His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 13

His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse

Chapter 13


A squeak left my mouth, and I wondered if perhaps I was a mouse shifter.

The prince turned, and I clamped my eyes shut, not wanting to see anything else that might be unforgettable. I shivered when I heard him approach and cracked open one eye, turning my head away as I hurried to the table in his room, and placed the tray down.

Run Evangeline!

Why was he n*ked anyway?!

“Yo-your b-breakfast – eelk!” I squeaked when his hand wrapped around my upper arm and yanked me away from the table. I winced at the pain that shot through me, I wasn’t completely better yet. I clamped my eyes shut, staying rigid as he held me, very aware of the heat from his body.

“You’re a strange one.” He muttered so quietly that I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly. “Open your eyes.”

He growled, the command in his voice forcing me to oblige.

The fear returned along with that powerful aura, memories of my nightmares returning with vengeance, and I found myself unable to move as I stared into those eyes that were such a beautiful shade.

Would my death cone soon?

“I-I’m sorry, please forgive me.” I whispered terrified as I lowered my head to him, only for my eyes to fall on his manh00d…

My eyes widened in surprise and horror, and now I realised why no woman lived. If I had thought the men I had accidentally seen were fairly well endowed, then the Alpha was on an entirely new level.

I could feel my cheeks burning with embarra*s*sment, realising he wasn’t even turned on. I felt an odd, funny feeling inside and bit my lip.

Hearing him scoff I looked up suddenly, and straight into those cold eyes that made all embarra*s*sment fade and be replaced with fear once again. “Don’t forget whose presence you’re in Little Mouse.” His cold, menacing warning came, before he leaned closer, inhaling my scent from my neck.

Did I stink? What was he sniffing? Was it the fear?

“Yes, my prince.” I replied, trying to calm my beating heart, biting into my lip to stop myself from whimpering in fear. The taste of blood in my mouth told me I had bit down too hard.

Goddess, please leave me alone..

He let go of me suddenly as if I were poison, and I almost stumbled when he shoved me away, luckily missing the table before I fell on top of his breakfast.

“Get out!” He snarled.

“Y-yes,” I whispered, backing away from him, my heart thundering when I saw his claws elongate.

Terror wrapped around me as I hurried to the door, I didn’t know where to go, but anywhere away from him would work.

“Go to the head Omega and ask her for clothes.” He hissed, and when his gaze fell on me, I saw his eyes were blazing red.

“Yes, Alpha Prince.” I whispered, turning and running from the bedroom. I stumbled over the hem of my sweatpants and rushed to the door that led to the hall, relieved to be away from him.

I flinched when I heard something break, followed by more things crashing to the ground. What had triggered him?

The visions from my nightmare were still hanging at the forefront of my mind, and I slowly made my way towards the kitchen, surely someone there would tell me where to find the head Omega.

Right now, thinking about school and wishing for that old life back felt like a dream. I should have been grateful for what I had, instead of wishing the days away.. Now, look where I am.

Spotting two omega women walking by, I hurried over and asked for directions, luckily they told me and I wasn’t too far. I felt lost in this castle, but anywhere was better than in the prince’s quarters.

I couldn’t help but think about how his sudden change in behavior was odd… Was he going feral?

Was that how he k*lled the women, or was it really because of his monster c*oc*k?

Sighing, I knocked on the door which clearly read – Head Omega Dolores Palmer door.

“Come in!” A brisk voice called, and I opened the door.

What I was expecting to look like an office looked more like a messy design studio at first glance. There were fabrics and racks of clothing to one side, including shelves with boxes that I a*s*sumed were footwear. To the left were two large tables with papers and files scattered over them. The wall behind them held many charts.

This room was far too messy to belong to a head Omega… Right?

The sound of a ruler hitting the table made me jump, and I turned to look at the tall woman who stood there looking me up and down. “State your name, business, and who you belong to.” She snapped, her dark eyes watching me sharply as she picked up a file from one of the messy tables. “Quickly girl!”

“E-Evangeline Rose, I belong to the third prince, and he’s the one who told me to come for clothes.’” I said hurriedly, the words sounding weird on my lips as they tumbled out.

“Ah, the new one…” She placed the file down with a snap, her eyes running over me. “You have a lot of potential… He has a good eye.” She murmured more to herself than to me.


“Position?” I asked, confused

Yes, are you his maid or bed warmer, I’m a*s*suming you aren’t one of his claimed Omegas.” She said snidely. “He doesn’t really take those, “

“I’m his maid..” I said, thinking that I had served him breakfast. She raised an eyebrow before clucking her tongue.

“I’m not so sure… I’Il have you measure, and then we’ll give you a variety of items.” She said, jotting something down before taking an empty sheet and motioning me to follow her. “Remove your bottoms.

I obeyed, glad the shirt was long as she began taking my measurements. Her eyebrow shot up as she measured my wa!st. “A lot curvier and appealing than first appeared. Avoid such frumpy clothes, the prince won’t find you appealing.” She muttered to herself, making me sigh softly.

I’m just an object…

I didn’t move, simply obeying, and when she was done with all her measurements and notes, she pursed her lips. “So, since you seem rather new to the rules and ways of the castle, do you know the rules of the Omegas of the castle and full moons?!”

“Full moons? We are to stay home?”

“Yes or more precisely, in your room, you belong to your Alpha now and people will know that, however on full moons your omega scent will be high and extremely enticing to other males.” She began, as she began taking out some clothing, but I was far too stressed to watch. Trying to take in everything she was saying instead. “It is an insult to your prince if you ever engage with any other aside from him. Remember that. There are many single men in this palace… Yet no matter how your alpha treats you, you are never to entertain anyone else. Are you listening!”

“Y-yes!” I nodded vigorously.

I didn’t want a man, I wanted to go far away, and maybe have a small shop or something where I could live like a human…

She frowned as she looked at my feet, and to my dismay, she began taking some boxes of shoes down as she continued explaining. “Even if you have desires and your Alpha does not want you, that rule is to be followed. Although I doubt that will be the case… hmm I do wish the prince had told you what type of clothing he prefers for you.’”

What was this? The olden days? In this day and age, it was disgusting that we were still treated like this…

Just because we were born different… it wasn’t our fault males loved us… we were still beings with dreams of our own.

What were my dreams? I never had any… because all I ever saw was Sinclair..

My chest tightened painfully, and I looked down sadly.

“What colour to give you.. he doesn’t usually have omegas.” She mused.

“Red.” A deep voice that made my blood run cold came.

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