His Dark Obsession by Moonlight Muse Chapter 148

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His Fated Obsession (Book 2) Chapter 69. One Last Visit


Zedkiel is at the king’s grave, and I have decided to go visit Lucia who is still in hospital. Although she is much better, due to how badly she had been injured, the doctors want to keep an extra eye on the baby’s health and with it being common knowledge that it’s Chasyn’s the risk to her health is greater.

I was paid respect by everyone I pass, I have easily become recognised as the Queen, but rumour has also travelled that I am a goddess. I do not feel like one when I can’t even save my own child.

Every night, I pray and plead for our child to be returned to us, but there is never an answer and I know I will not get one either.

I slow down as I reach Lucia’s room. She’s been moved into a private room by herself, and I now knock on the door and enter after she gives me permission.

“Hey…” I say softly as I enter, slowly closing the door behind myself and walk over to the bed.

“Hello, Evangeline.” She says smiling, she looks better today.

Her bruises are all healed, and her skin is beginning to glow again. Despite the pain I know she is still in, she is watching me with tenderness and concern.

I hide my own pain. The word has already spread that our child has been taken by the gods and seeing the pity in other’s eyes hurts even more.

That was a rumour I didn’t want out, but the way I had broken down when we had returned had given birth to those rumours and they had spread.

“How have you been? You must be busy with everything?” She asks me. She’s trying to divert the conversation from her baby.

“I am well and how is my little niece or nephew?” I ask.

Her smile fades, and she looks guilty as she nods. “He is well.” She says softly,

I’m happy to hear that, I reach for her hand, giving it a gentle squeeze as I smile at her, m y eyes filling with tears.

“I’m glad to hear. Lucia… it hurts that my baby is not with me, but it does not mean taking away my choice to ask about yours. I’ll be ok.” I say, forcing my sadness away, and smile bravely.

The pain will never go away, no one will understand this pain…

Zedkiel and I have talked about it a little and although he has comforted me and we have been there for one another, it still feels like it’s just a nightmare I’ll wake up from and m y baby will be in my womb once again.

A wish or a dream that will not come true.

“I’m sorry.” She says, giving my hand a squeeze.

“So, tell me… I thought you said Chasyn stopped being intimate with you after Maryka…” I begin hesitantly. This is something I do want an answer to.

She sighs and nods. “Yes, it’s been so long, I don’t know when the months became a year, or when a year became two… he was drunk that night. He came to me to vent. They had argued over the position of the King and Chasyn said the rightful king will win the tournament and she wanted him to fight for the position as eldest but… anyway when… when he began kissing me, I tried to make him stop but… it’s hard when you love someone, and I too succumbed to him.”

She takes a shuddering breath, turning away slightly as she struggles to hide her tears. “It’s not your fault. What do you want to do? I know Chasyn has been wanting to come to see you, but you didn’t want to see him?” I ask gently, placing my hand on my shoulder.

It still hurts a little from when Zerachiel ripped through it and although it’s meant to be healed, the pain lingers at times, just like the scar that now covers my shoulder.

“No… and you know I love him… but his guilt … That look of guilt when he realised what he had done, even in his drunken state, muttering that it was a mistake as he pushed me away… That hurt.” She whispers.

My heart squeezes and I nod. I understand… we may be omegas… but we are equal.

“He probably felt guilty, but it’s no excuse for what he did.” I say gently.

“Yes… after all… people speak the truth when they’re drunk. To him, this child is a mistake because he regretted what happened.” She turns her head away, clutching the bed sheet over her stomach. “I think it was more him trying to be loyal to his mate when he still has a special space for you.” I say gently.

“However, whatever you wish, you will have, and I will support you. I have already drafted my bill to abolish the laws that ranked wolves can claim omegas. Unless omegas want it, it will no longer be a law. Not under my reign.” I add, frowning seriously.

She looks back at me and nods, but I also know she’s simply hurt by his actions. He is a good person and they both love one another but they have things they need to talk through with one another.

“I think that will be great. Many of us are abandoned…” She says.

I smile and nod, directing the subject back to her baby as I can’t help but imagine if I too had mine. Perhaps we could have prepared for our babies’ births together… Gone shopping together… and simply experienced this together…

I keep a smile on my face, sharing her excitement as we discuss the child and even names. As the sun shines through the window, the clouds begin to clear away.

I truly am happy for her.

“It’s quiet down here, isn’t it?” Evelyn says, as we make our way to the Chamber of Truth.

It feels like years since I came down here, the last time now returning to my mind.

So much has come to pass… and now it is time for me to reunite him with his love. Although it is night outside, in these dark tunnels you can’t tell, anyway.

“Obviously it’s quiet down here, no one really lingers here.” Zedkiel says as we finally reach the door, and it swings open.

The three of us fall silent as we enter, and I can sense Evelyn’s uncertainty. After all, it was Raziel’s curse which had affected her more than anyone else, but she still wanted to come. Still wanted to be here when we finally free him from his prison.

Although she resides at the castle, I know she is in a rush to leave. She simply wanted to overlook the final trials and then has told me she wants to travel.

Her documents and stuff are in the process of getting made, something that is going to take a little time, considering she simply never existed before now.

I can’t help but smile at how she had thanked Alpha Aeron for saving me as a child. Saying he had looked like a knight when he came and protected us, and she had told Sinclair she wished he had died in battle, much to his annoyance. I can’t help but smile at that memory. He looked utterly pissed off.

But he hasn’t changed. I saw the way his eyes had l*us*tfully run over her, as if she was his next meal. Despite being married, he is still as lecherous as before.

Alpha Aeron may have survived, but his leg had been severely injured in battle, and it was beyond salvaging. He would never be able to walk without the assistance of a walking stick at best, but I am relieved he is alive.

He had taken the passing of his mother hard, but he also said she died standing for what she believed in and that is an honourable way to die.

“What do you three want?” Raziel growls as he appears on the other side of the riverbank. His eyes are on Evelyn, recognition burning in them.

“Evelyn.” He murmurs, trying to mask the clear shock.

“Surprised to see me in the flesh? Do not come too close, because I am ready to rip through you.” She hisses, she has not forgiven him and I cannot blame her. He had doomed her for eternity.

“The curses are broken, the true evil has been vanquished and Selene is free,” I say clearly, my voice ringing in the chamber.

“I can’t believe that.” He growls.

“She’s here to free you, so at least show some appreciation,” Zedkiel remarks coldly, but Raziel’s gaze does not move as he stares at me at the mention of Selene, and I step forward into the water that he had refused to allow me to pass.

He’s about to panic until the barrier becomes visible and, at a simple touch from me, it crumbles away.

“Your prison is no longer binding you… Father. You may return to her.” I whisper, as I hold out a hand to him, a soft glow spreads from my hand and although I cannot use the full extent of my divine powers on earth, I still pack enough power for many things.

I can almost sense his fear and uncertainty at my words, almost as if fearing it’s a trick. “It is not a trick.” I whisper, about to cross the threshold he had denied me last time, but he suddenly growls, as I hoped.

He leaps towards me, and I jump back as his paws splash in the water before his smoky dark figure crosses that line, and he lands beside Zedkiel and Evelyn.

“It…” He murmurs, as he looks down at his paws.

The smoke begins to swirl around him, and the entire cavern is bathed in silvery light as the shadows begin to dissipate and where the huge shadow wolf stood, there is now a tall, muscular man wearing a black wrap around his waist, similar to what Zedkiel had worn a few times in the other realm.

His hair is long, black and straggly, and there are tattoo-like engravings across his arms and torso. He is tall, and muscular, with sharp grey-green eyes that are the exact shade as Evelyn’s and he has a beard.

‘A caveman indeed.’ Zedkiel says through the link, making me smirk.

“Just as I remembered you, that’s one traitor whose face I wouldn’t have minded never seeing again,” Evelyn says, looking up at him.

He looks down at her, and there’s regret in his eyes. “I am sorry child, for what I did…. You trusted me and I used that against you.” He says to her.

A light begins glowing around him and I know his time here on earth is running out.

“It’s fine, you had it bad too.” She says, crossing her arms.

He shakes his head. “No, it isn’t fine. You cared for me, trusted me, and you were my favourite.” He says, that makes her smile reluctantly and she rolls her eyes.

“Sure, but you still used that to your advantage, so whatever, let’s call it even?” She says, offering him a handshake.

He instead pulls her into his arms and gives her a tight hug.

“No, I will make it up to you. I promise.” He says, kissing the top of her head before he looks at me, motioning me to approach.

I can see him becoming slightly transparent and so not wasting time, I hesitantly approach him, still finding it strange how this man had spent so many years in wolf form…

‘Well, he was a wolf to begin with.’ Luna reminds me, amused at my thoughts.

The moment I’m within reach, Raziel pulls me into his arms and strangely… it does not feel foreign or odd, but rather, almost familiar.

“Thank you, Evangeline, for freeing her, my Selene and for freeing me…. I am proud of you.” He’s beginning to fade away, his form becoming transparent.

“It was nothing…” I say quietly. “When you go to the realm, please watch out for my baby. A treasure claimed by the Eternal God.” I whisper, my heart squeezing painfully.

I’m grasping at futile strands, begging for anything to hold on to. Wanting assurance that my baby isn’t alone where they are, I have left them and I’m unable to do anything.

He frowns, but nods. “I will. I swear it.” He says, placing his hand on his chest and then he’s gone.

A swift wind blows through the room, and Zedkiel instantly pulls me into his chest until the violent wind calms.

“The river….” Evelyn murmurs. I instantly look around, only to notice that the river has dried up.

“This place has served its purpose.” Zed replies.

I nod, as I kneel down beside the river of rock and dirt…. Not an ounce of water remains….

“That’s strange,” I murmur,

“The water was his prison. What use is a prison when there is no longer a prisoner?” Zedkiel muses.

“True.” Evelyn replies and I know Raziel’s parting apology was a little something for her, although I wish we did have more time with him, to understand more, but sadly, we didn’t.

I look around the chamber, standing up slowly and deep down. I know I won’t be visiting this place again….

Please look after our angel…. Please.

Zedkiel places a hand on my good shoulder and gives it a gentle squeeze, making sparks rush through me. When he had seen the injury on my other shoulder, he looked guilty and had been filled with regret, but it was something that was going to remain. A reminder of our past.

“Come, Little Mouse.” He says softly, offering me his other hand.

For a moment I stare at it, before gazing up a t him and smiling gently, as I take it and allow him to pull me up.

No matter how much pain we have suffered and that which will remain, there is hope… i n him, with him…

Those gorgeous eyes soften as he pulls me close, kissing my lips tenderly.

‘We’ll get through everything together, Little Mouse.’ He whispers through the link, and I nod when we part.

“You two are so mushy.” Evelyn gags.

“Come, Little Lamb, I’m sure it’s not so bad.” Zedkiel teases as his arm snakes around my waist.

Evelyn fake gags as she leads the way to the exit of the chamber.

Zedkiel slows, wanting me to step out after Evelyn, but I motion for him to step out first.

Something tells me that this will be the last time anyone will be able to enter…

I cast one final glance around the chamber before I turn away and step out, allowing it t o snap shut.


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading, we are only a few chapters from the end, however there are certain side characters who will get their own books in the future. 🙂

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