His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 144

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 65. The Treasure of the Moon


It’s peaceful…

There’s no pain…

Is this it?

A soft breeze blows gently past me, like a soothing caress of a mother’s touch.

I could stay here forever…

My mind feels empty, but I feel as if there’s something I should be

remembering… something that is important…

What is it?

The heat of the sun is warming my skin, the soft rustle of the grass beneath me is ever so soothing and I simply want to sleep, but alas, that is not meant to be. “Wake up, child… wake up…” The caress o f a hand on my head makes me whimper, unhappy to be disturbed.

A musical chuckle makes me crack my eyelids open, peering at my surroundings through my thick lashes, everything is bathed in the golden glow of the warm sun.

So peaceful…



I turn, before sitting up slowly. I’m wearing the same gown I was before we had returned to Earth and I realise we are somewhere in the other realm.

But what happened?


I turn sharply, my heart thundering as everything returns to me in full force.

“Zed!” Spotting him, I crawl over to the man that lies unmoving a few feet away from me. I cup his face, my own heart racing with worry.

“He is not awake yet… his soul must be replaced within his body… but as the Goddess, only you can do that.” Selene says, as she gently drops to her knees beside Zedkiel’s body.

I must do this…

It doesn’t surprise me, and I know what I must do.

“I succeeded.” I say softly as I bend down and kiss my lover’s lips. I hope he forgives me for what I have done.

“You did.” Selene says and I realise she looks content. I watch her as she wraps her arms around her knees, even such a casual move is carried out with elegance.

“Where is Zerachiel now? Is there not a way to rid the evil from him and somehow salvage him?”

This is a question that I know I’m asking too late, but it still niggles at my mind. She shakes her head and, leaning over, caresses my face.

“No child, sometimes there are those who have such darkness within them that it cannot be removed. Zerachiel’s heart was full of evil before I even transformed him into a Lycan. There was never good in him.”

“So there was no way to rid him of the evil… because he was entirely wicked…” I whisper.

She nods. “Exactly.”

“And Zed? Without his Lycan-”

“Will become what he was born to be. A Vampire King and your mate.” She interrupts softly. “Time is of the essence child, do what you must for all…”

It is done. Nothing can change that now.

I nod as I stand up, my power rippling around me as I turn away.

I ended the curse as old as time itself and now I simply need to do the vital small pieces that need doing before I can return…

Opening a portal, I step through, leaving Selene and Zedkiel behind, and I gaze up at the tree of bonds.

To return Zedkiel to his body…. To give Evelyn her own.

I am capable… closing my eyes, I call on my power as I weave the final strings of magic and bestow the gift of a second chance at life for Evelyn. To grant her, her own vessel.

Once done, I open my eyes. I take a deep breath and place my hand on the tree that has been neglected for centuries and will my power to course through it. I can feel the immense surge as I create new bonds that my people have been deprived of for centuries.


I frown, willing her to have her happily ever after, whether that means with Zedkiel, or another path. She deserves happiness…. She must have happiness!

I can feel the roots and vines of the tree pass far and wide and I realise something. Something that made my bond with Zedkiel stronger than that of Evelyn.

My heart skips a beat at the revelation, and I feel a sizzling spark rush through my fingertips as it spreads through the tree. It glows vibrantly before the force of the power makes me step back.

It’s done…

I don’t know what the future holds for her, or how it will come to be, but I promise she will get her happily ever after.

Closing my eyes, I focus on those who have died in this battle to rest in peace. King Ambrose, and Queen Zeina… they did not deserve to die. Just like many more of our people…

I take a deep breath and turn to gaze up at the sky. Even though it is not dark, the moon can be seen.

I focus on returning Zedkiel’s soul to his body on earth.


I sigh softly, proud of myself.

‘It is done.’ Luna’s voice comes within my mind, and I smile at her presence.

‘It is… do you forgive me?’

She’s silent before she sighs. ‘What is there to forgive, when all you did was the right thing?’

I smile before I turn.

‘Thank you, for understanding, we will be ok, I promise you.’

‘We will.’ She responds.

Now all I need to do is ask Selene to watch over the Palace of Moonlight until my return. Opening a portal, I return to the field where Selene is now standing, gazing into the distance.

Zedkiel’s body is gone, and she’s smiling as she watches me.

“You did it.” She states proudly.

I nod. “I have done all I needed to, however I have a request. I understand that you can never take the place as Goddess on the moon, however, a lifetime on earth is a mere few days to a god. Once I have passed on earth, I shall return with Zedkiel to take my place as the Moon Goddess, but until then will you watch over this place for me?”

“Of course, I can do just that, and you yourself will know when you need to make the occasional visit. Leave it with me my child, now return to earth, your loved ones are waiting.” She says, smiling warmly.

I nod, my heart skipping a beat. I walk over to her and embrace her.

“Thank you for everything.” I say softly.

For her guidance above all else…

“No, thank you…. For breaking this curse and righting my wrongs.” She replies warmly, hugging me back.

We remain like that for a few moments before I step back. I’m about to open a portal when another opens and the Eternal God himself steps through, wearing a black and gold robe.

“Not so fast.” He says icily, making me freeze.

“I have done what was needed.” I say. He tilts his head, his eyes boring into mine, before he nods slowly.

“Ah… of course you did. But I am not here to reprimand you, but to collect what is due.”

My heart skips a beat as unease washes over me.

Selene frowns. “And what may that be, Eshe?”

He ignores her as he strides over to me. “The treasure of the moon itself….”

Selene gasps, paling, and I turn sharply to the Eternal God.

“What exactly is it?” I ask sharply, fear beginning to settle into the pit of my stomach.

“No…” Selene whispers, horrified, and something tells me I won’t like the answer.

“Something that only you can give me.” He says, looking at me, as if I should know the answer to that. Before I can reply, he places his fingertips to my stomach and my eyes fly open as I realise what I have promised.

“No!” I cry out as I feel the intense orb of light leave my womb, leaving me feeling devastated and utterly empty.

Zedkiel had told me to be careful, that to promise something so blindly was risky. Oh, how right he was.

Not my child! Oh, gods and goddesses help me!

“Please, no!” I beg in horror.

A portal opens, and he steps through, his final words ringing in the air.

“I have the treasure of the moon… you are free to do as you wish…”

“No!” I plead, but he is gone.

I drop to my knees, clutching my stomach. How will I tell Zedkiel that I was pregnant only for me to use our child as a wager for a second chance and give them up.

“Oh, my child.” Selene’s regret is clear in her voice, but I am unable to rid the guilt that now consumes me.

This may have been a win, but at what cost?

The cost of my child. What have I done?

“Help me.” I plead, feeling vulnerable, looking up at Selene, begging with my eyes for someone to fix this.

But the moment our eyes meet, I know that there is no way to fix this… After all, she too was kept imprisoned for thousands of years without anyone able to free her.

I close my eyes as tears trickle down my cheeks.

“I have ruined it all.” I whisper as she cups my face.

“No child, you have not. Eshe will not mistreat your child and before you know it, you will return to your child, and you will be able to see them again.”

I don’t reply. Nothing I say will fix this. Seeing my child after many years is not the same as raising and nurturing them and being there for them.

“Stay strong, child.” Selene whispers.

I turn away as I drag myself to my feet. My heart is heavy with the loss of my child. I force a smile as farewell to Selene before readying myself to return to earth.

I pause and look over my shoulder at her. “Please keep an eye on my child…” I whisper. She nods and with a heavy heart, I return to earth.

To my loved ones, but in return, I have had to leave a loved one behind. I shall return to victory, but at the cost of losing at the same time.

This was my choice, and I will now have to live with the consequences.

Even a God can make mistakes….

I have made my first one already.

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