. Bits of glassare stuck in my arm, and I can smell the copper scent of my blood as it fills the air. Once again, I triy to scramble out of my seat.

I hiss when I realise my leg is stuck, the side of the car is completely smashed in, trapping me within its confines…

What should I do?

I look around, realising despite the pouring rain there was a light… I squint, trying not to succumb to the darkness. Instead, focusing on the slight flickering of orange, blinking, I watch as it travels along the hood when clarity hits me.


The smell of oil fills my nose seconds later, and I realise if I don’t get out now, I really will d*ie…

In my panic, I start yanking on my seatbelt when that doesn’t work, I start banging on the door, and scraping one of my legs trying to free them. The flames grow closer, the heat coming in through the shattered windshield. I pull as hard as I can, but I am failing.

“Someone help me!” I scream, hissing when the metal rips through my leg as I tear it free.


There is blood everywhere, I look at my hands, the blood covering them makes my chest heave as I struggle to breathe. I realise I am far more injured than I had realised.

Flashes of blurred memories glare before my eyes, haunting me.

Blood… Fire… Dead bod*ies and screaming…

Focus Evangeline… Come on…

I cry out in pain as I break my other leg in the process of freeing myself from the car.

Tears of pain stream down my cheeks as I try to crawl free.


Suddenly the door is ripped off its hinges and just as my vision tunnels, I see the black boots that slowly approach, the rushing rain splashing off them. Each silent step sounds like it is roaring in my ears.

Terror consumes me as I slowly look up those legs clad in black jeans, the leather jacket he is wearing drips with water, and then I look into the blood-red eyes of the beast I am trying to escape.

A cold smirk crosses his handsome face, as he crouches beside me, watching me. His gaze is almost amused that I have tried to escape him. Slowly, he reaches down, pinching my chin between his fingers. I hiss at the pain in my neck as he ruthlessly f0rces my head up.

“Well well well… look what I caught. A scared little mouse. You didn’t think you could escape me, did you?” His deep seductive voice came, but it only made a shiver run down my spine.

I try to jerk my face from his tight grip, but he pinches harder. “Let me go.” I whisper, trying to pull away.

“I should punish you for making me chase you. Although I must admit, I love a good game of cat and mouse.” A whimper escapes me and he tsks, clicking his tongue. “Don’t cry, Love. I will let your disobed*ience slide just this once,”

“Please… Please…” I begg. “I never asked for this,” Tears spill down my cheeks and my breathing is uneven and wracked with sobs.

“Don’t beg, the only time I want you begging is when you’re on your knees with your lips wrapped around my–” a whimper escapes my lips at the idea of what he wants me for. His grip on my face tightens, and he chuckles.

“You’re an Omega, I’m sure you get the picture, after all it’s the only thing an Omega is good for. Worshipping an Alpha.” He snarls, his lips pulling back over sharp canines.

“And you will beg, little Omega. You will worship me, cry, and plead.” He is enjoying this; I could see it in his eyes as he leans closer, so we are nearly nose to nose. His lips brush mine with his following words.

“Tell me I’m wrong, little Omega,” He purrs.

I shake my head. I didn’t want to go with this man, I just wanted to go home, wherever that is.

Begging, I look up at him doing the very thing he said I would, just not in the way he envisions. “P-please let me go.” My voice barely a shaky whisper.

“Now why would I do that? We were just starting to have fun. Did it make your blood rise knowing I was hunting you?” He growls dangerously, his index finger runs down my neck, stopping at my pulse point.

“I bet it made your heart race, didn’t it, little mouse?” He taunts coldly, as he leans in, brushing his nose across my cheek. My heart thunders when his tongue flicked across the side of my cheek, catching the tears that refuses to stop.

“Hmm, your fear tastes so sweet, are you sweet little Omega? Or are you–” I jerk back out of his grip and his lips tug up into a grin.

“Well, I guess I have my answer then.” He replies sinisterly, his grip on my tightens. “I’ll have some much fun breaking you, breaking you in every way possible. And I won’t just break your body but your soul, but by then you’ll willingly give it to me,” He whispers dangerously into my ear.

“You don’t want me, please. Just let me go,” I plead.

“I can’t do that. You gave yourself to me the moment you defended that pup you call an alpha.” His grip tightens even more, the pain rushing through my already hurting body as he leaned in close. His lips graze mine as he speaks.

“But don’t worry little Omega, maybe one day, once you’re useless to me, and broken beyond repair. Maybe then I’ll give you back to your precious Alpha. Sinclair is it? Do you think he would want you then?” He taunts and I sob harder.

“But until then, we will have so much fun,” He purrs sad*stically. My entire body trembles with fear and pain. He is too close… His tongue flicks out, grazing against the corner of my lips as he licks up a drop of blood.

“Delicious.” He growls. “Don’t worry love you won’t escape me again, after a while you won’t want to… If you live, that is.”

It is the last thing I hear before I finally lose to the darkness…

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